Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year 2012

After a long break, I've finally come back to my blog to post something. This will be my first post for year 2012. Happy New Year everyone. I know I'm late in wishing, but late is better than never, right ? Haha ...

Well, what have I done over the past 1.5 months ?

19.11.2011 ~ YX & I took a train up to KL to meet up with my ex-schoolmates for a mini gathering at Mummy-J's house. This deserved a post on itself, so I've scheduled it to be posted up on 12 Jan. Come back to read ya.

26.11.2011 ~ YX's school organized a day trip to Kuala Selangor & Sekinchan. It was the school first ever trip and it was a success. We had a great time. This also deserves a post on itself and I shall be posting this up after the gathering post. ^_^

30.11.2011 ~ It was my birthday. Thank you to all who wishes me via sms and FB. Am sorry that I did not reply the FB greetings but I do appreciate your wishes !

My parents happened to be in Seremban and we went out for a simple dinner. The next day, we had a mini celebrations with the in-laws. This year, I got myself a birthday presents - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ! It was such a good buy and an awesome gadget. Not only the kids are addicted to it, even hubby enjoyed playing the games and constantly reminded me to harvest the crops on Smurf Village. LOL ! 

Yummy bak kut teh

4.12.2011 ~ Hubby's friend invited us to Klang for a day trip. His main purpose was to eat the famous Bak kut teh. We left home around 9am and spend the whole day in Klang itself and by the time we reached home, it was around 9pm ! We windowed shop at Jusco Bukit Tinggi and Klang Parade before looking for food around Klang by using the GPS. It was such an awesome gadget too. After a sumptuous seafood dinner, we left for home. It was such a satisfying trip but very tiring too.

5.12.2011 ~ XJ goes to school ! She attended the same school as YX. The principle advised to let XJ get used to the school during the holiday classes so she won't have problem when school officially started in January 2012. I was glad I heed the principle's advise. XJ enjoyed school even she did cried during the 1st 3 days. She came back telling us what she learned everyday and can now recite colours and numbers in 3 different languages. Money worth spent !   

16.12.2011 ~ In laws went to Taiwan for a holidays. I have to bring both kids to the workshop and it was a tedious week for us. In the morning, we got to rush XJ to school before fetching her back to the office during lunch time. Hubby and I ate out but I cooked simple meals for the kids while in the office. Time pass rather fast and just a blink, it was already bedtime. 

24.12.2011 ~ The day I was looking forward to finally arrived. It was the hotel stay with hubby's friend and family in Klang Valley. I will blog about this in a separate post later.

31.12.2011 ~ SIL came back and we had a BBQ party at home to usher year 2012 among family members. We BBQ-ed till 12 midnight and managed to see some fireworks displayed.

1.1.2012 ~ Both hubby and I woke up at around 8.30am and found our 2 kids were quietly playing toys together at the corner of the room. Ahh....such a wonderful scene. In the evening, we brought both to a public swimming pool to have a dip. It was our first visit and both kids enjoyed themselves so much that both asking us to bring them back again. We had planned swimming as our weekly activities and hopefully, hubby and I can get some exercises, indirectly.

Look at how happy my mum was ! All the kids had the chance to cut the cake together !

7.1.2012 ~ We went back to Johor and gave a surprised visit to my parents cum pre-celebrate their birthday which falls on the 16th January. My brother was already back in Johor earlier but did not tell mum & dad that we will be back too. Upon seeing us, they were full of smiles.

XJ happily singing Happy Birthday to her doting grandparents


  1. A very good summary of things during your MIA. I can see that you spent most of the time with family and your loved ones. Glad to know that.

  2. A very fun filled time you got there. ahem...did you get to use the Galaxy tab?

  3. What an eventful period for you and family!
    Looking forward to read more posts from you!

  4. oh you are finally back :) Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  5. eventful 1.5 month!

    XJ's hair long already, already can curve so nicely...

  6. Welcome back....ah, Klang bkt...good lah!

  7. Belated New Year greetings - a very Happy & Prosperous 2012 to you and your family. Long time, no see...

  8. Happy New Year,Hui Li. Wishing you all the best in the year of dragon.

  9. wow, i thought you stopped blogging already, hahaha!! so one shot finished up all those pending post from last year huh?? seems like you've had a nice long break, so enjoyable and so happy lor~~ :)

  10. Sheoh Yan ~ Thks.....the school holidays past by so quickly.

    Small kucing ~ haha...when kids are around, the tab belongs to them. Poor me :(

    Hayley ~ Thks..... am preparing those posts and schedule to be up soon!

    Mommy to Chumsy ~ Thank you. Hope you have an eventful holidays too.

    SP ~ MIL has been very good in decorating her hair. As for me, I just simply tie a pony tail for her.

    MeRy ~ Thks....

    Pete ~ But that bkt we went was not as good as expected because they did not serve in a claypot. I prefer claypot type with lots of ingredient added in especially fu chok and mushrooms.

    Wenn ~ :D

    Stp ~ Thank you and same to you :D
    Hope u will be seeing me more often in the cyberspace, soon.

    Yee Ling ~ Wishing u the same.

    [SK] ~ Hahaha....my blog not death yet.

  11. Wow Happy New Year, missed reading your blog!

    You came to Klang? Hope my fellow-Klangites treated you well ;)

  12. Yah..i like galaxy tab too. XJ hair very looooong!!

  13. Hey, I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering what happened to you. Glad to hear from you again and enjoyed reading your updates! :)

  14. p&p mum ~ I've got lots of catching ups too....will hop over to fellow bloggers blog soon. Hopefully can do that before CNY. haha

    Gratitude ~ Wishing u the same! Klang have lots of good food. I started to miss the delicious seafood I had the other day.

    mummy-j ~ MIL is very good in tying her hair in various pattern.

    Chloe ~ haha...thks. I will hop to fellow bloggers blog very soon....

  15. Welcome back! I've been very busy since I moved back to KL. I haven't been blogging for about a month..hehe.

  16. Mummy Gwen ~ Ohh...u r back in KL! That's good.

  17. Happy New Year to u and ur family! I was guessing ur long silence had something to do with kids n sch hols. :) Ah, XJ is oso in kindy edi. Good that she's enjoying kindy.


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