Thursday, February 23, 2012

I, My Brother (我和我的兄弟 ~恩)

Top: Gui Gui. Left ~ Jack, Right ~ Thomas

Early last year, one of the Astro channel broadcasted this heart warming drama about family, friendship and romance - a collaboration between Malaysia and Taiwan. I've missed it on the television and only got the chance to watch it recently via the Internet. It was really a sad drama whereby I cried almost every episode !  

The main cast
Malaysian Idol pair Thomas/Jack ( 東于 哲 ) and Taiwanese Gui Gui ( 鬼鬼 ).

The Story
Li Da Hui (Jack), a 19 years old simple young man who mature early to care for his 20 years old elder brother, Li Da En (Thomas) who has an IQ of a 10 year old boy. Both lived with their grandmother in a small village. They worked in their neighbour's restaurant and are the best friend with the owner's daughter, Lu Wei Wei (Gui Gui). Those were the days where the 3 of them were very happy.

Things started to change when Da Hui met an old classmate and wanted to improve himself and decided to work in the city. Grandma disagreed but Da Hui insisted and left the village. All he wanted was to earn a better income so he could provide a better living for his grandma and Da En. Things does not worked as plan. Da Hui was being conned, lost his job, lost his money and homeless. Being shameful, he does not dare to return home. Wei Wei who missed Da Hui traveled all the way to the city to look for Da Hui and coincidentally saw him crying under the rain by the road side. Wei Wei encouraged him to return to the village and live like before. At the same time, Wei Wei confessed to Da Hui that she likes him.

Da Hui and Wei Wei returned to the village only to overheard Wei Wei's father despise him, unintentionally. Wei Wei's father preferred his daughter to be with her well educated cousin living aboard so he could give her good life in the future. Feeling inferior, Da Hui made up his mind to forget about Wei Wei and returned to the city once again to look for a brighter future. There, he met his new girlfriend, Tiffany who was an orphan. She was a kind and thoughtful lady. After some time, due to some family problems, Da Hui and Tiffany returned to the village. Grandma and Da En were so happy and welcome them back with big arms.

Da Hui worked in Wei Wei parent's restaurant again and had since forgiven Wei Wei's father for the negative thoughts towards him. In fact, he has never kept that in his heart. With Tiffany's presence, Wei Wei was heart broken but have to accept the fact. Life goes on as usual until one day, an enemy lit the restaurant on fire. At that time, everyone were away doing marketing leaving only grandma and Da En behind. Due to inhaling too much smokes, grandma and Da En was hospitalized. Worst, a heavy object hit on Da En's head making him unconscious. Again, Da Hui was devastated.

As towards the end, each episode became even bitter. Many other sad things befallen on Da Hui yet he needs to stay strong and be optimistic. Life still goes on.


This is really a great drama which touches my heart and making me cry bucket. Hubby shake head looking at me like that. Hubby, you just don't understand how sad this drama was and how fragile my heart is. hahaha..
You can watch the complete drama online over here. However, there is no English sub. Remember to prepare a box of tissue before you start watching !


  1. Too bad I never watch it as well. Very famous even radio keep saying this drama...

  2. After u mention, I don't mind watching. I wonder got DVD or not. Online a bit mafan for me,

  3. I love too but just afraid that I might not be able to understand the story fully reason being...I'm a banana.

    Thanks for sharing and I think your hubby will be glad to have such a lovely and sentimental wife. He will loves you more.

  4. No, thank you. My missus would probably love this...

  5. I didn't watch drama beginning of this year. My new year resolution is to sleep early ma! So, must cut down on drama. Kids sleep, I sleep.

  6. Have too many drama in the list to watch... maybe some other days..thanks for sharing.. :)

  7. awww, looks like a good series to watch, thanks for the recommendation.. and of course the link, hahaha :)

  8. If not mistaken last year TV2 show this series but I never pay attention on it haha.

  9. I hardly watch TV let alone watching drama series 'cos once I start I can't stop anymore, must chase until the final episode one Hahaha..

  10. Wow, realli got such a drama... I sure wish to challenge myself... The last drama which caused me to cry a lot was Xia Yi Zhan Xin Fu

  11. really so sad ar... i always enjoy wacing sad drama and can make me touched until cry...

  12. Angeline ~ When u have the time, watch it. Really very sad.

    LittleLamb ~ Not sure about that. Should have.

    Little Kit Boy ~ No need to listen to their conversation 100%. Looking at their gesture is enough to make you shed tears. haha

    stp ~ haha...U man are like that. Even hubby is not interested as well.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Sleep early is good. Once started the drama, I won't be able to stop. haha

    Broccoli Ginger ~ yes yes...I have a long list of drama to watch too. haha

    [SK] ~ U r welcome. Hope you enjoyed the show. Let me know if you cry or not. haha

    Vickylow ~ Really ? No idea of that.

    Inspired Momx1 ~ Just like me. Once started, I can't stop and thus, lack of sleep at night. haha

    SP ~ I watched that drama u mentioned too. But only the 1st few episode. Don't really like the story. haha

    mummy-j ~ I enjoyed sad sad drama/movie too. This drama memang sad until can cry non stop. haha... especially the scene with grandma. I love their grandma. A srong woman.

  13. you can watch it on


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