Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gathering on 19 - 11 - 2011

YX posing at the KTM station with his weird look !
On the 19 Nov, I brought YX to attend a mini gathering with 3 of my ex-classmates. At first we planned to held it somewhere in the city but Mummy-J suggested to have it at her home instead. That was indeed a great idea because the kids can roamed freely at home without us worrying of their safety. I took half day off and took a train at around 1 pm. By the time we reached Mummy-J's house, it was already nearly 3pm.

Mummy-J prepared mi hun kuey for our lunch and I bought Mamak rojak and Seremban siew pau for our afternoon tea. Another friend brought home made coconut jelly for dessert. Literally, we just ate and chat non-stop once we met until we departed.

Mi hun kuey and mamak rojak
The mi hun kuey was delicious. Mummy-J shared her secret recipe with me. She uses fried anchovies powder to add into the soup. She pre fried those anchovies and blend them into powder form. The soup was so tasty and she was very generous in the ingredient too.

Loaded with ingredient
The mi hun kuey was flooded with mushrooms, fishcakes, fishballs, crab claws, meat and etc, and that makes the soup even tastier. Even YX had a 2nd helping !

After the kids finishes their meal, they started to turn Mummy-J's house upside down. Toys were everywhere the house. Laughter and crying makes the house even merrier. While the kids were playing, we adults chit chat while continue eating.

Home-cooked steamed herbal salted chicken.
Soon, it was around 6.30pm and Mummy-J started to cook dinner for us. She prepared steamed herbal salted chicken and turnip soup to goes with rice. Despite we were still full after the late lunch and afternoon tea, we still managed to gobbled down the chicken and soup.

The 3 kids
Before we left, we took photos with the kids. I was glad that YX did not show his weird posed which he normally did, but smile naturally.

Mummy-J's hubby sent us to the KTM station at around 8pm. Once we were inside the train, YX knocked off immediately. He was so tired that he slept all the way back. Somewhere near Seremban station, I woke him up as I don't have the strength to carry him and that makes him a little annoyed.

Thank you to Mummy-J for the space and delicious food, SP for the Christmas gift to my kids and SL for the delicious home-made coconut jelly. Hope to have such gathering again, soon.


  1. It's nice to get-together with old friends, surely many topics to chat about & the food, slurrp... Happy New Year 2012 to you & your family :-)

  2. Nice gathering. Ya I kinda like to have gathering at friend house, so homely. BTW the girl hair style is so cute.

  3. Love the kids' photo, they are so cute together!

    Knowing you're just free, will give you some times to visit our blogs, LOL :P

  4. Mi Hun Kuey looks yummy. Your friend's daughter is so fair and cute.

  5. ooo Mummy J is your classmate ya? Nice gathering

  6. Always nice to meet up with old friends and catch up on lost times... Hey! Your boy's growing very big now. Big and handsome...

  7. yeah, really lots of ingredients inside the MHK, makes it seafood MHK instead of the ordinary one, hahaha!! hmmm, YX has been a good boy with the kids of your friends huh, luckily~~ :p

  8. Eh the photo u took , the 3kids can advertise for toothpaste! Haha

  9. Love going to these pot bless gatherings! Lots of food and talk to share.. hahaha...

  10. Yums..all the food make me drool. :) Thanks for the anchovies powder tips...never thought of that. Your friend is brilliant.

  11. it's great to hv a gathering at home..

  12. Dora ~ Happy new year to you and family too.

    Vickylow ~ ya homely and no need to worry bout the kids running around. Unlike public places, got to keep an eye on them.

    Hayley ~ Hahaha.....thank you. I will soon visit your blog. haha

    P & p mum ~ indeed very memorable.

    Sheoh Yan ~ is a beauty. Her hair are very soft too.

    Small Kucing ~ it's a small small world hor.

    stp ~ my boy looks big because the other 2 kids are smaller ? hahaha...

    [SK] ~ i agreed. At first, YX was a bit shy but after some warmed up, he was fine.

    mummy-j ~ haha....ya hor. I did not noticed it until u mentioned.

    reanaclaire ~ for foodie like u, without food will be not so fun ya.

    Mummy Gwen ~ that anchovies powder really makes the soup a lots different.

    wenn ~ more convenience if got small children

  13. Such a warm gathering with old friends. Got delicious food some more!

    Btw, your girl was at home with daddy?

  14. It's def nicer to hv gatherings at home. The kids can be confined in a room/space to play toys/games while the adults can chat n eat comfortably w/o worrying abt the kids roaming ard in a public plc.

  15. Such a nice gathering. Mummy-j's mi hun kuey looks so good!

  16. Oh? So that's what the Legend is called now. The Mall still there or not? Haven't been to that area for a long long time. Never like Chow Kit....

  17. yvonne ~ yes..girl at home. Can't effort to bring 2 in the train. I will pengsan. haha

    slavemom ~ yes..home are many times better if we have young kids tagging along.

    Chloe ~ it was indeed delicious

    stp ~ haha...u posted the wrong comment in the wrong box? Yes...the legend is known as Sunway putra. The mall is still there and the name changed to Sunway Putra Mall.

  18. so nice to keep such close relationships with old friends :-). Bet next time will be XJ's turn to go with you ya? :-)


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