Friday, October 28, 2011

Dress just for her

See what I've got for XJ ? It's a dress from Nivniv Handmade ! As my brother's daughter will be celebrating her 1st Birthday this coming November, I order a dress for her. At the same time, I took to opportunity to order another dress for XJ. 

Red for XJ & Green for my niece
Thanks to Pei Yi who managed to 'rush' the dresses for me and sent to me on time. I know you have your work and family to take care off, but you still did a great job !

When Pei Yi told me that she had sent the dresses out a day earlier, I was panicked because there was no sign of the delivery man. That was around 4 pm +. Five minutes after that, the delivery man suddenly appeared at my office : D  Phew ! We thought the dresses went missing in the thin air !

Dress a bit long but never mind as can last her for a few years !
Back at home, I quickly dress up XJ and see if she fits the dress. It was a little bit too long but that was fine because she still look cute in it. This dress will definitely last her a few years, accompanying her to grow ! Sorry for the messy hair (sweaty) as she was playing chasing with her brother before I interrupted them.
Tie a knot (sorry, I was in a hurry and did not tie properly before taking a photo)
What I like about this dress was the V shape at the back and the huge ribbon. I know, I did not do a good job over here as I was in a hurry and YX was DISTURBING me taking a photo of his little sister. He was using a pillow to cover my camera and was running up and down in front of me ! And he makes me laugh when he said the ribbon looks like a backpack.

I love this photo ! because YX gave me the most decent look !
After a nice scolding from me, YX finally stop his silly act and took a photo together with XJ. This is the best sister and brother photos because YX did not show his signature pose (those Ultraman sign, weird and cheeky poses). A photo which I hardly had the opportunity to get him SMILE for me ! Oh ya, the dress came with a matching head scarf + hair clip too. And again, YX makes me laugh when he said XJ is a Red Ridding Hood !

Lovely brother & sister. Mei mei hug so tight !
There he goes again, acting silly. I asked him to hug mei mei for a nice photo but he refused. Instead, mei mei quickly went and hug him and indirectly, he put his arm around mei mei ! Ahh...... love the way they bond !

Hair clips for XJ
In addition, I ordered some hair clips for XJ too. These lovely hair clips are just so irresistible. And thank you to Pei Yi for included some extra hair clips for XJ. I really appreciated that !


  1. pretty!!! Cute! The boy leh? Nothing kah? So kesian... LOL!!!

  2. She looks like a red riding hood, he is right. All the hair clips are lovely.

  3. Kor kor is ok if you just buy dress for your girl?

  4. The dress and hair clips looked lovely.. Most of the time, we have more excuses to indulge on the girls than boys.. Boys attire are simply.... boring. :)

  5. thanks to you i found that lovely niv niv website! i think my hands gonna be itchy already..

  6. cantik ler..kor-kor no new baju,hehehe..

  7. Pei Yi memang talented. Eh tak aci...kor kor no new baju wor. This baju just nice for CNY

  8. the dress is kind of pretty especially the big ribbon at the back.. but i think would be sweeter if it's not black leh.. errr, no new clothes for YX meh?? so bias~~ haha!! :p

  9. So pretty! It's the perfect gift for your baby niece :)

  10. XJ looks very pretty in her new dress. She does look a bit like Red Riding Hood..hehe.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. When it comes to dressing up, surely girls are cuter! heheee..

  13. I love to dress up y girls too when they were young.

  14. That's a very nice red dress. And it comes with matching head scarf.

  15. OMG XJ looks so cute and i that polka dot dress with a matching headdress. I can understand why you bought so many hair clips for XJ because if I have a grand daughter, I would do exactly the same thing! hehe Nice photo of mei mei and kor kor.

  16. haha it's so nice to dress up a daughter right. Very cute dress, red in polka dot like a cute lady bird.

  17. Oh, yes, she certainly looks like Polka Dot Red Riding Hood! ^_^ The baju looks good on her! You must be very happy with the purchase. :-)

  18. auw... look at that hugging pic :D So nice! So lovely to have a girl u can dress up.. i want a girl too!

  19. I like the red polka dress. Very nice. Simple and looks great on her.

  20. stp ~ boy nothing. haha... but he doesn't mind.

    Sheoh Yan ~ ya..the hair clips are nice.

    p & p mum ~ kor kor is fine. He doesn't mind!

    Inspired Momx1 ~ haha.... that's true.

    Carolyn ~ haha....hope you found something you like over there.

    Luciana ~ ya..kor kor don't have any :(

    Hayley ~ Can dress her up for special occasion.

    smallkucing ~ ya ya...koko don't have wor. But it's ok.. he is not jealous. haha

    [SK] ~ i think black fits well with red. Ko ko don't have coz boy got not much choice.

    Chloe ~ Ya....hope she likes it.

    Mummy Gwen ~ ridding hood because of the red colour.

    reanaclaire ~ and can put hair clips on her too

    wenn ~ they are just like barbie doll. haha

    yvonne ~ ya.... love the combination

    MeRy ~ :D

    Quay Po Cooks ~ haha...XJ have heaps of hair clips. I need to look for bigger box to keep her hair clips

    Vickylow ~ i felt so happy dressing her up...

    Alice Phua ~ can dress her up for special occasion

    Merryn ~ go go and make one! Wish u all the best

    Yee Ling ~ nice dress ya.

  21. I have been so caught up by work lately, and I only got to blog hop a bit today. What a lovely surprise! Thanks so much HL for the lovely article. XJ looks very pretty as usual :-)


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