Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye Bye Art Class

I was disappointed when YX told me that he wanted to stop his Art Class which he will be attending for about 1 year coming this November. I still remember when he first attended, he was so excited and full of enthusiasm. I've blog about it over here.

Starting from last month (September), he started to lost interest in attending the Art Class and always giving me excuses that he does not want to go. When I managed to persuade him to attend, he will always ended up crying when I went to fetch him. He complaint that I was always late to fetch him and he has to wait very long for me. As his class was 1.5 hours, I always went about 10 minutes earlier to fetch him, yet he complaint I was late.

In the past, he will entertained himself with toys and comics or just sit around at the sofa waiting for me. Lately, he felt lost and wanted me immediately after the class. The teacher said he was not being bullied or anything like that. As far as I'm concerned, the system in this Art Class was like that. Once you have finished the whole drawing (the teacher estimated 1.5 hours for each lessons), you can go home. I believe once he finishes his drawings (less than 1.5 hour), he did not see me and ended up crying for me. He doesn't have any friends in the Art Class as the students there were a mixed of ages. Some are about his age while majority are older.

Last week, I was there to accompany him throughout the class. I sat at the sofa waiting for him and monitored the environment. Yes, it's true that he don't have any friends and he finishes his drawings in less than 1.5 hour. But I was glad that the teachers were both very friendly and even can jokes with the older students (around secondary age). Both teachers are very soft spoken and did not even raise their voice throughout the lessons. It was a very relaxing class with laughter in the air. I guess YX felt lonely and makes him out of place.

I've promised him that in the future, I will pick him up earlier. I also promised that I will arrive at the Art Center before he finishes his drawing. However, he refused. I felt it was such a waste to stop the class since he enjoyed drawings very much, but I have to respect his decision. Since I've already paid for the October Fees (have to pay on every 1st week of the month), I explained to YX hopping he could finish the classes for the whole month of October and we shall stop the lessons starting from November.

I wanted to laugh when he said, "I don't want to attend Art Class in November, but I want to go in December ! " *Ohhh....so there is still hope* 

I told him to think carefully because we cannot simply stop and go as when we like. I've yet to talk to his teacher about stopping the class. I'm not sure if we can stop the class temporary for 1 - 2 months and continue again when he is ready. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I know YX loves drawing a lot because he still draws EVERY DAY. To see his drawings, hop over to his drawing's blog over here.


  1. I am sure the teacher would allow stopping art class for a month or two before he continue on. The teacher would want a happy student also mah.

    I guess he just need some space. EVen adults will need time away if doing the same thing over and over again. That's why we have Annual Leave ....and sick leaves kekekeke

  2. Better send your kids go to art class! speaking from experience.. my girl didnt go..and she had a hard time with art when she was in primary and secondary.. and i didnt help at all cos i m also Artless! :)

  3. a short break will do everybody some good :)

  4. When a child said NO or refuse to something...there is always a reason or somethingthat he is not comfy with and we parents are suppose to find out the truth behind it..

    Anyway, i think it should be ok to take a short break.

  5. These things can't be forced... Just leave it to the kid to decide even if he may regret it eventually in future - it's his choice.

  6. Let him cool it off for a while,in the mean time,take him to book shop and let him enjoy looking at some art books ..........you see art comes in many forms,let him explore a bit,may be what he is learning may not be of his cup of tea,,expose him to many areas of art,,,,,ya

    just my opinion,let him cool it down for a while lah ya

  7. take a break, but if he still insist say no, then don`t force him..

  8. i have a suggestion, let ur girl join the class too, then he has a fren liao lor..

  9. Aww..that's too bad. Hopefully he will change his mind again later. For now, just let him take a break..:)

  10. Just let him a a brake at the moment. When his mind clear, he will definitely tell you what he want.

  11. I hope he continues on with his art lessons. His doing great and it's such a pity for him to stop.

  12. hmmm, i think the main reason is that he has no friends there.. maybe can contact some of his good friend's parents and then they all go to the drawing class together?? hehe, but then again, hope when he's got friends there, he don't just play around and not concentrate on drawing~~ :p

  13. well..kids can change their minds too..

  14. maybe he don't have friends at the art class and that is the main reason make him want to stop? Got friends got motivation?

    Let him take a break first, maybe he will start to love art again in Dec?

    So far, *touch wood* my boys still ok with their art, maybe got the cousins join together, they got more fun.

  15. Yeah, perhaps it's good to take a break and then continue? Is there another class with more children of his age?

  16. It would be a waste of talents if he didn't continue, perhaps send his mei mei with him... with her companion ard, perhaps he'd feel more secure?

  17. Sounds like your son needs a break from attending art class since he wants to stop in Nov but continue in December. Anyway, this kind of response from young children (till about as old as 10 yrs old) is normal: when just enrolled for the class, the kid is very enthusiastic, but many, many months down the line, it becomes mundane, and more so when discipline/practice is involved, they don't see it as 'fun' anymore. It's just the same as attending piano lessons as I usually see from my many years of teaching piano.

  18. Perhaps, you can bring him to other Art Class. Let him have a look at other Art Centre. I did that when I wanted to sign my girls up. I let them choose the place that they want.

  19. smallkucing ~ haha...true...sick and annual leaves are really important. haha

    reanaclaire ~ I wish he could continue as I also wants him to be good in his art.

    Merryn ~ Hopefully

    Yee Ling ~ I've checked with the teachers but found nothing. I even observed the class the other weekends but found nothing too. He seems to be happy. I think he is just bored. No friend at the same age.

    stp ~ Am not forcing. I let him to decide.

    eugene ~ I'm thinking to bring him to the library one of the day.

    Luciana ~ Ya...agree. Hopefully he will continue. :D

    mummy-J ~ haha...my girl too young. The teacher said next year wor....

    Carolyn ~ Hopefully.... I think he must be 'tired'. haha

    Vickylow ~ ya..kids change their mind very fast too.

    p & p mum ~ I think so too.

    Mummy Gwen ~ I felt disappointed when he told me he wanted to stop . But i will respect his every decision

    [SK] ~ i believe he has got no friend too.

    wenn ~ haha....let's hope for the better

    Annie Q ~ Yes...he don't have any friends in the art class as all are in a mix of age. Majority are older.

    mommy to chumsy ~ hmm....did not survey the other classes.

    Alice Law ~ haha....mei mei will only be eligible by next year. When she is older.

    Alice Phua ~ haha.... thanks for sharing this teacher.

    Sheoh Yan ~ But this is the most convenience to us.


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