Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Notes # 2

Here's another random notes to share. 

Note # 1
If the radio channel you are always listening to had some frequency problems (ziiii zaaaa sound) will you turn your radio off or change to another channel ? I just don't understand why that 'someone' can tolerate listening to an unstable radio channel for the whole morning. I would prefer that 'someone' could just turn the radio off! I felt so disturbing yet can't do anything ! Hmmmppphhh !

Note # 2
Two days ago, there was a water recessions in the office. Before that, we had also experienced water recession which I've blogged about it under the title Random Notes #1. Today, there is a water recessions again ! It had been happening too frequently. Sigh ! So inconvenience ! !

Note # 3
I'm looking forward to this coming Deepavali Public Holiday ! Yay !

Note # 4
I prefer tea over coffee. However, recently I found that coffee are so aromatic and are so suitable to goes with bread. I remembered my uncle used to dip the bread into his kopi O and I tried his method. Wow... delicious ! But mine was coffee with milk.

Note # 5
Hubby's friend have vouchers for free stay in one of the hotel in the Klang Valley during Christmas time. He invited us along. One room for his family and another room for us ! Can't wait for this wonderful short getaway.

Note # 6
This coming weekends will be attending a relative's wedding. In November, there will be another relative's wedding. End of the years always have lots of wedding receptions to attend.

Note # 7
XJ used to call MIL as Ah Ma (grandmother in Hokkien). Recently, she likes to call Ah Ma as Nai Nai (grandmother in Mandarin). She learnt that from the Astro XTY and I finds that amusing. I prefer her to call Ah Ma instead of Nai Nai.

Note # 8
One morning, YX complaint his milk was too diluted. I was rushing for time and thus, don't welcome such complaint from him. I nagged at him asking him to just drink his milk faster and get ready for school, while we need to rush to work. He obediently finished the cup of milk but in a rather slow pace. When I washed his cup, only I realised I've mixed XJ's milk instead. No wonder he had a hard time drinking the milk. Both are drinking different brand and he must have felt the milk a bit weird that morning. Sorry boy. I promised no more mistake in the future!

Note # 9
Normally, I helped hubby to update his bank passbook. Recently, to my surprised bank does not allowed a third party to update the passbook on behalf anymore. They said it was for security reasons. It will be so inconvenience for people like hubby who can't go to the bank during office hour.

Thick pile of drawings by YX over the past few months
Note # 10
I've finally updated YX's drawing blog (My Arts, My Inspirations) after a 3 months long break ! Hop over to see what YX had been drawings. Thank you. 

Happy Weekends to EVERYONE !


  1. #1: i seldom listen to radio, and yes, if there's interference, i'd rather switch it off..

    #4: hehe, i'm definitely not a fans of coffee or tea, but if want me to choose, i prefer tea also..

    #9: i remember Bank provide automated machines for passbook updates last time, but i don't see that now.. anyway, i don't use passbook anymore~~ :)

  2. Wow...complimentary for hotel room. That's so nice!

  3. Bread dipped into coffee, nice! Old people like to do that hehe...

  4. Note #1, I will definetely switch to other channels, and if others are showing the same signs, I will surely turn the radio off.

  5. My kids call their paternal grandma, 'Nai nai' and my mother, 'Ah Ma', paternal grandpa, 'Yeh Yeh' and my father 'Ah Gong'. I prefer it this way to differentiate them when my kids tell me stories about their grandparents.

  6. #Note 1 - I'll definitely change to another channel.

    #Note 2 - Hate that topless, no water how to flush the toilet. eeeee.

    #Note 6 - This year I have only 1 wedding reception to attend.

  7. Note 8: Poor him. Force to take his sister tasteless milk.

  8. Hi,

    Just my random comments too. Really sorry to hear about your office. Did u find out the reason? So you prefer coffee over tea now? What re u planning to do during Deepavali?

  9. Ya...I heard about the updating of the bank passbook... I do it for her every year. My daughter's overseas...dunno how now. Does that include renewing of fixed deposits upon maturity? Haiyar...manyak susah lah like this! Tsk! Tsk!

  10. Free room.. hope you enjoy ur vacation!~

  11. Note #1 : I will definitely switch to another channel.

  12. dont worry, bout the updating passbook, u can just get the authorisation form from that bank and ask ur hubby to sign on it. The bank staff will update for you if everything is in order.

    stp, fixed deposit is auto renew right?? if yes, then no need to update on every maturity date. Once a year will do, coz the money will only be transferred as UNCLAIMED MONEY if its not updated for 7 consecutive years. By that time , ur daughter should be back already, right? Oh, authorisation letter also applicable for updating fd as well.

    Hope that little bit info will help out. How i know all this?? I guess the one and only bank that required authorisation letter for updating passbook not other than the TIGER bank right? and im one of the anak harimau...hahaha

  13. Note 1, I won't stay a second. Note 2, I will demand an answer from the water dept., just no tolerance for inefficiency. Note 3, I am sure you have some interesting things to tell us after Deepavali. Note 4, Me too. Note 5 - nice to get free things isn't it? hehe. Note 6, ya lor, summon plenty end of the way, my pocket getting empty! Note 7, haha Nai Nai sounds cute when comes from a little one but not and adult. Note 8, YX is so accomodating. Note 9, the bank always change the rules and usually not to the better, always cause inconvenience to their customers. I don't know what they are thinking of if they ever think!... It was fun reading your notes. Have a wonderful weekend! HUGS!

  14. u have such a big stack drawing. will hope over to see them now!

  15. I cannot stand the zii zaa noise of the radio too... will surely switch it off!

    I'm looking forward to the Deepavali holiday too :)

  16. Funny the way you described the radio sound...

    Ah ma sounds better, same like our era. Heheheh...

  17. [SK] ~ #1 : So what do you listen? mp3?
    #4 : I thought mostly guy will prefer coffee.
    #9 : They removed the machine too.

    Angeline ~ U too :D

    Yee Ling ~ I was so looking forward to it!

    Health Freak Mommy ~ ya....most of my uncles did that. haha

    Hayley ~ Ya...that type of sounds are killing my ears.

    yvonne ~ Good so can differentiate haha

    Vickylow ~ #1 : same here.
    #2: ya troublesome!
    #6: I have three. 1 down, 2 to go.

    Sheoh Yan ~ haha...kesian hor. Blame the mummy

    Willie ~ No...we did not call the JBA. Just let it be. I still prefer tea if to choose. haha... plan at the moment

    stp ~ see Wyson's comment. Thks to Wyson for replying on behalf. haha

    p&p mum ~ really looking forward to it.

    mummy Gwen ~ haah....same here.

    Wyson ~ Thks for replying on behalf to STP's comment. I went to that TIGER bank and they just said cannot. Din even give me any authorisation form.

    Quay Po Cooks ~ Note 1: haha...same here. Note 2 : U r good. We just let it be. Note 3: I do hope too. But as for now, no plan yet. Note 4 :D Note 5: haha...that's the best in a life. Note 6: Nevermind. In exchanged with good food. Haha. Note 7: I find that weird. Note 8 : Blame the blur mummy. Note 9 : No choice. Still have to follow their rules.

    chinnee ~ Thks....

    Chloe ~ U got a plan on Deepavali ? Share with us ok.

    SP ~ I dun know how to describe the radio sound. hahaha....


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