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Hotel stay during Christmas 2011

As early as in June 2011, hubby's friend (Mr. L) already told us that he had booked a hotel stay in the Klang Valley and invited us to join his family for a Christmas holiday. I was really looking forward to this short vacation because it will be going to be our 1st hotel stay as a family. We stayed in the Sunway Putra KL (formerly known as The Legend KL). While sorting out the photos, I only realized that I DID NOT take a single photo of the hotel except for the swimming pool !

24th December 2011
We worked till 6pm that day. After a simple dinner with the in laws, we drove up to KL to meet up with Mr. L and family who had checked in into the hotel earlier. We arrived around 9pm and joined them for another round of dinner as they were having steamboat in the hotel room. That day was also Mr.L 5 y.o daughter's Birthday (JS) and we celebrated for her after the steamboat.

The 3 kids were shy when first met. YX was not very cooperative as he complaint of sleepy. Normally, by 9pm he was already fast asleep at home. But the other day, he was still wide awake even at 11 pm ! 

JS was looking at YX who was camera shy while XJ was posing readily.
When we get the kids to take photos together, YX showed his moody face. XJ was very obliged for her photo to be taken while JS was very friendly too and does not make any fuss. Looking at YX's bad mood, I quickly change him into his pyjamas and barely 5 minutes, he was sound asleep !

25th December 2011 
We woke up at around 8am. Both kids had a glass of milk which I brought from home while hubby and I had coffee which was provided by the hotel. Mr.L and family were still sound asleep (we stayed in a connecting room), so hubby and I decided to bring the kids to the swimming pool.

XJ happily dipping herself
On the way to the pool, both kids were excited. It was a very sunny but windy morning. However, upon arriving at the swimming pool YX had a mood swing. YX complained of the sun shinning down on him. No matter how we coaxed him, he just refused to enter into the pool but choose to seat on an empty chair by the pool side looking very grouchy! Meanwhile, XJ enjoyed herself in the baby pool.

We did not bother him for a good 10 minutes before I went over to sweet talk with him. Soon, he was feeling better and started to dip his feet into the pool. *Shake head*  

YX started to warm up while XJ who was already thoroughly wet, continue to have a great time
YX soon forgot about the sun and started to enjoy together with XJ. About half an hour later, we went back to the hotel room for a warm bath. Just then, both kids complained of hungry. So was I ! Mr.L and family were still sleeping so we had breakfast on our own. I bought a loaf of bread from one of the hotel's cafe on the way back from the swimming pool. The 10 inches long bread cost me a whooping RM 8 but it was delicious !

Having fun despite the sunny bright sun
At around 10 am plus, Mr.L and family finally woke up and had light breakfast in the hotel room. After getting ourselves ready, we headed down to Sri Petaling for a Japanese buffet. To our dismay, the restaurant was fully booked for a function. We then went to the Pork Place in Puchong to have our lunch before heading to the Berjaya Times Square.

3 of them started to be friends
After some warming up, 3 of the kids started to hit off. They became good friends and was constantly holding hands with each other forming a long line in the shopping mall.

Posing creatively
They even posed spontaneously in their own creative way for photos. After browsing aimlessly around the shopping mall, Mr.L suggested to bring the kids to the indoor Theme Park. The tickets were rather expensive considering 4 adults and 3 kids to enter the Theme Park. At the end, we decided to bring the kids to the arcade instead.

3 decided to squeeze into the small carriage whereby there are 3 empty horses
For the kids, it was their heaven. They started to run from one machine to the other ignoring us. Both mothers had to keep an eye on the kids while the 2 fathers when to change some tokens.

Water spraying game
Over in the arcade, I was glad the grouchy YX was so cooperative. As most of the machine only allow 2 players at a time, YX offered to XJ and JS to play while he waited for his turn.

YX waiting patiently for his turn
Same goes to this game, he waited patiently and did not make any fuss. Phew !

XJ got a fright when the plane moves
The kids then went to conquer the kiddy rides. This time, we put in the coins for the rides, as normally we don't. Just as the plane started to move, XJ got a fright and refuse to sit in !  haha.....Hubby quickly carried her down leaving YX alone to enjoy the rides.

3 musketeers !
After all the tokens were used up, we windowed shop around the mall. Kids enjoying posing and taking pictures with each other.

