Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Absent minded

I was so absent minded. Last weekends I cooked chicken porridge for the kids for their lunch. Before I cooked the porridge, I fried some eggs as I thought chicken porridge was too plain. No other ingredient was available with me except for some eggs & leafy vegies.

I cut the fried eggs into strips and kept them in a tupperware and put them aside (in the kitchen area). Then, I prepared to cook the porridge. While allowing the porridge to boil, I entertained the kids. Read story book, play with them and at the same time, peek at the porridge. About an hour later, my porridge was done! The kids were famished.

I scooped up 2 bowls ~ 1 for YX and 1 for XJ, dashed with some sesame oil as the kids love the smell of it. I cut the leafy vegetables and added into their porridge to give them some fiber. YX ate on his own and I fed XJ. Both ate really fast and I was very happy as they enjoyed the food I cooked for them. After finishing their bowl of porridge, both requested for more ! Luckily the pot still have a little bit more and both finishes their 2nd helping in a jest.

I was still feeling very happy looking at the kids' good appetite and glad that nothing goes to waste. Just as I was washing the bowls, my eyes suddenly saw that fried eggs in the tupperware ! OMG ! I purposely fried the eggs for them and I FORGOT to add into their porridge.

Good that I have a Roti King with me. YX loves bread and he must have a slice of bread after every meal. Since his bowl of porridge was quite huge that day, he did not ask for bread immediately. After an hour or so, he started to request for bread. Instead of the normal style ~ spread with peanut butter / kaya, I asked if he would love to have his bread with eggs fillings. This is the first time he ate bread like that and he loves them ! As XJ does not want to have any bread, she just ate the fried eggs. At the end, the fried eggs still went into their tummy ^_^


  1. LOL! It's pretty normal for me in daily life...Perhaps I really need to take more gingko...Perhaps sleep on a gingko pillow as well..ahahhaha

  2. :) it's ok. still go to the stomach. The porridge must be yummy!! :)

  3. Still ok la.. compare to me... I really having memory degrade and always forget things~~~~~~

  4. Not surprising that you forgot.. us moms are always multi tasking, when doing one thing, we are thinking of the next... thus we always tend to overlook. :)

  5. This is quite normal. I also encountered this scenario before. Anyway, your kids are good, they had it all, no waste on the food and your effort.

  6. Nice that your kids have great appetite! Mine doesnt really like porridge and takes it only when he is forced too... Eggs can be eaten anytime, no worries :D

  7. hahaha, sometimes i may also be very forgetful on little things too.. bad at least this absent-minded incident of your actually helped you explore the kids new tastes right?? :)

  8. sometimes when i finish bathing, i will ask myself if i got use soap or not...then bathe another time...hahah. egg n bread is a good combinatio, i always kiap bread with eggs

  9. haha a small absent minded and let your boy try something new on his bread filling.

  10. Haha... normal lah. I do this all the time and sometimes end up doing silly things. Chloe likes to laugh at me and call me OLD. Sigh...

  11. Sometimes I'm like that too...hehe. Glad to know YX enjoyed the bread with eggs.

  12. I'm astonish, your little one can finish the porridge, thn asking for more serving and top with a slice of bread! I'm happy 4 u too, I hope my kids will soon turn into the stage like yours!:)

  13. LOL!!! Old age! So forgetful. Aiyor...your kids so easy to feed. Eat one bowl not enough, want some more... My daughter last time, getting her to eat was such a pain. Hours to eat a spoonful!

  14. hahaha, I feel happy when I read things like that for I now don't feel so alone! There are so many times I left out a dish when entertaining my guests for dinner. Only after they left and I wash the dishes that I remember something was not served. I used to kick myself for for my forgetfulness but over time I learn to accept that it is part of growing old. I don't think you are that old though. Better start taking some B complex. Your kiddies got good appetite and that's superb!

  15. Yee Ling ~ it's ok. mummy is like that. Trying to console myself too. haha

    Broccoli Ginger ~ ya ya...luckily not wasted.

    p & p mum ~ i still have lots of absent minded stories to tell. haha

    reanaclaire ~ ya ya...agreed. too busy

    Sheoh Yan ~ That's y I was very happy. No wastage on my food and energy. haha

    Merryn ~ I know your boy loves eggs.

    [SK] ~ Ya..it was a blessing in disguised. At least now I know my picky boy eats bread with eggs.

    mummy-J ~ Alamak! sure boh? So serious! hahahaha....

    Vickylow ~ yaya....created new menu for him.

    Chloe ~ age is catching up....hahaha

    Luciana ~ luckily i saw that eggs. Try to imagine if the eggs were to be left there for days. hahaha

    Mummy Gwen ~ Next time I will prepare more bread + eggs for him

    Alice Law ~ My boy loves bread. I believe your kids will soon have huge appetite. :)

    stp ~ Hmm.....am sure you ate your daughter's portion. That's y she is so thin and you ....tsk tsk tsk. hahaha

    Quay Po Cooks ~ Yes...u r not alone! haha....

  16. Hahahha, I'm also very absent mind too. So don worry, u always can let them eat at tea time, for dinner or even supper.... =)

  17. Venie ~ Instead of warm egg, they have to eat cold eggs. haha


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