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Korea ( 20 - 26 Mar 2012) Day 2 Nami Island


We woke up very early every morning. At 6 am, the hotel will give us morning call. After breakfast at the hotel, we proceeded to the Nami Island - The filming site of the Idol Drama 'Winter Sonata'. This drama was filmed about 10 over years ago and are still so popular. The filming site was very well maintained. Clean and beautiful.

YX with 2 cute fake snowman
When YX saw the 2 little snowman, he just couldn't resist and wanted to take photos with them. He thought it was a real snowman made with snow, but to his disappointment, it was a fake one. YX was really looking forward to see snow because before we left for this trip, I told him we will have the chance to play with snow.

Beautiful scenery

Nami Maid - ferry
We boarded the Nami Maid Ferry to go across to the Nami Island. The ferry ride was only a short 5 minutes. We were allowed to stand at the side of the ferry throughout the journey to enjoy the cool breeze. Mum was afraid of the coldness decided to sit inside the ferry whereby it was warmed with a heater.

Nami Island
From the ferry, we saw the Nami Island. It was not crowded as it was not a peak season. Between, we reached early that morning. According to the tour guide, during peak season the Island was full of local and overseas tourists. We will need at least 2 hours to queue up for the ferry.

Just as we stepped into the Island, something caught our eyes. YX couldn't contained his excitement, rushed towards it ! Yes ! We saw snow ! It was a block of huge snow piled up 2 times taller than YX.

YX touching the snow !
Instead of listening to the guide's stories (history of the Island), we rushed towards the snow and take pictures. At last, YX's wish came true.

The site of Winter Sonata being filmed.
We took a walk around the Island before coming to the site where the drama was filmed. The surrounding was beautiful. Tall trees were everywhere. It was so romantic. LOL ! Mind you, dad fell in love with this Island. He kept on saying how beautiful it was !

I want to reach the sky !
According to the guide, this Island was a Private property. It was clean. Not even a single piece of rubbish on the floor. With such a cool weather with fresh air, the walk in the Island was a great one.

Sunny but cold
The weather that day was also perfect. It was sunny and that allowed us to walk in the Island without worries. Don't be deceived by the bright sun. When the wind blows, it was freezing cold. Mum always commented that we will have to wrap ourselves up like a dumpling.

More snow coming up on the next post............


  1. It's so beautiful!!! Indeed I can feel is very cool over here...ehehehhe

  2. Wah still got snow....all melted when I was in Korea around the same time....

  3. finally he got the chance to touch and play snow :)

  4. Still snowing? I thought by this time of the year, the snow is already melting?? Hehe, anyway never been to Korea before :p

  5. The Winter Sonata scene is very nice. You remind me of Bei Yong Jun.

  6. Seems like is still very very cold over there.

  7. Very nice scenery at Nami Island. Although no snowflakes from the sky, YX still able to touch the ice.

  8. Aiyoh when can I go to Korea and pretend to the lead actress in Winter Sonata? LOL. It's a really beautiful place that Nami Island.:)

  9. really can see not many visitors from your photos...but prefer to have low crowd density during overseas trip too...

  10. This place is absolutely beautiful! Did YX enjoy touching and playing with snow? :) I cannot stand cold weather, which is why we keep postponing our trip here..

  11. Oooo...nice! Never seen a real snowman in my life! Sobssss!!!!

  12. Wow, such big pile of snow... Was it very cold still?

  13. when I was there in spring, it was cold too..

  14. Yee Ling ~ haha....the cooling weather was so nice !

    Pete ~ We were lucky to be able to see snow. It is already end of winter at this time.

    Small Kucing ~ ya ya...he was so excited

    yvonne ~ It is end of winter now.

    Sheoh Yan ~ haha...I got take pic with him. So handsome hor.

    Little Kit Boy ~ Yes...indeed very very cold.

    Vickylow ~ he was so happy and excited to play with snow.

    Carolyn ~ hahaha..... faster plan your trip.

    mummy-j ~ yea...lucky low crowd else imagine we need to queue up for the ferry. Waste of time.

    Chloe ~ U should experience the coldness there. It was so shiok ! haha.... Just like my mum, she doesn't like cold weather.

    Stp ~ It is a fake snowman la. According to the guide, snowman is not easy to make! Well, we did not try to make one either.

    sp ~ was! shiok !

    wenn ~ Spring ! Then u must have seen a lot of cherry blossoms. We missed that. All the trees were still botak.

  15. so beautiful scene ... make me recall of winter sonata :) i watch this movie for 3 times .. hahaha
    btw, where is mei mei ??


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