Another pose by the 3 musketeers
We then headed to Low Yat Plaza's food court to have some drinks and bread. The food court over here was not crowded, so it was quite comfortable to rest our tired legs. The kids were famished. After some drinks, the 2 fathers shop for some computer stuffs while the kids and mothers stayed at the food court waiting for them.

Best of friends !
The kids became best of friends in less than 24 hours ! After a whole tiring afternoon in the mall, we headed back to the hotel for a short rest while JS requested to swim. She had missed the morning session where they slept in late.

Swimming again in the evening

Both my kids joined JS for a swim again. This time, there is no more grouchy YX. He was thrilled when he knew we will be heading down to the swimming pool. In the evening, there was no more sunny bright sun but it was very very windy !

splash !

Splash splash !
Afraid the kids might caught a cold, we only allowed them to dip into the pool for about 20 minutes long. The wind was so strong until it nearly blew away the pool's towels. Luckily hubby and Mr.L was nearby and managed to catch hold of the towels.

All the 3 kids were very cooperative and went back to their respective room for a warm bath. At around 8pm, we went to have roadside fried hokkien noodles recommended by Mr.L's father. On the way to the noodle stall, XJ fell asleep in the car while the 2 other older kids were still very active.

26th December 2011
Again, we woke up earlier that Mr.L's family. We started to pack our bag and get ready to check out. We left the hotel earlier as hubby wanted to visit his sister in Puchong before meeting Mr.L & family for the buffet lunch in Sri Petaling which we did not manage to dine in earlier.

The restaurant name
We were glad that this time, there are no more functions and we managed to get ourselves a place. To think back, I wonder why we did not make any reservations earlier. Hmm........This restaurant is located on the road right opposite the Hotel Sri Petaling.

The front page of the menu
The buffet work this way. Each table will be given a menu and we will need to write in the column provided on what we would wish to order. The waitress will note down our order and served the food to us. We can order the same dish again and again. Any wastage will be charged accordingly as what is stated in the menu.

One of the page inside the menu
As I was too engrossed in the food, I forgotten to take the food photos. haha ..... but if you are a Japanese food lover, it's the right place for you. After the sumptuous lunch, we went back to Seremban. This time, both kids fell asleep in the car and continue their slumber at home.


  1. oh, The Legend Hotel is now Sunway Putra, now only i know, haha.. too bad, you didn't take any photo of the hotel and also the food from the buffet.. but the photos of the kids happily playing together are more valuable~~ :)

  2. Both your kids have grown up a lot.

  3. What happy days for the kids! Can see them smiling all day~

  4. Very fun and relaxing stay at hotel. My girl use to say, when holiday, no school can we stay at hotel?? wahaha kids nowadays very good to pamper themselves hor.

  5. Wah, 2 night's stay in a hotel... that must be very fun for the kids (and adults too). YX seemed to be very moody on the 1st day... maybe he didn't find it interesting to just play with girls? Hehe :p

  6. Oh... the Japanese buffet price is quite reasonable, eh? Yeah, too bad no food pics to tempt us here :p

  7. sound like fun. YA kids takes time to warm up :)

  8. Haha... Your family always wake up earlier... The kids sure look happy. The bunny ribbons are cute!

  9. Eat all you can for RM38 is cheap.. my girl loves japanese food very much!

  10. The kids were having so much fun..

  11. Is your son always grouchy? haha.

    Anyway, the kids look like they had so much fun together and so clever to pose for pictures!

  12. [SK] ~ Yes...took over by Sunway group.

    Sheoh Yan ~ haha....i do think so too

    Hayley ~ Play and play all day, sure smile plastered on their faces. haha

    Vickylow ~ wah...hahaha...that's a good idea. For mummy and daddy to take a rest too

    Chloe ~ oh...i never thought of that hor... Yala...all girls.. makes him a bit shy. haha...

    yvonne ~ The Jap food are tasty too.

    Small Kucing ~ Kids warmed up very fast too. haha

    SP ~ The bunny hair clips bought by SIL from Taiwan during their recent holidays.

    reanaclaire ~ I love Jap food too... and to eat the buffet style worth a lot.

    MeRy ~ The adults too. haha

    Carolyn ~ son is quite grumpy. *shake head*

  13. Looks like a fun fun trip! Glad that the kids enjoyed themselves so much. Love how feminine XJ looks in her dress :-)


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