Friday, October 21, 2011

Taking for Granted

A few days back, while on the way back from work hubby and I saw a man (around late twenties) was walking at the side of a very busy main road. One of his hand was carrying a toddler ( 2 -3 years old) while a young girl (4 - 5 years old) was following behind him walking by herself. Hubby and I was saying why can't the man hold the girl's hand since he still have one hand swinging freely. Or we were wondering why can't he let the young girl walked in front of him so he could still keep an eye on the girl.

We then proceeded to the petrol station nearby. As hubby was filling up the petrol, I saw that man walking towards the petrol station mini mart. I was shocked because he was ALONE ! When I turned my head to look behind, I was even shocked to see that he left the 2 kids by the road side. The elder one was hugging the younger one and both were standing at the side of the busy main road with cars zooming past them.

I quickly signaled hubby to look at the kids and I suddenly felt so worry for the kids. I was thinking what will happen if the kids suddenly decided to cross the road by themselves or unconsciously walked onto the main road or being kidnapped ! My eyes kept on looking at the kids and both were so obedient as they did not even move an inch !

Soon, the man finishes his 'business' at the mini mart and walked towards the kids. Suddenly, the younger ones wanted to rush across the road. Luckily the elder sister managed to hug him tighter. The man then quickly crossed the road and walked towards the kids. Upon seeing this, I felt relieved and glad that nothing happened to the kids.

Maybe I have kids around their age too, that's why I felt so worried for the kids. I definitely won't dare to leave my young kids alone at the side of the road. Be it busy road or not, accident will happens.


  1. I totally agree with you... it's so careless sometimes a parents can be.. read the news on the girl being run over by a van early this week? it's really bad... but then again, I don't understand.. what so wrong of taking the kids with you ALL THE TIME? sigh...

  2. Neglecting their children would results to unwanted incident, just like the accident which happened in China last week, whereby a 2 years old toddler being ran over by a van + a lorry.

    I've encountered numerous situation like yours and my hubb commented that, why bother to have children when they don't even care to take care of them. Sigh....

  3. hmmm, very true, parents nowadays are more protective towards their kids due to the increasing crime rates and decreasing safety level.. hey, Malaysia is the top 20 most safe country leh~~ hahahaha :D

  4. Yeah I don't know what is going on in that man's mind. Since the children are so obedient, what is wrong in bringing them both to the mart?

    btw, I saw your other blog and your son's art is so good! He's talented. Did you sign him up for any art class?

  5. This sounds so dangerous! If the kids really run to the roads, everything will be too late! Sigh...

  6. True, I saw some people like that and scared for them, worry for their kids, too!~

  7. I m reminded of the little girl accident in china. So kor lian...

  8. Yes, some parents are really so irresponsible... May God punish them - their children will treat them the same way they've been treated when they grow old. Tsk! Tsk!

  9. Oblivious parent. If I were you, I will feel the same too! :(

  10. gosh, this is really bad. so irresponsible of that man. sigh.

  11. maybe for him nevermind la...langgar mati then can make some more

  12. I can imagine putting myself in your situation at that time, witnessing the kids left by the road side. It's freaking scary...yet feel so sorry for the kids.

  13. Cynthia ~ I was also wondering why he did not want to bring the kids along with him. Puzzled!

    yvonne ~ Yes...i read about that news too. My kesian.

    [SK] ~ Only parents of 'that' species will do such dangerous thing. U should know what species la.

    Carolyn ~ I was puzzled too why he did not bring the kids along. Thank you for the compliments. He did attend art classes and there will be a post on that soon.

    Hayley ~ I was so worried the kids might want to try to cross the road. Luckily they didn't.

    p&p mum ~ Ya...worried for their kids.

    SP ~ ya lor... it's fated. Kesian.

    stp ~ haha...that's a curse to such parents.

    Broccoli Ginger ~ I really don't have the 'heart' to do that to young kids. So dangerous.

    mommy to chumsy ~ He must be out of his mind!

    small kucing ~ hahaha..true ture... i think u know what type of people we are talking about.

    Yee Ling ~ That's y so many kidnapped cases.... because of such people make things easier for the kidnappers.

  14. Really angry with the man, how could he do that. This remind me the 2yo girl being hit by 2 cars at China. The parent actually need to have responsible for the accident as they didn't look after the girl carefully. Mind me...

  15. I think he wan to pecah record in msia, like wat happen inchina

  16. That is absolutely foolish of that father!! I would have walked up to him and give him a piece of my mind. Yes I can be real busybody when I see something like this happen. GEEEZZ!!

  17. My stupid can the father be. *tsk tsk*

  18. He could be ignorant or plainly irresponsible.

  19. Luciana ~ Ya....very dangerous act. Very irresponsible man.

    Vickylow ~ That China sad hor.

    mummy-j ~ haha....break record? Crazy man.....

    Quay Po Cooks ~ U r so brave. I won't dare to do that. But I felt worried for the kids.

    Mummy Gwen ~ I hope that man won't do that again in the future.

  20. Bananaz ~ Maybe he thought bringing the kids to the mart will be a hassle. To cross the road somemore. Luckily nothing bad happen.


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