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Korea ( 20 - 26 Mar 2012) Day 3 Suwon & Everland

We woke up again at 6 am and had breakfast in the hotel. It was a set breakfast and most ladies were unable to finish them as the portion was a bit huge. At least, huge to me. The rice was nice. It was sticky and nice to chew.

L-R : Luncheon meat, salad, fried potatoes, scramble eggs. Middle : Rice

We left the hotel at around 8 am for the Yeoju Outlet. It is a Duty Free Shop selling branded items. Something similar to the Premium Outlet which opened recently in Johor. We were only given an hour to shop in this place and everyone complaint the time were too short ! Due to we have many other places to visit, we need to leave at the time given. We then proceeded to the Hwaseong Fortress for a train ride.


Dragon head

YX enjoying Korean's popcorn
While waiting for some of our group members using the loos, I bought a box of mix flavoured popcorn to temporary fill up our hungry stomach. The popcorn cost 1200 won (RM3.30). We then proceed to have our lunch at Suwon.


BBQ chicken and pork
This is the only meal not provided in our tour. After discussion with the guide, everyone agreed to have the Korean BBQ and each of us paid 15,000 won (RM42) while child is free. We can eat as much meat as we like but any wastage will be charged accordingly. As beef was too expensive in Korea, the guide did not encourage us to order that. The BBQ was served with a bowl of steamed white rice and salad leaves. Not forgetting the kimchi and 'friends', which we did not touch that. 


After a hefty lunch, our adventure began. We proceeded to the Everland Theme Park, ranked as the 4th theme park in the world.

YX had so much fun
The longest and fastest roller coaster
Dad and one of my cousin rode on this Roller Coaster. Everyone applaud dad for his bravery. At 64 of age, he had the courage for this thrilled rides. Before he went up, other relatives were so worried for him and asked mum and me if dad was really fit for the roller coaster. hahaha....... Cousin even made a quick survey, saying dad was the oldest passenger.

Fan heater
We came across this innovative heater fan. It was placed along the way towards the Animal Safari.

White Tiger
We were all seated in a bus and we can have a closer view of the animals.

Liger is a mixture of a Lion and a Tiger. It has a head of a Lion while a body of a Tiger. Look at what have a human done to the animal. Kesian.....

Black bears
These black bears were all very well trained. They understand instructions from the bus driver and it was really amazing. As a reward, the bus driver fed them biscuits.

YX with his idol - Sun Wukong
After visiting the Safari, we walked around the theme park and saw the Sun Wukong statue near to the monkey's cage.

YX eating the butter corn
The butter corn was aromatic but it was not delicious at all. It was sticky, soft and bland in taste. Each cost 1500 won (RM4.20) if not mistaken. I can't remember clearly for this.

Stoller parking
Outside the 3D theater, they have a stroller parking. So well organized.

Pororo and Friends
Watching 3D Pororo Show
A happy child with new Pororo toy
Once the Pororo movie was finished, we were being ushered to the Souvenir shop. YX quickly grab a box of Pororo toy and the doting gong gong bought for him. The toy cost 25,000 won (RM 70). Back to the hotel room, he couldn't wait to play with his toys. But barely playing for 30 minutes, he accidentally broke one of the leg of the toy.  * Shake head *

Delicious Ginseng chicken soup with mee suah
After the theme park, we traveled to Seoul to have our dinner. Each of us were given a pot of Ginseng Chicken soup which consist of a whole small chicken stuffed with glutinous rice. The soup tasted delicious. Even YX enjoyed his dinner and had 2 helpings of the mee suah.

Day 4 coming up next..........


  1. YX's dreamland must be this theme park. Didn't Pororo is Korean cartoon.

  2. TI heard Everland is one of the tourist spots in Korea,right.A must visit place and it looks like you all have lots of fun there.

  3. hey..thanks for the header. so March will have snow.

    btw, u didn bring ur daughter along?

    btw, can email me the tour info. next yr i wanna go.

  4. Yes! I had corn too in Korea (or was it Japan) and it was awful - nothing like our sweet Ligo corn...or the ones at Cameron. Yum! Yum!

    Oooooo...we loved the chicken ginseng soup with mee sua - we kept asking for that instead of what was on the menu EVERY meal...with lots of the traditional Korean wine. So nice to eat...especially when the weather was soooo cold!

  5. Only see your son having fun... How come don't have your picture? I think the tour agencies roughly follow same itinerary... I also went to the cabbage rice restaurant, had chicken ginseng, went everland n saw the bears. Haha...

  6. didnt know about the tiger+lion mix (liger) until today....

  7. I did not like the the corn there. Your son is having a ball there and I am sure you are enjoying yourself too. Great pictures.

  8. Your dad is very "geng"! I don't even dare to ride on that roller coaster. I'm scared of thrill-rides :p

  9. Been following your holidays trip for 3 days and I'm fascinated with the FOOD! :D

    Read somewhere about liger... either it's human fault to produce such species or the lion and tiger are very desperate to mate :p

  10. i was looking at all your posts and wondering how come your girl did not travel along...

  11. Sheoh Yan ~ I also just got to know Pororo is Korean's cartoon.

    Yee Ling ~ Everland is a fantasy world for the kids. haha... Very nice theme park.

    Little Lamb ~ My girl did not go. Maybe next time will include her (when she is older)

    stp ~ I regretted buying. I had a hard time finishing them. So expensive somemore. Want to throw also cannot. haha

    sp ~ haha.... places of interest to visit are always similar. So do you enjoy your Korea trip ?

    mummy - j ~ so kesian hor...i also did not know about it until I visited this Animal safari

    wenn ~ Yes..the BBQ was awesome. Especially wrap with the salad leaves.

    Quap Po Cooks ~ Every one of us enjoyed so much. Mum even thought of going again. hahaha

    Chloe ~ yes yes...he was so 'geng'. I also dare not ride on the roller coaster. haha

    yvonne ~ The existence of Liger is sure human's fault. haha....

    chinnee ~ ya...did not bring my girl along. When she is older, will include her in the tour.

  12. I went with our friend, HK... Enjoyed because it was my only trip with her... And it was autumn... Colors everywhere were so nice and dreamy...


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