Thursday, April 12, 2012

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For the past few years, I only bring YX to the office when he does not have school because he was too active and MIL does not have the energy to look after him. XJ would stayed at home with MIL. Recently, XJ no longer allowed us to 'dump' her at home with MIL anymore. Whenever she does not have school, she will quickly grab her water bottle in one hand and her darling Patrick in another hand and rushed to the door waiting for us.

Picture was taken a few months back
No choice, I will have to bring both to the office. Boss did 'complained' before saying when 2 were together, they were very noisy. I did tried my best to keep them occupied so they will 'fight' less and create less havoc in the office, but sometimes I just can't control the situations.

Yummy..... eating with chopsticks
Despite boss complained, he still provide breakfast for the kids. The breakfast will be on the table by the time we arrived. At this age, they will stick to me like glue. I guess, a few more years down the road, they will not want to stick to me so often anymore.


  1. Ya...i love my son kiss and hugs me. So afrid when he grows older, I don't think he will do it again!

  2. Hmm, your boss is consider kind enough lo.. If for my ex boss, he'll sure won't allow, kakaka :D

  3. Ah~ I notice XJ and YX do not look the same. They have their 'own mold', hehehe. But both have the same cuteness.

    I like it when my kids are sticky to me. Feel all my sleepless nights, scoldings and loves are worthily.

  4. haha true now stick us like a superglue, when they become teenage they rather stay at home for their PC.

  5. wow, so nice.. complaining but then still buy breakfast for BOTH of them, hahaha!! better spend more time with them before they refuse to follow you anymore, haha~~ :p

  6. Your son's growing up to be a real handsome lad...

  7. Do enjoy the stickiness whilst it lasts! YX will be flying out of the cuckoo's nest not too far away in the future. :)

  8. eh ur girl very pandai... know how to use chopsticks d..

  9. what breakfast is that? instead of bringing both in office, can you leave both at home instead?

  10. Your boss is very least allowed you to bring your kids to office.

  11. Your boss is very kind. If I am the boss, I will not allow it! Haha!

  12. I have that exact same bowl except the lines are blue! haha...

  13. wah,,u can bring yr kids to work..

  14. Good lah can bring them to work with you. :) I think XJ miss being with her kor kor..hehe.

  15. You have such a good boss eh! Provide breakfast to your kids. lol! I think their own father only will do that.

  16. Angeline ~ ya they kiss us so generously. But when they grew up later, they will be so shy. haha

    Hayley ~ He is a kind man but fierce and strict!

    yvonne ~ HAHA....really ? I got V shape face while another got chubbier face ?

    Broccoli Ginger ~ Ya..enjoying every bits!

    Vickylow ~ or stick to their friends!

    [SK] ~ I was so worried for that 'day' to arrive. haha.... Just like what STP used to say 'empty nest'.

    stp ~ Thks. haha...he has got my face *proud*. haha

    Gratitude ~ Ahh.....i think i will sure miss both of them

    mummy-j ~ ya..she learn herself. She likes to eat noodles with chopstick.

    LittleLamb ~ Nope....hubby is a worker only. haha

    SP ~ Roti telur. haha....because both at home making my MIL pening, that's y have to bring one over. But now both wanted to follow, so I got no choice.

    MeRy~ Only occasionally like no school days.

    foongpc ~ hahaha....u r such a heartless boss! Should understand the hardship of a family. haha

    Merryn ~ I have the blue ones too! hahaha

    wenn ~ Only on certain dates (no school days). Not too often before the boss said NO.

    Mummy Gwen ~ ya ya...she wanted to play with her ko ko

    Sheoh Yan ~ Too bad, their father is not the boss.


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