Thursday, April 5, 2012

Her 1st April Fool Jokes

Worry ....... 
On the 1st of April, I left the 2 kids in the bedroom doing their own stuffs while I was downstairs putting the laundry into the washing machine. Just for a short 10 minutes or so, XJ gave me her first April Fool jokes at the aged of 3.5 years old.

Blamed on my absent minded as I did not keep the scissor properly. I actually took that pair of scissor to cut XJ's finger nails. However, after using, I left that scissor on the bed, and went off. When I came back to the room, I was shocked to see this .........

some strand of hairs on the bed
Hairs were on my bed. YX who was busy drawing did not notice what did XJ did. Then, YX suddenly saw this .........

a bunch of hairs on my bed but YX took and put on the floor.
......... more hairs !!!!! I was shocked when I saw that bunch of hairs and never thought XJ would be so silly to cut her own hair ! I just couldn't believe my eyes. What a great April Fool days to remember !


  1. thank goodness it is just her hair... she looks teary in her pic..... did you scold her? :)

  2. So, you scolded her ? She looks so sulky in the picture.

  3. oh no...hope the damage not that bad

  4. Although quite a big bunch of hair she cut, but can't really see it. Luckily her hair is long and more enough to cover it.

  5. Wait, this is no joke, right? She cut her hair and cried afterwards?

    Lesson learned, remember to keep the scissors after using them :)

  6. On the bed!!! Bad! Bad! They could have fallen on it and hurt themselves!!! Thank goodness it was just the hair! Not much of a joke, I must say.

  7. OO...she looks teary..poor girl. Come, auntie hugs!

  8. Opps! Luckily she was not hurt. That's the most important thing. Remember to keep them next time ok?

  9. Phew! I'm just glad she didn't hurt herself.

  10. Then how is her hairstyle now?

  11. oh...poor girl must be so scared. luckily there isn't much hair cut. yeah, luckily she didn't cut herself.

  12. reanaclaire ~ She was teary because she was afraid. But I did hugged her.

    Sheoh Yan ~ She knew she did some mistake and was worried.

    Small kucing ~ was just a small bunch of hair being cut.

    Vickylow ~ ya..she got thick hair. haha

    Yvonne ~ ya is not a joke after all. It was my mistake. And thks god she did not hurt herself.

    stp ~ bad. I shouldn't be so absent minded.

    Yee Ling ~ Thks aunty for the hugs, said XJ :)

    Carolyn ~ ya...i'm so careless. Luckily she did not hurt herself.

    Gratitude ~ Thks god too! I'm too careless.

    SP ~ Not to was just a small bunch. She got thick hair.

    mommy to chumsy ~ Ya...she was scared and that was why she cried (1st pic).

  13. Ah! Lukcy not much hair cut, she still look cute. :) I bet from now on she dare not to play with scissors anymore.

  14. Luckily she just cut a bit of her hair and did not hurt herself or do something naughtier like cut your bedsheet or clothes hehe!

  15. Haiyo... so scary! Luckily she didn't hurt herself but jes cut a small bunch of hair. Hope she'll rmbr this incident n nvr to play with scissors again.


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