Thursday, September 22, 2011

Specially for the grandparents

Both my parents never celebrate their birthdays (both shared the same birth date) or any anniversaries in a special way because they believe if we are healthy and happy to be together everyday, then we are celebrating literally.

However, this year was different. I received a surprised call from dad a week ago asking me if we can spare some time to travel back to Johor (since brother are going back too) as dad decided to celebrate his wedding anniversary with my mum ! Dad was never a romantic person and it was not his style to do a celebrations.

Of course we agreed to travel back since we are not working on the 16th Sept (PH). I get YX to do a card for the grandparents and since it was a last minute arrangement, we had to hide in our bedroom back in Johor to finish up the card and surprised the grandparents the next day !

The front part
Wrote and coloured by YX..........

The back part
Initially, I planned to use their thumbprint to sign off but only realised I do not have any water color in my parent's house. At the end, I suggested for YX to draw a boy which represent him and a girl with ribbon which represent XJ.

A heart shaped holder
I tied a pipe cleaner and bend it into a heart shaped for easy hanging.

2 kungfu kids posing with the self-made card
Taa daa.......mission accomplished ! We hung the card in the kitchen after everyone went to bed and mum was the first person who saw the card the next morning.

In the afternoon, dad brought us to a restaurant for lunch before we travel back to Seremban again (working on Sat). In the mist of excited cum hungry, I totally forgotten to snap any of the food photos. Sorry.... nothing for you all to drool......but I managed to take a picture of XJ at home before leaving for the restaurant.

Malaysian made Vietnamese girl !

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  1. oh, so how many years already?? good, you are helping the not-so-romantic grandpa to romantic the grandma, hahahaha~~ :D sure they'd be happy to see their children and grandchildren on their anniversary.. :)

  2. Noticing that my girl has the similar design of vietnamese costume, exactly the same colour tone too. Your dad is such a loving husband to your mum.

  3. aww.. i love the card. so meaningful as it is handmade by the kids.. sweet! :)

  4. So sweet. Now, I'm looking forward to your post on the grand birthday celebration...

  5. XJ poses creatively. And your dad is so sweet to hold their wedding anniversary for your mom.

  6. Lovely card. Happy Anniversary To Your Mum and Dad!. :)

  7. I like how your kids addressed their grand[arents, "Forever young.." cool!^^

    Happy anniversary to you beloved parents!


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