Wednesday, October 19, 2011

He reads, She listens

XJ fiddling with Patrick's tail while YX reads to her
I'm really glad both kids enjoyed each other company. I like to see how they bond with each other, play and laugh together. Since YX can read simple words, he read for XJ. I've get them to sit on the carpeted floor but both insisted to squeeze into the same chair.   

What's so funny over there ? Look at how XJ sits. Tsk tsk tsk
When they did not fight, they are the best siblings in the world.

Both were pointing at a picture
XJ loves to imitate her brother. Whatever YX was doing, XJ followed. Indirectly, YX managed to teach XJ some numbers and colours. YX is not only a great brother, he is a great teacher too !


  1. So sweet, they are so close and your boy is so helpful! Proud of thm!

  2. the bonding they have.. PRICELESS :D

  3. this is nite time or morning? he read to her before sleep?

  4. so sweet!!! look at the pic no.2 :)

  5. good, they are interacting and coping so well with each other.. at least you don't see them fighting and you need to shout till you lose your voice.. haha!!

  6. Normally boys will be more gentle over girls....

  7. LOL @ when they are not fighting, they are the best siblings - apply to me too :D

    Lovely brotherly-sisterly relationship~

  8. Ah! The joys of parenthood! So sweet...

  9. All the pictures are so lovelY!!! Bravo to yur kids for getting along so well! :-D

  10. Awww...that's so sweet. Love all the pics of them bonding.

  11. :) Very sweet and loving indeed! YX is a very good big bro.

  12. Can see the Bro loves his sis so much and he is a hero to his sis... <3

  13. So nice and lovely of them sharing and reading together. I do wish my kids can be like this. But both of them use to fight and my fierce girl like to talk with her Hand instead her mouth. Gosh and my boy learn and follow his sister too.

  14. YX will sure grow up to be a loving brother to his baby sister. Love to see them so close to each other.

  15. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog! will follow from now on.

    Your son is so sweet and loving lar. how to train my children to be like that? one minute they are ok one minute they r fighting. hahaha.

  16. Alice Law ~ Thank you... I was happy too :D

    Broccoli Ginger ~ When not fightings only. haha

    Cynthia ~'s priceless!

    mummy-J ~ haha...morning time. In the office.

    Luciana ~ hha....sweet :D

    [SK] ~ ya ya...glad to see this. Love how they bond with each other.

    Yee Ling ~ haah... more caring.

    Small Kucing ~ I'm happy :D

    p&p mum ~ :D

    yvonne ~ sure your elder ones will take good care of the younger ones.

    stp ~ haha.. have to treasured such moments while they are still so close to each other.

    Boey Joey ~ haha...i was very happy for them too !

    Mummy Gwen ~ I love it too...

    Chloe ~ YX really showed he cared for the younger sister but he can be very evil too. haha

    wenn ~ :D

    Venie ~ haha...a hero ! hopefully when they grew up, they can be so close too.

    Vickylow ~ haha...use hand! It's ok...just a pharse maybe. She will soon learn to love the brother.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Hopefully when they grew up, they can be so close to each other.

    Carolyn ~ Thks for visiting. sure your kids will have the 'lovely' moments too!

  17. I love LOVE the photos of XJ and YX together! When you see your kiddies having close relationship with each other when they are young, you can rest assured, they will look out for each other as they grew. How wonderful!!

  18. Quay Po Cooks ~ Hope they still stay closed to each other once they are all grown up. That's every parent's wishes ya.

  19. cute. I am praying for the day I can also take this pic. Right now the girl also follow the kor kor like a puppy but the kor kor tak mahu layan the sister! :)


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