Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Sunday

I happen to watch one education show over the Astro XTY channel together with the kids the other day and I just have to agree with what the little girl said. They were talking about the Days in a Week and the little girl mentioned that she Sunday because it is the day daddy will bring her out to play ! 

Same with my kids, we are only free on Sunday to bring them out of the house. Last Sunday, we decided to bring the kids to the City Park S2 to cycle since we have not been doing that for a long time already. We left home at around 7.30am and the weather that day was cloudy as it rained during the night before. It was a perfect weather for outdoor activities. The kids had a great fun cycling a huge round around the park while we adults walked behind them. We too, took the opportunity to exercise. 

After spending about 30 minutes or so at the park, we proceeded to take our breakfast as the stomach are already making noises. haha..... We ate at a nearby coffeeshop before we continued to shop at the Tesco Hypermarket to stock up some groceries. I always tell hubby shopping is also a good exercise. We walked a lot too ! Even longer than in the park ! haha. At around 11 am + , we took early lunch as YX complaint of hungry.

Our next plan was to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0. Have you all watched this movie ? If not, you should plan for it fast as I heard the movie will be removed from the cinema soon. We laughed from the start till the end of the movie. It was so entertaining ! Initially, hubby and I had planned to watch this movie on Friday night. Right after dinner, we rushed to the cinema but was disappointed that the tickets were all SOLD OUT. On Saturday night, hubby went out with his buddy and he simply checked at the cinema to find out the tickets were all SOLD OUT again! So, on Sunday we went to the cinema an hour earlier before the show starts and managed to grab the tickets 4th row away from the screen. 

Remember we went to the park in the early morning ? After we got the tickets, we rushed home to take bath (the kids too) before rushing back to the cinema again. Phew ! So rushing ! Again, the cinema were FULL. Even the 1st and 2nd row were all taken up ! It was indeed a good show if you wanted to have a good laugh. Many little things showed in the movie were so true where we experienced them since we were a child. It was very local and I guess only we, Malaysian can truly understand this movie in depth. 

After the movie, we went back home to rest while XJ skipped her afternoon nap again. Oh yes, this time she did not sleep in the cinema. I guess she enjoyed the movie as much as me ! Since she did not nap, she knocked out pretty early during the night. A peaceful night again to end the day. What have you done during the last Sunday ? 

Note : Got the news from Namewee's FB that Uncle Chee (who acted as Baba in the Nasi Lemak 2.0) had passed away. I was still shocked with this news. May he RIP. 


  1. Ya, i heard about it also. May him RIP!

  2. Yea, Nasi Lemak 2.0 is a great watch!

  3. Went through a hectic weekend with house chores :(

    Now am still very exhausted.

  4. I wish to bring my kids to park or swimming on weekend. But always talk only, end up we do nothing but relax at home.

  5. We usually just laze at home on Sun after a full-day out on Sat. I heard a lot of good reviews about Nasi Lemak 2.0 too. Have yet to watch it... will most probably get the DVD later :)

  6. Wah...that Nasi Lemak movie is that good ah...haha. Glad to know you managed to catch the movie.

  7. The best day would be any day that the family can spend quality time together...even if it is just staying at home, cooking something special to enjoy and doing things like that. For some, Sundays may mean a day at the golf course...or going to the hair salon and shopping and stuff like that,leaving the kids at home. For them, Sunday is like any other day...

  8. I only plan to watch the DVD. Exam is here soon, no plan to go for movie.

  9. wah..7.30 ur kids could wake up on sunday! amazing....

  10. oh.....y take away this movie when the tickets is selling so well ler? Hope they won't, sigh...

  11. Wow after the third attempt managed to watch that movie. It's a must huh? OK will find time. tQ.

  12. Hubby and you are wonderful parents. The children will enjoy any activities so as long as it is with their Daddy and Mommy! :)

  13. I don't like to go to the cinema to watch movies because my knees cannot take it. You think I can get the DVD?

  14. Wat a vy fruitful Sunday. U guys r such early birds. ;)

  15. Angeline ~ He is a good actor.

    Hayley ~ Until today, i can still laugh when I thought of certain part in the movie.

    yvonne ~ haha...a good exercise indeed!

    Vickylow ~ Relax at home is also good, especially to the purse. hehehe

    Chloe ~ Lucky u! Have fun on Sat and can still rest on Sun. heheeh

    Mummy Gwen ~ That movie really great! I don't mind to watch again.

    stp ~ Sunday is my most precious 'kids day'

    Sheoh Yan ~ Wish your girls all the best in their exams

    Mummy-J ~ haha....they slept early. It is their biological clock.

    chinnee ~ Heard from Namewee
    's FB they are taking it away by next week Mon.

    Bananaz ~ Hope u had watch it

    Gratitude ~ We both treasured our precious Sunday to be together with the kids. It is the only day we can bring them out to play :D

    Quay Po Cooks ~ Not sure if they will release in DVD format or not. I'm also hoping to get a copy of it and show my parents. They don't visit the cinema too.

    slavemom ~ haha....only early bird catch the worm.


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