Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busy busy

These few days I was rather BUSY ! Off and on, I will need to go downtown to settle stuffs. I also have to fill up lots of forms to renew some licenses for the company as I need to submit to the government office in Putrajaya soon. Despite the busy days, I was actually very excited and looking forward to my coming overseas holidays with my son + parents and close relatives. Once I'm back from that holidays, I shall blog about it here.

Here are some random notes......

#1 ~ After discussing with the kindy teacher, YX now stays in the school until 6 pm to finish his homework. It has been 3 weeks since YX doing 'OT' in the kindy and we were all very happy with it. He managed to finish his homework 100 % most of the time. Sometimes, he did 90 % but that was fine with us as he still managed to have it done at home before his bedtime. Since he is in the afternoon sessions, he only needs to stay back in the kindy for an extra 2 hours or so.

#2 ~  I was currently addicted to a new game CLOUDS & SHEEP via the Android market. You may read here to get more info. It was truly an entertaining game which makes me hooked to the tab for hours !

#3 ~ After drinking honey + lemon every day for almost 1 month, I felt that my body is not that heaty anymore. At least, I won't have mouth ulcers or gum pain when I ate too much of cookies. I'm free from flu too ! *touch wood* 

#4 ~ Went back to hometown last weekend to attend an uncle's 86th birthday. Seeing all his children and grandchildren surrounding him while singing happy birthday song, I somehow felt very happy for him.

#5 ~   On the 31st March, we will be traveling back to the hometown again for another uncle's Birthday. He will be celebrating his 80th Birthday. Again, he will have a big group of children and grandchildren surrounding him.

#6 ~ For the past few days, I've been craving for a nice bowl of curry laksa. Hope I will be able to fulfill this craving soon. Ahhh......salivating already. haha

#7 ~ XJ's hair are getting longer (around chest area) and I started to feel her hair are very messy when not tied up. I asked if she wanted to cut her hair shorter. Instead of XJ refusing, MIL was the one who doesn't bear to cut away the long hair. haha ....MIL has been enjoying tying XJ's hair every morning in various pattern and if the hair are 'chop' off, it will be quite difficult to tie up. We will just leave it at the moment.

#8 ~ Went to the bank few days ago to settle some stuffs. The customer service lady gave me 1 free gift (a water bottle), and quickly asked me to hide it inside my bag before giving me another one. She knew I had 2 kids and if I only had one bottle, the other kid will sure fight for it. I was rather happy for a 20 plus single lady was so thoughtful and even understand the kids' psychologically. She told me she used to see her 2 younger brothers fighting for things and she could understand the situation.


  1. Busy? how come can still play com game,,,okay lah ,, relax a bit every now and then ya

  2. It is really very thoughtful of the bank staff. Enjoy your holiday. By the way, i sent you a private message to your FB.

  3. wow, so nice going overseas for vacation again.. where is the destination??

  4. wah he got so much homework ah? Anyway, happy holiday :)

  5. Ya...a parent's work is never done. And it will go on and on and on over the years ahead.

  6. Busy, busy and then go for relaxing holidays :)

    Enjoy, ya!

  7. honey lemon in the morning empty stomach?

  8. Wow kindy allows OT?
    Enjoy your holiday!
    I am also hooked to android recently... Did you download Go Launcher? Really like it, now my phone's interface is so nice!


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