Monday, February 27, 2012

A surprised gift from Quay Po Cooks

Parcel via Pos Laju
On Thursday afternoon, I received an email from Quay Po Cooks saying she had sent out the gifts to my home address and I shall be receiving them by Monday. However, I was surprised when I saw this Pos Laju package on the table on Friday itself. The delivery man was fast :D

A golden belt with white polka dot
I'd received a GOLDEN BELT. Wow ! It was beautiful. Thank you very much Quay Po Cooks. All this began when I went over to her blog and participated in the slipper guessing game.

Inserted with a short note
Quay Po Cooks was also very thoughtful and included a short note to me. With this golden belt, time for me to scout for a suitable dress to go with it. Shopping time ! haha


  1. Wow, it's such a wonderful feeling to receive gifts from friends, right!

    The belt is nice.

  2. Although I have not meet her in person...but she is a nice lady.

  3. Nice... My old man's eyes - at first, I thought it was snake skin. LOL!!! She's just a generous friend.

  4. I mean...*such a generous friend.

  5. Yeah, quay po is a sweet lady.... Never knew that I would get surprise from her too :)

  6. What a sweet lady and lovely gift.

  7. The belt is really nice. It goes well with most of the outfits.

  8. It is really very sweet of her right? I received mine also but I wasn't home. So have yet to pick it up from Poslaju.

  9. yah, faster go get a nice dress to wear with the polka dot belt. maybe a polka dot dress to match polka dot belt? wow, too many dots liao... hahaha.

  10. wah, so nice.. she gave every one of you a nice gift!! so generous of her..

  11. What a nice gift! I wish I can receive nice gifts too! : )

  12. Very nice and easy matching belt. Congratulations.

  13. You are very welcome my dear. Makes me happy to know you like the belt. Very Metro right? Now is a good excuse for your to hop out to look for a Metro looking dress or blouse to go with it! I am sure you look terrific! Hugs.

  14. Hayley ~ yes...a very nice feeling. Blogging world is awesome !

    Yee Ling ~ I love her blog story. So meaningful and touching.

    stp ~ haha...snake skin is nice too...

    yvonne ~ she is so generous to give gift to so many of us!

    Angeline ~ Yes...lucky to be in this blogging world and to be a 'friend' with all of you all.

    Vickylow ~ Very nice belt ya.

    Sheoh Yan ~ I don't have anything to go with it. excuse for shopping actually.

    Carolyn ~ now, you should have received it ?

    SP ~ Nice belt ya.

    [SK] ~ yes...very generous. To all of us who did not guess correctly to her quiz. haha

    wenn ~ thks wenn.

    foongpc ~ I thought u always received nice gifts from your blogging friends ?

    Little Kit Boy ~ Thks.... actually, whoever participated in that quiz win something. She is generous

    Quay Po Cooks ~ Thank you so much for the gift. U took all the trouble to post to me. Hugs !


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