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Korea ~ Day 2 Mt Sorak& Daepohang Fish Market

After visiting the Nami Island, we had our lunch at the Chuncheon Myeongdong Street (another filming site of the Winter Sonata). The guide brought us to have the hot plate chicken which are well known in that area. Majority of the shops there were selling this dish.

Hot plate chicken and side dishes
Once we arrived at the restaurant, food were already prepared. We could actually smell the nice aroma when walking towards the shop. As Korean culture, every meal they eat comes with side dishes and the main side dish will be the Kimchi. My cousins love it and wallop the whole plate in a jiff. However, my parents and me just does not appreciate the taste of Kimchi. We did tried, but unable to accept the taste.

Hot plate chicken with cabbages, rice cake and sweet potatoes
The hot plate consists of chicken meat, sweet potatoes, cabbages and Korean rice cake. With their special sauce, stir fried everything on the hot plate until cooked. The taste was good. One thing about Korean food, it was neither too salty nor sweet.


Snow ball time
After lunch, we proceeded to the Mt Sorak. The journey took us around 2 hours drive. Along the way up to the mountain, our guide saw a large pile of snow by the road side. He was kind enough to get the bus driver to stop for us to take pictures.

One part of the Mt Sorak
From the bus, we could see blocks of mountains covered with white snow. They were beautiful. Before reaching the mountain, we stopped by at the Teddy Bear Farm.
YX with a white bunny. But where is the bear ?

Snow !
The open area of this place were covered with snow. We were more interested in the snow than the displayed bears and bunnies !

Ais Kacang, anyone ?
YX enjoyed himself and trying to make a snow ball.

Giant bear entrance
After having enough of fun with the snow, we proceeded to the inside to see a variety of teddy bear being displayed. If XJ were here, am sure she will love this place because she loves teddy bears.
I'm the number 4 bunny.
Spending around 20 minutes at the Teddy Bear Farm, we continued our journey to the mountain.

more snow
This place have even more and thicker snow on the ground.

Throwing snow balls 
YX having loads of fun throwing snow balls. He played until both his gloves were wet.

Buddha statue
Further inside, we came to this huge Buddha statue. It reminds me of Genting Highlands. haha .

Nice view of the mountain
Growing up seeing only green mountains, this is the first time we saw white mountain in real life. One of my cousin joked by saying our photos were just as nice as a postcard.


Seafood steamboat
As it was time for dinner, we left the mountain to the Daepohang Fish Market. We had seafood steamboat served with steamed white rice. Each 4 of us shared a pot of steamboat.  

Side dishes
As usual, we were given some side dishes which we did not touched except for the fried fish (dad loves it) and toasted seaweed (YX's favourite).

Fried prawns and squids
After dinner, we went to visit the wet market. It was still opened during night time but it was not crowded.

Stuffed squids
Along the way, we saw these street food but did not give them a try, so I can't tell you whether it was nice or not. The guide told us the squid was stuffed with glutinous rice. 

Korean crabs
And these are the crabs we had during the dinner earlier. They were meatless. I think our Malaysian crab are better. haha

Variety of live seafood
We spent a night at the Sorak Kumho Hotel before shifting again the next day. During this trip, besides than experiencing different type of food, we even had the chance to experience the local's culture. This hotel does not provide bed but instead, they provide mattresses. In ever hotel we stayed, all the floor were heated. It was very comfortable to sleep this way. 

The mattress and pillows kept in the cabinet

Laid them straight
Since the floor were heated, I even washed our socks before going to bed. I placed them on the floor and they were dried and warm the next day.

More fun ahead ...........


  1. wow, the food looks good!! pipping hot food under cold weather, perfect!!

  2. yea...the hot plate reminded me when i was in Taipei. We actually choose our own vege, meat and sauces, then bring to the cooking counter and let the chef cook for us. Very delicious!

  3. Can see your son enjoyed himself very much!

    The seafood steamboat looks interesting!

  4. The hot plate chicken looks good!

    Haha, I can see YX is overjoyed with snow here and there :D

  5. So nice to see YX playing with the snow. Will his sister get jealous when looking at the pictures? I love the hot plate of chicken with cabbage, rice cake and sweet potatoes.

  6. so happy see him playing in the snow. Did he say he wanna go again?

  7. wah, great idea to wash sock and let it dry ar..

  8. is still cold at this time of the year? I went in December 2010.. looking at these pictures reminded me of my own trip... nice!

  9. Yummmmmm.... I went many years ago...also in the winter but it did not seem so much fun. Cold but no snow when I went.

  10. [SK] ~ Oh yes....when we drank the hot soup, it was such a nice feeling. hahaha

    Yee Ling ~ So interesting. Wish to try that too.

    Hayley ~ My son was hooked with the snow!

    yvonne ~ The hotplate chicken were really delicious. YX can't keep his eyes off the snow.

    Sheoh Yan ~ I felt so sad for XJ. I hope we can include her in our next trip, if there is any.

    Small Kucing ~ haha...he said he loves Korea !

    mummy -j ~ haha...I see the floor heated, i also tak tahan and quickly wash the socks.

    reanaclaire ~ was still very cold at this time.

    stp ~ Snows were only on higher ground (eg, mountain). But we missed the Cherry Blossoms. All trees were still botak.

  11. wah can see YX really enjoy it, especially playing with the snow.

  12. YX likes the snow so much! I'm sure he must be missing it now :) Your holiday is just the opposite of ours... so cold! As for us, we went to a desert and it was mad hot! :p

  13. This was during March or Feb?
    I didnt know still got snow .

  14. Vickylow ~ yes...YX really enjoyed playing with snow. Dad & mum were very happy too to see their grandson so happy. haha

    Chloe ~ haha....yours was hot but the view were very nice! Love the blue sky.

    Little Kit Boy ~ yes....he loves the snow so much

    Little Lamb ~ On the 20 - 26 March. It was still very very cold.

  15. WOW, what a wonderful holiday in Korea!! I want to go too!!

  16. Hi. Did you take a package tour ? Which travel agency is it ?


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