Monday, October 10, 2011

What do you think ?

A friend of mine experienced this and wanted to share her story over here. In my opinion, we shouldn't take our friends for granted. We should be glad to have such friends who are kind enough to shower us with gifts and are willing to celebrate happy occasions together with us. We should appreciate such great friends. Tell me what do you think after you have read the below story. 

~ START ~ 

“Aussie, Intan and me are close friends. Aussie and me are mothers of our own children. And when Intan was pregnant, we feel happy for her too. However, Intan who was pregnant seems to have her own opinions, she didn’t heed our advice on how to take care of herself , and instead of that, she liked to eat instant noodles (Maggie Mi brand- curry flavor) almost everyday in a week, and then, loved to eat heaty deep fried food example pisang goreng, and cempedak goreng . She ate these food without her husband knowing at all (her husband disallowed her to eat) . This had led her to sore throat and body heatiness. Both Aussie and me disagreed with what Intan did, but couldn’t advise much, as Intan won’t listen.

Anyway, Intan finally gave birth. She tried the natural way, but after a torture of pain close to 24 hours, she was pushed to the operation theater. Aussie and me happy to know her baby’s arrival, and hence we planned to buy Intan’s baby a nice present. Some of our friends wanted to have a share of the gift too, but knowing their contribution was around RM20+ per person, Aussie and I bought our own present. We had got her a branded baby chair close to nearly RM 200, knowing that Intan is a person very particular with product brand.

Soon, the shop sent the gift to Intan’s house. When Intan saw the baby chair, she phoned to Aussie, with an unhappy and anger tone, Intan “lectured” Aussie, and asked why we bought a present for her? Instead of a THANK YOU, Aussie was scolded. Intan even said she had a baby chair already (but it was a hand-me-down by her relatives). Aussie never expect such reaction from Intan, and she also told Intan that some other friends would buy her gifts too. And this news made Intan angrier.

Immediately after Intan called Aussie, she called me too. Same case, I was “lectured” by Intan. In my heart, how could she did that, instead of appreciation, she even sort of “blamed” us for the present. Moreover, Intan started to call the other friends, telling them DO NOT BUY HER PRESENT. She wants ANGPOW, CASH VOUCHER, or at least diapers. And, if cash voucher, it should be Jusco cash voucher, since Intan only go to Jusco to buy things, even PArkson voucher also cannot, and if want to buy diaper, must buy Mammy Poko, M size, other brands, other size also cannot!

The friend who received her calls came to Aussie and me for complaints. They felt Intan was too much! How could she expect tokens according to her expectation? To obeyed Intan enquiry, all of them bought her these !

MamyPoko Diapers 'M' size !

Even after few days of the gift receipt , Intan still sms to Aussie, “blaming” her why we bought her the baby chair, as she already had one at home!! Well, we suspect Intan is in short with cash, hospital may charge her double for natural and ceaserean, then she bought too many “expensive” baby products before the baby was born. But that doesn’t mean she can expect CASH from FRIENDS…!”

~ THE END ~  


  1. Congrats to ur friend, Intan. I may felt she is a bit too far jor. If you guys already bought the gift, she must accept it no matter what. She is not right too, calling and scolding without a thank you! If she really wanted ang pow, diapers n cash vouchers...maybe she can tell you guys earlier.

    BTW, I still have 10 days to go before my delivery. My colleagues for the last two weeks, asked me what I want, I frankly told them, I don't need baby stuffs anymore cos, this is not my first one. So, I let them know, ang pow is good enough. So, after they collected the ang pow, I'll arrange how many full moon packages (Chinese& Indian: Curry chicken n glutinous rice and for Malays: I ordered a cake for them as appreciation). Usually, this is what we do in the office here, we ask before we buy something for someone.

  2. I'm sorry to hear such unhappy encounter of yours. This joyful occasion has turned sour because (I think) your friend is not being grateful. Some ppl are merely stubborn and reluctant to listen to others.

  3. Angeline ~ Thks for sharing your tips. I wish you have a smooth delivery. Btw, this case was experience by a friend of mine. She wanted to share her story in my blog. So i just help her to publish :D

    Yvonne ~ This case was experienced by a friend of mine. I just help her to publish her story here :D Thks for your comment.

