Monday, April 23, 2012


When comes to drawings, YX will put in FULL POWER and heart to do it. But when comes to writing (especially Chinese words), YX will try to give all kinds of excuses !

YX's teacher even commented that YX really have the passion to draw. There was one time, teacher was wondering why took him so long to copy some wording from the whiteboard. When teacher when to check, she found that YX was doing 'voluntary work' ~ helping his friends to draw ! He even walked around the kindy and help his junior ( 5 years old class) to draw during his free time. *faint*

Teacher was impressed with his drawing skills as he can complete a few drawings in a short 5 minutes ! However, teacher told us that no matter how impressed she was, she still need to be stern to YX as he  should finished his own work before helping his friends to draw. 

Some examples of his homework that required drawings.

Left pic : Teacher draw some food on the white board for the students to copy, but YX filled up the space with his own idea. He drew all kinds of food !

Right pic : YX drew a monster and add dialog bubble on the chicken.

YX's school taught them about Family Trees. This was actually taught in Feb 2012. After getting familiar with it, YX needs to draw 'My Parents' in the empty space provided. Here are his masterpiece of 'My Parents'.

Papa's face was covered with moustache  
Nice ?

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YX actually copied from the picture above (A) and drew his own version in the empty spaces below (B). If papa without moustache, he looks more handsome ! haha

Hop over to his drawing blog over here to see his version of Doraemon which he copied from a comic.


  1. I like the breakfast table! So full of food! Hahaha! The teacher is right la, also need to focus on his own writing assignment...

    And need to let other students practise drawing also...

  2. Should have him to continue the art lesson.

  3. SP ~ Teacher actually did asked him to help his classmate to draw (those who really doesn't know how to draw). But that was during his free time la.

  4. Wah!!! He can draw very well. Certainly looks more advanced than other kids his age.

  5. Your boy has talent in drawing!

  6. very nice drawing, and the handwriting is also very neat, i like that!! must show my nephews and make them feel ashamed of their handwriting~~ :D

  7. He is very imaginative.. neat too.. and i love the food filling up the breakfast table! hahaha...

  8. The Kami Bersarapan's picture is amazing! He really loves drawing eh?

  9. Wow..I'm amazed by his passion for drawing. YX should teach Gwen how to draw. :)

  10. Wow! He really draws very well! He has the talent no doubt! : )

  11. Very nice drawing!! Even prettier than my daughter's. Please encourage him more~

  12. I've always been very impressed with YX's drawings since he was much younger. He is a very talented artist! My Chloe's drawing is still like a 3yo's. She can't draw at all...

  13. I definitely impress!! He can draw very well, full of imagination, creative and all his drawings are so neat and nice.

  14. Not only the picture is imaginative but i love the hand writing too.

  15. Sheoh Yan ~ I wanted to but he refuse. So not going to force him until he is ready.

    stp ~ He loves drawing. Thank you

    Kristie ~ But he is lazy to colour.

    [SK] ~ U r such a bad uncle! hahaha.....

    Willie ~ Thank you :D

    reanaclaire ~ He is willing to spend time to draw the table full of food.

    Merryn ~ until must draw every day!

    Mummy Gwen ~ haha...he love drawing deeply.

    foongpc ~ thank you...:D

    yvonne ~ Thank you...i will enrol him into art class again, when he is ready.

    Chloe ~ Chloe's drawing will improve once she entered primary school :D

    Vickylow ~ he has a head full of ideas on what to draw. haha

    Small kucing ~ His handwriting has improved recently. The above pic are not as nice as now. Thanks to his kindy's teacher. :D

  16. Very impressive especially the Kami Bersarapan one. He really loves drawing a lot. A future artist!

  17. talented young fella!


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