Friday, February 24, 2012


XJ in her mini swim suit
For the past few Sundays, we had been diligently bringing the kids to the swimming pool in the morning after a light breakfast. After their swim, they will feel very hungry and we will go for our branch. Hubby had got himself a swim trunk and accompanied the kids in the pool. At the meantime, I'm their 'guard' seating at the side taking care of their belongings while enjoying looking at their happy faces inside the pool.
YX : Swimming is fun ! Mummy, next time don't go anywhere else. Just bring us to this swimming pool ok ? The photo was taken when he just entered the pool, thus his hair was still dry !
There was one time when YX told me not to bring him anywhere else because he just want to come to this swimming pool. I couldn't help laughing at him. Even some strangers beside us laughed when they heard that.

XJ : Mummy, I love swimming so much. Must come here often !
XJ enjoyed swimming as much as her brother. They had since upgraded to swim in the big pool together with hubby, but with their swim ring of course. I won't be able to take any more photos of them swimming because taking photos was actually prohibited. I did not notice the sign displayed by the side of the pool until one of the lifeguard on duty stopped me. How embarrassing ! 


  1. I used to love swimming and looked forward to swimming in hotel pools many years back but after moving into a condo with a swimming pool almost at our doorstep, I've somehow lost the interest to get into the pool! Human nature is such... when you don't have it, you yearn for it. When you have it, you take it for granted!

    My poor Chloe seldom gets the chance to play in the water although she loves swimming. Must bring her swimming more often now hehe.

  2. I always think swimming is the best exercise, either for us adults or even kids. Is good to hear that both your kids like swimming plus such a supporting daddy buying new swim trunk just to accommodate their wish. hehehe.

    Btw, I also never know that we can't take picture at the swimming poot. I wonder is it the same at all swimming pool?

  3. Oh, I don't swim. Too old to learn, lol!
    My kids love to play with water.... one day must bring them to pool already :)

  4. Ya...good to learn how to swim. Here, my students before - the majority in a class did not know how to swim. So sad.

  5. chloe ~ yes...u must bring her there and swim together. Relax and exercise at the same time :D

    Little Kit Boy ~ I think photo was not allowed as they are afraid those pervert will take photos of sexy lady in swim suit ? hahaha Just a guess.

    yvonne ~ When I was a kid, I love to play with water too! So much fun.

    stp ~ I thought most Sarawakian are good at swimming?

  6. It has been a while that we last swam. My girls love going to swimming pool. Water play is always fun for kids.

  7. haha, look at how enjoyable they are swimming in the pool.. i think kids need to learn how to swim, this is one of the survival skills besides a hobby.. :)

  8. eh public pool cannot take photo? and y u don wan to join them? things can put in locker?
    eh next time bring ur kids to my place to swim..

  9. learn swimming is good for kids :) as for me, i didnt have a chance learning that anyway

    Latest: Lovely Taste at 6

  10. XJ looks so sweet in your pretty swimsuit! My kids love swimming too, but have not been bringing them for so long already.

    Since your kids love the pool so much, bring them every weekend la (like what YX suggested :-)). Much healthier than walking in the mall :-)

  11. Ya, you should swim too!

    I always can't resist swimming if I see Olympic sized pool or the ocean!

  12. i think all kids just love swimming and playing in the pool. i like your girl's swimsuit. so cute.

  13. That is fun activity to do with kids...

  14. I don't know how to swim, yet I jumped into the sea at Redang to snorkel! LOL!

  15. Just pretend you are sms-ing with your handphone and take some more photos... haha.. it's a major milestone not to be missed...

    Armfloat is better than swim ring as it let you dip up to your neck. That was what my ziyi's swim instructor told me 2 years ago. I have been bringing my children to the pool at least 2 to 4 times each week for since last November... and the result was amazing.

  16. Sheoh Yan ~ yes...most kids love water play so much.

    [SK] ~ i agreed with that. A very important survival skill. haha

    mummy-J ~ No photo allowed. So malu to be tegur. haha... I wanted to join them but not yet buy my swim suit. haha

    Fish ~ Thks for dropping by. Swimming is a very healthy sports

    Boey Joey ~ We will try to bring them there every Sunday.

    p & p ~ Nice...especially during such hot weather.

    SP ~ ok ok ...gonna go and buy my swim suit. haha

    Mommy to Chumsy ~ Most of the kids love swimming. I love water too.

    MeRy ~ East to past time too.

    foongpc ~ HAHA...with a life jacket for sure ?

    Linda ~ Thks for sharing the tips. And 4 times each week! That's a lot. We are only free on Sunday. Too bad.


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