Monday, October 17, 2011

His favourite

Last Saturday, we did pancakes. The last try was over here. This time, we did better and the pancakes look more presentable.

YX helping to mix the ingredient
YX helped me to stir the mixture and can see that he was enjoying himself.

Evaporated milk added into the mixture
Involving him in preparing the pancake was good too because he managed to learn some new things. One of them was the evaporated milk.

He got excited when I poured in some ENO into the mixture as it makes the 'ssssssssss' sound. At home, hubby used to drink ENO whenever he has stomach discomfort. Before he mixed the ENO, he will get both YX and XJ to watch the 'volcano' and the kids will get so excited when the water begin to rise. haha

YX enjoying his pancakes
YX loves his pancakes ! I poured some honey on top to make it taste better. If only I have some ice cream, guess he will be happier !

yum yum........


  1. My mom love to make this pancake for us when we were small....And now I make for my girls..

  2. Pancake is most kids' favourite.

  3. ENO? now i only know...
    my girl doesn`t like pancake, i wonder why...

  4. ENO for wat purpose? only son like to eat? ur girl ler, don like? my kid never like to eat pancake tho...

  5. Wow!!! Your son can make pancakes... Girls love guys who can cook. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. YX is a very good little kitchen helper. I'm sure the pancakes tasted extra yummy because he was involved in making them :)

  7. i didn't know we can add ENO into the pancake mix. Must be very yummy :)

  8. It is always good to make the kids feel at ease in the kitchen. They'll make good helpers when they grow up ;)

  9. easy and good hor... i just learned a new tip to make cute little pancake from the Eyuzu buffet i went last Sat. Let's see if i can manage to make it this week again...

  10. Easy to make and yummy to eat...

    But I wonder why my son don't like it... :(

  11. I like to eat pancake! But not too often lar... Yah why need to use eno?

  12. wow, it looks Yummy! My gal also loves the frizzy sound =)

  13. looks good, but i guess the one from STP looks nicer, haha.. but i wonder why you need to add in the ENO?? as an alternative to raising agent??

  14. Yee Ling ~ And next time, your girl will make for you and hubby! haha

    Sheoh Yan ~ And my favourite too...

    Luciana ~ Try to serve with ice cream. Maybe she will finish them all.

    Mummy-J ~ Haha...i just follow the recipe and never finds out why. I did this in the office. My girl at home. But she dun really like. Only eat when she saw her brother eats.

    stp ~ that the reason your wife choose you ?

    chloe ~ Oh yes...he was so proud and told his father that he and mama make the pancakes.

    mommy to chumsy ~ Next time you can try and mix some Just a small teaspoon only.

    Gratitude ~ He was so eager to help.

    chinnee ~ Share the recipe with us ok....

    p&p mum ~ Oh..your son don't like? Maybe u serve him with some ice cream on top?

    SP ~ I love pancakes too... Eno, i'm not sure actually. I just follow the recipe. haha

    Venie ~ haha...that sound makes the kids so excited.

    [SK] ~ Hmmpphhh ! *throw pancakes at [SK]'s face* hahaha....i'm just a beginner.... will try to make more coz my boy just loves them.

  15. hhmmm interesting. Eno and pancakes! I wonder if can taste that lemony lime taste???

  16. Eno and pancakes, hmm... that's something new. But I doubt my kids would love the lime taste in their pancakes because they prefer the plain taste :p

  17. I have never tried making pancakes before. Yours look yummy.

  18. Impressive, your boy is so independent!

  19. We all love pancakes! the one that you made there looked so fluffy! But the panckaes that i make always end up looking yucky in a big sad pile :-( so the secret is condensed milk and eno??? never heard of putting eno wor...

  20. Leona ~ We only need a teaspoon of ENO. Can't really taste the lemony lime. haha

    yvonne ~ Only a teaspoon of ENO. Can't taste the lime. haha

    Mummy Gwen ~ Do Gwen likes pancakes? Maybe u can try making them coz very easy.

    Alice Law ~ LOL! Just in the picture.

    Boey Joey ~ It's evaporated milk ! and try adding some eno (just a teaspoon).


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