Friday, October 7, 2011

Porridge Steamboat @ Home

Plain porridge steamboat
One of the weekends, MIL decided to make steamboat. Instead of the normal soup based, she decided to substitute it into plain porridge. I remember having this porridge based steamboat in OUG years ago and find it quite creative.

Some of the ingredients 
MIL made some Foochow fishball (fishball with minced pork fillings) upon FIL's request. Taufu is our favourite (adults and kids) and it is a MUST have item in a steamboat. We also had 'yau char kuey' but it is not in the picture.
My favourite ~ crabby !
The first thing I dig in was the crab ! My all time favourite. It was finger licking good.

Cheers !
To add in the 'kick' into our steamboat, we had some beers. SIL recommended this brand as she said smoother and not that bitter comparing to the others. It was an enjoyable meal even we were all soaked in sweat !


  1. wah...i never try this before. Must do it one day. Looks delicious when the crab is put in.

  2. Never try this before, but it looks yummy. Got Hoegaarden sum more. *_^

  3. Nice wholeseome meal! :)

    Agree with the beer. But with the proce, not smooth also imagine it is. :)

  4. It has been a long time since we had steam boat at home. Thanks for the reminder. Your porridge steam boats looks really good.

  5. I actually prefer the conventional soup based, porridge one better for once a while la, cos can be very "jelak" half way eating.. anyway steamboat is a good thing to gather everyone together.. :)

  6. i ate porrige steambot one time, but never did at home. never taste the beer before, will try one day.

  7. Never tried porridge steamboat before, find it a little filling (blame it to my small eater nature). I'll sure finish those crabs ^^

  8. Me too never tried porridge-based steamboat before although it's quite popular in KL. Sure it tastes great with the crabs! Oh yeah more people like Hoegaarden than others now :-)

  9. I've never tried porridge steamboat before. The liu(s) look so delicious.

  10. I think porridge steamboat is quite feeling, but I don't mind having it though. I haven't tried it before.

  11. Good idea! Haven't had this at home before, always the boring soup based steamboat.. must give it a try one day. :)

  12. Looks good. Never tried crabs or prawns in porridge...just fish or meat.

  13. At the end of dumping all the ingredients into the porridge, the porridge must be super tasty and sweet eh?

  14. Hmm... looks so healthy. Home cook steamboat.

  15. Mmmm....the porridge steamboat look so delicious! err...beers for the kids too? hahhahahahhaha

  16. ur MIL so pannai, can homemade the fish ball,somemore with fillings.. i also nvr tried on porridge steamboat, maybe shuld try it one fine day..

  17. wakaka... that mean you have steamboat twice in the this weekend?

    I don't know that you in Ah siong house as well... until i saw your YX and XJ, then i know...

    wakaka.... world is very small...

    p/s: paiseh not greeting to you... cause i dont know too.. until i saw ur YX and XJ going home....

  18. Yee Ling ~ Make the porridge extra 'sweet'

    Angeline ~ Try la next time. Cook the porridge with more water so can tahan boiling.

    Ann ~ Haha...about the beer, I think they tasted the same. Coz i tak pandai drink beer.

    Quay Po Cooks ~ Haha....go and make steamboat this week. Great for family bonding

    [SK] ~ Cook the porridge with more water. Actually, it is roughly the same with the soup base.

    Mummy- J ~ U can drink, so go and try. SIL said good, but to me, all tasted the same. BITTER. hehe

    yvonne ~ Wah... then u cannot go and eat buffet. heheh

    Dora ~ The crab and prawns make the porridge sweeter. Seafood porridge. hehe

    Mummy Gwen ~ U can try making them this weekend. But steamboat must have a group of people, then only fun.

    Sheoh Yan ~ If u cook the porridge more watery, actually it is the same.

    Inspired Momx1 ~ time maybe can try bak kut teh soup. Should be nice too.

    stp ~ Seafood porridge. hehe

    Health Freak Mummy ~ Ya ya... super tasty !

    Jobless Girl ~ Homecooked food not only healthy but tasty!

    mommy to chumsy ~ LOL ! The kids will sleep earlier if they each have a bottle of beer!

    Iyson ~ MIL can cook many dish. She is a great cook :D

    CH Voon ~ hahaha...the world so small ya. Sorry I did not greet you too because I'm too paisey! hahaha....Actually I recognized Vanessa and your girl is so friendly. I managed to shake hand with her ! Nice to meet you :D


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