Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maths - improvement

Homework from school
The above picture were YX's homework which he brought back a few days before his exams. I'm glad to say that now he ENJOYED maths homework as much as the other subjects. He finally understand the format and managed to work them out with minimal supervisions. Unlike previously, he was always so afraid of his maths homework.

Counting with his little fingers
He still relies on his little fingers to count. I have taught him to count by showing 10 with his fingers and keep the remaining number inside his head. For example, if he has a sum of 13 - 5 , he will show 10 with his fingers and 3 keep in the head. He will then count, after 3 will be 4, 5 while taking away his fingers one by one. The remaining 8 fingers still standing tall will be the answer.

Writing on a piece of rough paper
I gave him a piece of paper and asked him to write the format there. After he got the answer, he will only write them into his book. So far, he is enjoying because he already found the joy in counting. Phew... what a relief !


  1. Practise makes perfect. Math is only a matter of practising.

  2. My daughter is scared of her chinese homework. Lazy to write the characters.

    Your son so keng! Nowadays kindergarten maths are tougher than our days.

  3. yes, really need to find an easy plus interesting plus effective method, not easy but both of you made it!! bravo..

  4. Practise makes perfect.. Well done for both mommy and YX.

  5. your son so kuai wanna practise his maths and there are so many questions in one page!

  6. Your boy is a fast learner. So smart.

  7. Ya, YX is a very fast learner. Happy counting, boy! :)

  8. I dunno how to teach Ethan math.. I'm never good at it..

  9. I am still struggling this subject, maths with my girl....fuhhhh

  10. Sheoh Yan ~ I used to hate maths too but after I found the way to do it, I found it is actually a very interesting subject

    p & p mum ~ hope he can continue to enjoy his maths throughout his studies

    stp ~ thank you uncle ! haha

    Carolyn ~ my boy used to be afraid of writing Chinese character too. But somehow, he seems to got used to it now. haha

    [SK] ~ phew...that was tough!

    Inspired Momx1 ~ thank you :D

    chinnee ~ he was afraid of the CANE in my hand. haha

    Mummy Gwen ~ Once he got the way to do it, he started to show interest

    Chloe ~ haha...hope Chloe are enjoying counting too.

    Merryn ~ nevermind. Ethan is a smart boy. No need to teach, he can do it.

    Yee Ling ~ Vomit blood when teaching him sometimes. Now, he shows improvement. phew !

  11. Thumbs up, YX! Glad he finally understand the concept and is mastering it.

  12. Funny how maths is one subject that either you have it, or you don't! if it's the latter, then it'll have to require much practise which may or may not bring the desired results :s

    So glad for your boy that he enjoys maths as much as uncle +Ant+! hehe

  13. It's great that he's enjoying Maths now. Keep it up, YX!


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