Monday, February 20, 2012

Water Dragon came

Last Saturday, we went for a buffet dinner in a relative's house. Hubby's cousin are getting married in early March. We drove 2 separate cars over as one car could not fit all the family members. We left at around 7pm and after an hour plus, we came back home. Only hubby & I plus the kids and SIL's husband and wife + son left earlier while the other family members stayed back to chit chat.

Once we reached home, YX as usual being so excited couldn't wait to go into the house to play with his cousin. He rushed inside the house and fell down. Luckily nothing serious happen to him. Just a minor cut on his chin. I quickly on the lights and to our horror, we saw the floor was covered with water ! Hubby and BIL went around the house to find where did the water came from. SIL and I quickly helped the kids to the stairs so they won't fell down on the slippery floor.

Finally, hubby and BIL found the culprit. One of the hose in the kitchen area were broken and water were spraying out. In just a short 1 hour plus, the amount of water on the floor are consider a lot ! Surprisingly, the water moved in a shape of a dragon. We joked, saying that the Water Dragon came to visit us. But in reality, we believe the floor are not even (which we could not see with our eyes) and that makes the water flow in the directions from the higher to the lower part. Certain area near to the broken hose were dry while the living room (far away from the hose) were wet !

YX's school bag and my notebook bag was on the floor. Unfortunately, the water choose to move in that direction and flooded our bags ! YX's school books were all soaked wet and I'd since dried them under the hot sun yesterday. My notebook was not that bad. Only soaked with a few cm of water. Luckily my external hard disk was not wet. Else, all my important files will be gone.

Everyone help to sweep the water out. With so many family members around, the job was done easily. A nice exercise after a heavy dinner. MIL continued to joke that we were all so filial as every one helping her to mop the floor from the kitchen to the living room. Except for YX's book and injured chin, nothing else was damaged.    


  1. Lots of job and hassle, but I can see that your family and you took thing easily and positively.

  2. never mind, sui yea chou, hou yea lei! ^^

  3. I am glad that no big loss occur. Really a water dragon year for your family but after this, hopefully $$$$ flowing like water la :) Glad to see you here again!

  4. Gosh, reminded me of last time, my school bag and books were also soaked when it flooded...

    Hope your son's chin is ok.

  5. aiyah, never pantang lah.. when the bad things come all together, it means good things are the next things that will come to you.. :)

  6. All your family members are very positive minded, even can joke water dragon came for visit haha.

  7. I think that the water dragon really did come indeed. haha. I'm expecting to hear a windfall from you soon..:)

  8. Very ineteresting blog title :-). Good feng shui la, so much water and in dragon shape too... sure very "ong" the whole year round :-). Glad to hear that YX's cut is not deep :-)

  9. Inside the house flooded...lucky YX's cut is not deep.

  10. Yee Ling ~ hopefully ya. I want to be rich. hahahaha

    Sheoh Yan ~ yes....everyone still laugh while sweeping the water. Things already happened, no point being sad and spoil the mood.

    stp ~ luckily we came back earlier. and luckily we did not go outstations/holidays. Imagine what will happen. haha

    Gratitude ~ hahaha....I hope god will bring us good health too ;D

    MommyAngel ~ Yes...luckily no big loss. And I really hope the water dragon will bring us $$$$$ hahaha

    SP ~ Your place prone to flood ?

    [SK] ~ such positive ! waiting for that good things to come. haha

    Vickylow ~ ya...sad over something which had happened is no use. Be happy :D

    Carolyn ~ haha...must pack my bag and go to Genting soon. haha

    Boey Joey ~ Hopefully ya...

    MeRy ~ glad that it was just a small cut.


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