Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Dress from Malaysia

As I was blog hopping the other day, I saw a terrific post about a giveaways in Malaysia  What else, I quickly click on the link provided and started to browse the website. From there, I came to know that Malaysia is a unique site. It is unique because I found a lot of useful information. One of them are articles on fashion tips. They share with their customers on the latest fashion trends and gave great advises to customers too ! The articles are so interesting that I'd spent some time to read them one after another. 

They also do reviews on other online boutiques where they call them as online blogshops, to share information with their customers. They just worked like a one-stop hub on fashion stuffs. From the reviews, I came to know more on the other online blogshops and have more places to shop for dresses in the future ! Besides, they also encourage other online boutiques to work hand in hand with them. Either existing or new owner are welcome to open their store at the Malaysia Boutique Marketplace by following the easy step to step instructions. This is a great opportunity and a stepping stone especially for new comers to venture into the online fashion business.

The simple and neat website makes the browsing fuss free. Soon, I came to the link where they explained on the giveaways. They are giving away Free Dress for Bloggers.  You can choose only 1 apparel from the list provided but are subjects to availability and approval from Malaysia The main sponsor to this giveaway is Irenelim Fashion. Many would have known about Irenelim Fashion as one of the reliable online boutique offering good quality apparels.

If you are a blogshop owner and wish to participate to sponsor the giveaway, you can also contact Malaysia Boutique. The more the merrier, isn't ?
As for blogger, this is what you need to do.

1) Sent Malaysia your blog URL in the contact sheet provided.
2) Wait for approval
3) Once approval obtained, Blog about Malaysia, about the giveaway and about the main sponsor briefly. Your post should not be less than 500 words. Remember to insert 2 links in your post with one link point to the giveaway page.
4) Once your post is published, you can notify the store owner to order ONE free apparel. Please take note that delivery fees are not included. You will have to pay for the delivery cost. Don't worry, they aren't too expensive anyway. 

For Poslaju, the estimated delivery cost as follow :

Klang Valley : RM6
West Malaysia : RM8
Sarawak : RM10
Sabah : RM 11

Easy right ? However, you will only be eligible to this giveaway if your blog are at least 3 months old, must be decent quality and has regular postings (at least one post every week). Confused ? Check with Malaysia for more information. Hurry ! Grab this golden opportunity to get your FREE DRESS now and spread the words around !


  1. TQ for sharing..will check it out :D

  2. Wow so nice? Thanks for the infor, will check it out!

  3. I get free dress from irenelim fashoin before, their clothes are nice. Dont know I can still participate or not, hehe

  4. yeah, and this is what we call viral marketing, haha.. now that bloggers and facebookers really have strong power in marketing, i think they don't mind spending on giveaways to attract more advertising from bloggers.. hehehe!! so you are excitingly waiting for your free dress?? :p

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words about us. All bloggers are most welcomed to come visit our website. The more the merrier :)

  6. Love Irenelim's online store. very nice.

  7. thanks for sharing. let me go check them out now.

  8. I don't wear dresses...and I'm sure they do not have my size. Muahahahaha!!!!

  9. I joined a similar prog last yr. Stil haven't worn the blouse I got for free. At that time, there weren't many choices for my size. :(

  10. tQ for the information will slip by dropping my peels.

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  12. mNhL: Still sempat to wish you Happy new Year!

  13. Dropping by to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. Keep blogging!



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