  4. Actually,in such situation,usually I won't buy gifts anymore,as a token or gift, I will give angpau of RM50, so so friend or good good friend RM100..... if not I will buy supermarket vouchers too.

    I experienced that too during our new baby's arrival,,,, so many same stuffs,which eventually you did not use,,hahahahhah...just a thought of sharing.....

    same goes to House Warming, I won't buy gifts,, I will buy supermarket vouchers,,,at least RM50.....

  5. I just feel weird the way your fren reacted. When I have my first baby, i received the same thing not one but many also. That doesnt mean I am angry or watosever instead I was blessed. it was the thought that count. Even if i am not using it, maybe i can pass down to my brothers to use in future,right. I felt sorry for hearing it, I am sure you and your fren feel a little heartache...right.

  6. Oh she is very rude. Sigh....if she wanted to have cash voucher why not she hint to her friends b4 she delivered?? For those close friend, we would ask them directly what they need.

  7. Sorry to hear about this... Some people are just too rude and not being appreciative....

    Take care!

  8. I think probably Intan is stress out and have nervous breakdown so that's why she is out of control. Sigh... but then she shouldn't have took your friend for granted. Among our group of GOOD friends usually we will say directly what we want and what we don't want to avoid misunderstanding. If Intan say that straight away in the first place I think your friend also won't mind rite? Sorry to see a happy occasion turn sour.

  9. It takes all kinds to make the world...and sometimes, the true colours may show but life's like that. We just accept the good with the bad and try to be happy the best we can.

  10. hmmm... intan really very stressed i think, can't imagine she will treat her frens such way

  11. wow, she expects cash from everyone and start scolding because no one is giving her that. i would people like this. very ungrateful.

  12. Wow, I am speechless after reading this story....all I can say is that Intan really tak tau malu loh! Btw, if Intan is far-sighted enough, even if she already has a baby chair and then friends buy another baby chair for her (which she feels is duplicate), then she should just accept it graciously and then in the future, quietly give away the baby chair as a baby present to her friends/colleagues who will be giving birth in the future. THat way, she gets to kill 2 birds with one stone: didn't spoil friendship and she doesn't have to purposely keluar some more money in the future to buy baby gift for others.

  13. *shake head* Although I don't like Intan's ungrateful behaviour, I can understand how she feels... what to do with the redundant baby stuff at home?

    Cash and gift vouchers are indeed the best and most practical gifts but then, she shouldn't dictate that she wants Jusco vouchers or Mamy Poko diapers only... that's just too much... and very childish too!

  14. wow, sorry but i have to say your friend is such a b**ch!! how can she complained, somemore so directly, the gifts given by her friends!! she didn't even show respect and appreciation!! i don't mind if she announced officially earlier that she doesn't want any gifts but just cash vouchers, not until she got the gifts already and start complaining!! that's too much lah.. so i think it's ok for you to forgo this friend lor.. really, if she doesn't appreciate, no point you treat her so well too..

  15. eugene ~ Just like my hubby, he likes to give ang pow too instead of buying gifts because he said he don't know if people will like what he buys. Supermarket vch is a good substitute.

    Yee Ling ~ Intan was my friend's friend. When i receive presents, I also felt blessed.

    Vickylow ~ Miscommunication gua. haha

    Pete ~ hahaha.....friend liddat hard to find hor. haha

    Hayley ~ There are all kinds of people in this world. Life like that only challenging hor. haha

    Venie ~ It is good to say directly what we want if the situation permits.

    stp ~ Positive thinking is important. Life still goes on.

    Mummy-J ~ Maybe Intan seriously needs a good rest.

    mommy to chumsy ~ We should be grateful to have friends shower us with gifts ya. Sad case.

    Alice Phua ~ Good idea. haha...If the gifts are still in good condition, can give to the others as gift.

    Chloe ~ Just like Alice says, can give as gift to others in the future. haha

    [SK] ~ Intan is my friend's friend. Maybe her 'yao qiu' is too high!


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