Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giving up Art Class

After this post, I managed to keep my promise and arrived earlier to fetch YX from the art class. He was happy and so was I. However, this does not last long. After attending the classes for a few more times, YX calls it quit. He started to find excuses again for not attending the class. Worst of all, he cried when he arrived at the art center. Not wanting to force him, I decided to let him let go of the class. He seems to be very happy when I told him he doesn't need to attend anymore art classes starting from January 2012.

Even not attending art classes anymore, YX still enjoys drawing. He will draws whenever he had the mood and are free from homework. There are still many more art works from him which I've not posted in his drawing blogs.  Hope I will be able to post them up soon as a record for YX to see when he grows up later.


  1. hmmm, maybe it's just the environment of the art class?? maybe he is still interested in attending other art class somewhere else?? looks like that's where his talent and interest is.. :)

  2. I agree with SK. Why not bring him to see a new art center?

  3. you asked what is his real reason for not attending the class, since you pick him early

  4. Yea, perhaps bring him to see other centers?

  5. He loves drawing. He just doesn't like that centre. Nvm.. no point of forcing him right?

  6. Maybe he doesn't like the routine and being told what to do. I think he prefers drawing freely on his own as he can draw anything that he likes and whenever he likes... something not bound by time and instructions.

  7. Probably the teacher or the environment does not fit him. Some kids need to blend in well for them to learn well. DOnt force him. You can teach him art yourself.

  8. I agree with mommies above, since YX is quite into art,why not try another center or teacher?

    But you are right for not forcing him to accept something/somewhere he doesn't enjoy.

  9. Never force the kids into anything! You may do more harm than good. Pull, not push...

  10. maybe he just need so time to do other things lo

  11. sometimes repeatedly doing the same thing everyday or every week can be boring... maybe he prefer to flex his creativity in his own way...

    even when i was learning tennis, i also felt sienz to go for the class... would prefer to just straightaway play tennis directly... hahah....

  12. Is there a reason behind his refusal, like perhaps he was bullied in class?

  13. Art class is fun but attending too often then it gets boring.....good to switch teachers....

  14. never mind la.. u can always draw with XY...

  15. It's alright. Don't worry too much about it. Either try changing to another centre or he can draw freely on his own, it's ok. Can always resume art class later when he's older. :)

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

  16. [SK] ~ Not too sure on this thou. But because we are working, we only sent him to somewhere convenient to us. Will ask him again when he grows up later.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Other place not convenient coz we are working. Will see how when he is older.

    mummy-J ~ I think he lost interest on what the teacher teaches. Always draw and colour.

    Hayley ~ Not at this moment thou. Will see how when he grows up later

    Merryn ~ Yes....not forcing him. Will just let him draw on his own.

    Chloe ~ Yes...he prefer to draw on his own.

    Rose ~ Haha...His drawings are way better than mine. I should learn from him instead!

    yvonne ~ ya...not forcing him. Will let him enjoy arts in his own way.

    stp ~ yes..i will not force him. :)

    Small kucing ~ I think he gets bored with the art classes.

    SP ~ Actually, it's true. Every time also repeat the same old thing.

    Gratitude ~ bully as I actually accompanied him during the lessons for a few times. Very nice environment.

    Pete ~ haha....boring drawing and coloring the same old thing.

    p & p mum ~ my drawing is so bad. I malu to draw with him. hahaha

    Carolyn ~ Am not enroll him into any art center. Will let him enjoys art on his own. Wait till he grows up older and see how. Happy CNY to u and family too!

  17. Hi mNhL!

    Perhaps he doesn't like restriction or scheduled classes. If he really like arts, u may encourage him to try outdoor painting, bring him to some art gallery. All the best!


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