Friday, January 13, 2012

Kuala Selangor / Sekinchan Day Trip

Getting ready for the trip
Two days before the long school break, the principle of YX's kindy informed that they are organizing a day trip to Kuala Selangor & Sekinchan departing on the 28 Nov. The principle open the trip to anyone who are interested, so I invited MIL and both my parents along.

Both kids woke up around 5 am that day but did not make any fuss, unlike every morning when they woke up for school ! Everyone gathered at the kindy and our bus departed at around 6.30 am. We made a few stops along the way. First, the tour guide brought us to a Health shop selling nutrients.

Banana cake for breakfast and vitamin C and goat milk tablets for tasting
This shop was located somewhere near Damansara. We were being ushered into an air con room where a staff gave a 15 minutes talk about nutrients and about our body. After the talked, we were being served with cakes and nasi lemak for breakfast while a few staffs promoting their products over the counter. Every table have a small plate of vitamins for tasting. I bought a bottle of goat milk for the kids and a box of Cordecype for hubby and myself.

The signboard
Next, we proceeded to the sesame oil and sauce factory. Once we got down from the bus, we could smell the sesame aromas. The in-house guide brought us around the factory explaining to us on how they produce the sesame oil and sauces. He then gave each of us a small bottle of sesame oil as a free sample.

Black sesame
We were being told that sesame oil are made from black sesame. This was my first time seeing raw black sesame.

Soy sauce
After visiting the factory, we were being treated with steamed chicken and cucumber accompanying with various of sauces. Everyone just had a small cube of chicken for the fun of dipping it into the sauces.

Steamed chicken, cucumber and variety of sauces

Paddy field
We also visited noodle factory and bag warehouse which was situated along the sauces factory. Each adult was given a packet of uncooked noodle and rice noodle as a free sample. After lunch, our guide drove us to Sekinchan to visit the rice factory. Along the way, we saw many patches of paddy field. It was a beautiful scene. 

Raw paddy
Upon entering the rice factory, coincidentally a lorry was unloading a large load of just harvested paddy. The kids rushed to have a look at the pile of paddy. Even I was excited as it was my first time seeing this.  

Sophisticated machine
We were then being directed to take a seat in an open area whereby a lady explained about our local rice.  She then showed us a short clips which had been aired by ASTRO before about their paddy field. With the modern technology, farmers no longer need to soak their feet into the swampy paddy field. The above machine was used to plant the paddy plot by plot. 

The sun was shinning directly at them making them difficult to open their eyes

Our guide then brought us to the mango farms somewhere near to the paddy field. The mangoes were very huge. 2 big mangoes can weighed up to 3 kg. The mangoes were very sweet too.

After visiting Sekinchan, we proceeded to Kuala Selangor to visit the famous Bukit Melawati popular with monkeys. The kids got excited when being told they could ride on a train up the hill to see monkeys.

The train ride cost us RM 1 per person and it was about a 20 minutes ride. Along the way to the top, we could see monkeys standing at the road side waiting for food. Some tourists prefer to walk up the hill and feed the monkeys with long beans which was sold by a vendor. The train did stop for a few seconds for people to get down and get close to the monkeys, but we choose to glue to our seat.

Silverleaf monkeys
After the train ride, our bus brought us to Klang to buy the famous pau ( I don't know where exactly was that place ). We had dinner in that shop too as they served 'dai chow' before proceeding back to Seremban. By the time we reached home, it was already 9 pm and surprisingly, the kids were still full of energy ! They did not even sleep in the bus!  I was death tired and knocked off immediately after a warm bath.


  1. U r like tourists in our own country.....

  2. wow! long trip! Gain lotsa knowledge ya! If i were you, i will knocked out too!

  3. Your girl's hair is so long now. So pretty. Nice outing and experience.

  4. oh you went to Kuala Selangor but didn't go see the fireflies?? aiyoh, what a waste..

  5. Interesting! Bet the kids learnt a lot more than what they can get in the classroom and from the books. My daughter loved going on trips like this...

  6. Nice trip, not bad being tourist in our own country, eh? Learning and educative~

  7. Nice!! But have to wake up so early..i dont think I can do it. Did you buy any rice from there?

  8. Wow such an educational trip for both the kids and adults. I would have loved to be there too!

  9. Yur paddy field pic macam those in poster, so beautiful!

  10. Greetings,

    The kindy must be good because my son's kindy had never organised any trips.

    Maybe your kids were very excited about the trip and that's why they didn't sleep or make any fuss when they woke up.

    I find that those places you went to were very interesting and educational. At least when I read this entry, I learned something too.

    Have a nice day.

  11. It is good to take your kiddies to see places. They surely will learn a lot from these trips. Very nice paddy field photo and I especially love the one with your two kiddies with the raw paddy. They are so so adorable.

  12. What an interesting trip. I wish I know someone who could arrange for a trip like this :)

  13. Nice educational trip. U all went to so many different types of factories in 1 trip. Must be really happy to receive so many goody bags. :)

  14. This is so fun and interesting. YX's kindy is so good to organize such a trip for families. Most of them have field trips only for the kids but not the families.

  15. Is this sekinchan a new place? Recently heard another friend mention too.

  16. mummy-j ~ hahaha....actually there are lots of beautiful places in our country which I have not traveled.

    Broccoli Ginger ~ Yes...gained lots of knowledge

    p & p mum ~ I love the paddy field too

    Sheoh Yan ~ Ya...we are trying to keep her hair so can tie up.

    [SK] ~ yalor...the trip does not include fireflies. What a waste!

    stp ~ Not only the kids, but we adults learn something too.

    yvonne ~ yes..very educative.

    Yee Ling ~ haha...yes... very very early. I bought a small packet of local rice, but yet to eat them. haha

    Small Kucing ~ since it is an open trip, everyone can join in.

    Gratitude ~ haha...i love this type of trip too.

    chinnee ~ i love that paddy field. Just nice the weather that day was beautiful. Nice cloud forming in the sky.

    willie ~ This is the kindy's 1st trip. I love educational trip too...

    Quay Po Cooks ~ Thks... the kids enjoyed taking photos. haha... the paddy field are my fav. too.

    Mommy to Chumsy ~ haha...i guess KL have lots of such day trip to sekinchan. Try to scout around.

    slavemom ~ ya ya..enjoying receiving those free gifts. haha

    Chloe ~ ya ya..i was surprised when the teacher told me it was open for anybody! haha

    SP ~ Haha...not really. It's a small village. Just that recently, it has opened up to more people.

  17. Hi,

    I am organizing student trip to K.Selangor. And wanted to visit the Rice Factory, but i cant find any details on contact info. Because i need to ask if they can do tour for 40ppl upon arrival and advance reservation is required.

    Appreciate if you could advise me some details on this, or give me the contact number for this Rice factory & mango farm.

    Thank you,


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