Thursday, February 16, 2012

Penang's Property Website

When I was still a student, I have always dream to work in Penang when I grew up one day. This dream was made when I first visited Penang during the school holidays with my parents and instantly fell in love with this state. After graduated, my dream was nearly realized when I worked with a Penang operated company based in KL. The company had sent me on and off to the main office in Penang for training and meetings throughout my employment there. Even it was just a short visit each time (2 - 3 days), I enjoyed it tremendously.

Not only dreaming about career, I have even dreamt BIG, that was to own a property in Penang especially facing the sea ! With today's technology, I can easily use the Internet to search for a Penang property completed with information and photos. It was so convenience and time saving too. From the website, you can view the property by areas and by price range. The website even facilitate a Mortgage calculator for buyers to calculate an estimation monthly installment. This can help you to plan your financial before making any decisions.

The website not only provide information on property For Sale, you can also use the website to search property For Rent. Photos of the property for rent are clearly shown and completed with description and price. If you are looking for a space for business, the website have a list of shop lots and offices for sales/rent. By using this free property resources website, looking for a suitable property became easier. All you have to do is to leave your contact info in the form provided and the owner / sales person will contact you back. By looking at some of the photos from the website, I started to dream of owning one of the property facing the sea. If only money can fall from the sky ! 



  1. I see, very good photos and it looks so interesting... I like some of properties. Thanks for sharing this post! this help for anyone who's interested on real estate and to help more updates..

  2. Penang Property looks like a good investment. But it's getting very expensive now.

    1. Thanks for the much awaited details. I am unable to reach the contact person

  3. Penangs property website has been shown in the post here. Useful post


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