Monday, April 9, 2012

Cars For Sale in Malaysia

When I completed my studies, dad promised to buy me a second-hand car so I can drive to work. I turned down the offer because I was too timid to drive in big cities, like KL. Dad and mum laughed at my silliness saying how lucky I was to be offered with such luxury and yet, I do not know how to appreciate it.

I regretted. Many years later, after married I suddenly had the courage to drive. Not because hubby bought me a new car, but because of conveniences. Unlike in KL, I can take LRT easily but public transportation are not that easy accessible in the town I'm staying after marriage. The house we are staying are away from the town and if I were to take a bus, I will need to walk a few minutes before reaching my home.

To cut the story short, I picked up driving when I was pregnant with YX and I always joked that he gave me the courage to drive ! After driving for a while, I realized how easy it was to be on the road. I can leave at anytime I wanted and does not need to worry about rain at all. I can go to anywhere I wanted and does not need to worry about any inconveniences. There was even one time whereby hubby had a stomach discomfort and I drove him to the hospital. Emergency like this will just happen at anytime and I was glad I can drive and save the hassle for calling the ambulance.

I always told hubby how nice if we can buy our dream car. To own a car, we need a large amount of money and to pay for the maintenance, it is another different story. So, all I could do is to hop over to the website to look at my dream car and envy them one by one. With the wonder of the Internet, purchasing became easier. If ever you wish to buy a car, you can just browse via the Internet for the cars' information at the comfort of your home / office. The website provided clear photographs of the car and are very well categorized according to the brand. You will not feel lost even if you are a newbie to the Internet.

Not only you can make a purchase from the website, you can also post up your old cars for sale. All you need to do is to register as a user, login and are free to use the website at anytime. Isn't that easy in this technology savvy world ?


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