Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Image from The bride's facebook

On the 30th August we went down to Batu Pahat, Johor (my place of birth) to attend a friend's wedding. I've known the bride since primary school but we were never classmate nor schoolmate ! We got to know each other from private tuition classes. Since both of us were staying in the same housing area, we will always cycle to each others' house to gossips. Those were the days. Now, she has found her other half and start a new chapter in her life. Here, I wish her all the best and enjoy being somebody's wife. haha !

Attending this wedding dinner is also like a mini gathering with my secondary ex-schoolmates/classmates who were from the same primary school as the bride. That night, I was feeling so excited and anxious at the same time because it had been years I did not meet up with them. Even the bride, I've not seen her for many years. All these while, we only keep in touch via phone and FB. I was really happy that night. Happy for the bride and happy to have this opportunity to meet up with old friends.

Hope we can have another gathering, soon. Perhaps, have a picnic in the park ?  


  1. So glad is school holiday, u can meet your old frens and keep in touch with them.

  2. I was expecting lots of photos with the bride........ =_=

    Anyway, I agree, attending someone's wedding is like a gathering for friends!

  3. eh, i think we didn take any goup photo ler...must get from LF since that was the only photo taken when she came over for yam seng

  4. Nice to catch up with old schoolmate.

  5. Angeline ~ Glad that we managed to attend the wedding that night :D

    Hayley ~ haha...did not manage to take any photos with the bride!

    Mummy-J ~ Ya lar! We did not even take photos with each other and with the bride. Haha

    Vickylow ~ ya..after such a long time...feeling so excited. haha

  6. Usually we are so busy with our life and only contact with our friends virtually. Having some celebrations, like wedding or CNY gathering is definitely a good way to rekindle the bonds :)

  7. I thought the bride was your classmate but turned out to be your tuition mate..hehe. That was a good gathering indeed. :)

  8. Friend's wedding is always a function that we can meet up with many old friends. Most of my friends have got married, sigh...

  9. Friend's wedding is always a function that we can meet up with many old friends. Most of my friends have got married, sigh...

  10. Great to be able to see old friends after so long. But i noticed that there is always one or two from the group that tries to show off their success. Did you encounter that situation?

  11. Hey! Why no photos of the wedding? And the food?

  12. In Chinese we say *yuánfèn* never a classmate nor school mate but close friends after knowing each other from tuition. Bridegroom shy to have her pixz posted?

  13. hahaha, yeah.. wedding dinners are really an event to bring all long-time-no-see friends together.. and that's a good chance to catch up and get updated.. the olden days facebook!! haah~~ :D

  14. Wow, it takes faith to get 2 friends to stay contact for so long!!! This is very treasurable friendship, congratulation to your old friend!

    Yeah, picnic is great idea, kids will love it!

  15. yvonne ~ ya...such gathering are so precious. haha... because everyone are busy with work and kids for some.

    Mummy Gwen ~ we were never classmate but glad that our friendship are very close ;D

    Sheoh Yan ~ With such wedding invitation, we will be able to meet each other....

    Gratitude ~ haha....you must be feeling rather uneasy during such moment. Errm......nope...not in my group thou.... we actually appreciated each other attendance.

    stp ~ haha...too busy chit chatting and busy eating.

    Bananaz ~ i believe in yuanfen! Sad to say, we never even took photos with the bride !!!!! and with our group of friends!!!!

    [SK] ~ Now with FB and blog, we can keep each other update easily! Thks to technology. hehe

    Small kucing ~ Nice card ya.

    Alice Law ~ haha...glad that we have that faith!


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