Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Year Wiser

I've scheduled for a post to be publish on the 8th October, but that post did not appeared. When I checked in my 'Edit posts' tab this morning, I realised it was still a DRAFT ! But I do remember clearly that I'd set the date and time. Never mind. 8th October is over, anyway.

Actually, that post was a short note wishing hubby a Happy Birthday. We did not celebrate on the 8th October as we went to a friend's new house for a house warming party. But we literary celebrated on the 9th October. We had buffet lunch ~ western meal @ Viva Home together with my in-laws.

This was what being included in the buffet when you order a main dish.
We had actually planned to dine in this restaurant last month. Due to everyone have their own plans over the weekends, it was postponed until last Sunday (9th October) where everyone finally able to attend. Hubby heard about this restaurant from a friend and decided to gave it a try.

One part of the menu
The buffet concept works like this. Every adults will have to order a main dish from their menu, and you are entitled to unlimited consumption on the salad bar. Child will be charged at RM15 + , according to certain height. 

Some fresh salad, rojak and cucumber prickles 
I started of with some fresh greens. There were a few types of salad dressings for you to mix and matched.

XJ enjoying some nuggets and fries
For XJ, she had some nuggets and fries as a start. I limited her to such deep fried food as afraid she might be too heaty eating them. But I do offer her some other type of food. A bit of here and there are enough to keep her full.
Taiwanese braised pork rice for YX
For YX, I get him some rice dish as he does not fancy fries as much as XJ.

Some of the main dish ordered by my in-laws. L-R (Beef, Prawns, Garlic chicken, squid) Middle - lamb
Here are some of the main dish ordered by my in laws.

Hubby's dory fish fillets
Both hubby and I ordered something the kids could share with us. Chicken & fish.

My garlic chicken + prawn combo
As XJ requested for prawn, I ordered a combo (chicken + prawn). The main dish portion are not huge for such price. I believe they marked up the price to cover the buffet spread. 

Black pepper sauce
They have 2 types of sauces ~ black pepper sauce & beef mushroom sauce. We choose the black pepper sauce. It was thick and taste not bad.

Garlic bread + mushroom soup
Besides than salad, they served 2 types of bread. You will have to DIY ~ spread the bread with the desired jam / garlic butter and put them into the oven to toast it. The garlic bread was delicious as it was fresh from the oven. Great to dip them into the mushroom soup. I had 2 bowls of the mushroom soup as they tasted real delicious. It was added with loads of fresh mushrooms too !
Pop corn + mamak style fried noodles
There is a pop corn machine and they tasted as good as in the cinema ones. Both my kids had a handful of pop corn as their snacks after their main meal. They served fried noodles ala mamak style but not spicy though. We had a bit of here and there and was quite fillings.

XJ enjoying the super sweet watermelon
They served watermelon, honeydew and papayas. I gave both kids some papayas (because good for constipation) but at the end, I had to finish them all by myself as both refused to eat. The watermelon was super sweet and juicy.  

ABC with ice cream + my DIY sago ABC
After a heavy meal, how can we give desserts a miss ! On the left was ABC with ice cream and on the right was my own creation. I mixed the sago with some shaved ice and jellies and make my own version of ABC. Gula melaka and evaporated milk was provided and you can add as much as you like. The shaved iced was all well prepared earlier and kept in the freezer where you can scoop as much as desired. 

Ice creams
For those who does not fancy ABC, they can have some ice creams.

Kid's favourite !
Both kids definitely won't give ICE a miss. They sat down so obediently and enjoyed the ice cream. The above portion are not for them alone. We shared with them and I kept asking XJ to feed me which she obliged to do so.

Total bill came up to RM300 ++ for 10 adults and they missed to charge the 2 kids (YX and his cousin). We did not realised that (hubby do not have the habit to check the bill) and I only found out about it when I looked at the bill in the car on the way back. The cashier must have forgotten about the kids and that helped to save us RM30+. haha........

I do find it is a little pricey. For such price we can have a better buffet spread with more varieties. Anyway, we should give new thing a try, isn't ?


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby. It was a great makan session and the price is pretty reasonable.

  2. Happy belated birthday to your hubb, RM300+ for 10 adults is quite reasonable, if you compare with hotels'.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to you hb. It look new but I still prefer to normal buffet style keke, more variety mah.

  4. oh, maybe you just saved but did not published the post?? anyway, belated happy birthday to your hubby..

    looks like a lot of food to be consumed leh, but i think after having the main dish already 70% full, haha~~ :D

  5. All the food looks yummy~ Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

  6. It's not expensive la... summore you got a "discount" of rm30+ hehe. Most importantly, you all had fun eating together and enjoying the food. Happy belated birthday to your hubby :)

  7. Belated birthday greetings to your hubby. Wah...I see the prices on the menu - quite pricey...but never mind, special occasion. Good excuse to splash... The food looks so-so only - not like at some western restaurants that some bloggers have featured. Whatever, it's always the company that matters most - with good company, everything else is secondary...

  8. A belated birthday wish to your hubby. Wow agree with STP first saw the prices but they do have other great packages like unlimited salad bar seems OK. How come the display sign outside says min charges RM28+ but the menu is RM25+?

    Oh XJ heart2heart with the nuggets! haha.

  9. Yee Ling ~ Normally, buffet will taste better with a group of people. The more, the merrier. hehe

    yvonne ~ Haha...dun compare with hotel.

    Vickylow ~ I prefer normal buffet too where they served more seafood.

    [SK] ~ But I remember I did set the time and date. The main dish not really big portion. So, still have ample space for the other stuffs.

    Hayley ~ The taste are great...

    Chloe ~ Haha....the disc = our petrol and toll.

    stp ~ Ya...happy occasion needs some celebration. Hmm...maybe my photo skill not good which makes the food look so-so to you. haha

    Bananaz ~ RM25 is only for the salad bar. Min. RM28 is for the main dish (garlic chicken). If u order 1 main dish, u r entitle to free unlimited consumption at the salad bar.

  10. I like XJ innocent facial expresssions!~

  11. Scrumptious food to celebrate your hubby's Birthday. XJ is getting so pretty now.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday To Your Hubby! I think the price is reasonable too..something new to try.

  13. I can see the food looks good, the price is quite okay :)

  14. Happy belated birthday to your Hubby. Wish him lots of happiness, peace and good health! Looks like you had a swell celebrationn for him. The food looks yummy. I can see XJ is enjoying it.

  15. Happy belated birthday to your hubs! Wah... so much food oh...

  16. happy belated birthday to your hubby!

    the food all look yummy!

  17. Happy belated birthday to your hub too! Haven't been dining at western rest for quite sometime. U made me feeling very hungry now!

  18. p&p mum ~ haha....their innocent look always conned me.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Thks...her hair are longer and I think she look more like a girl compare to her baby's photos.

    Mummy Gwen ~ ya..something new to try. BUt in my opinion, not much of varieties.

    Mummy Moon ~ The buffet spread are more on salads and bread.

    MeRy ~ So long did not hear from you already!

    Quay Po Cooks ~ Thks for the wishes. My girl knows how to enjoy food more if compare to her brother.

    Boey Joey ~ It is buffet style. So can eat as much as we want.

    SP ~ The taste are ok. I love the mushroom soup.

    chinnee ~ haha...go and plan now....


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