Friday, April 6, 2012

Icy cold Sweet & Sour Pork

Last weekends (after the Korea trip) my parents were still in Seremban and we decided to have dinner together at Kong Ming Oakland Restaurant after recommended by one of hubby's friend. This friend praised highly on the fish head. When we arrived at the restaurant, the first thing hubby wanted to order was the fish head. However, something caught our eyes. We saw almost all the tables there ordered a dish with ice covered till the top. Curious, we asked the waitress and she told us it was Sweet & Sour Pork.

Sweet & Sour pork. RM 25
Immediately, hubby placed an order for that special dish. It became a STAR for that night. It was super delicious as it was crispy and cold. Unlike the normal way of preparation whereby the pork were covered with lots of tomato sauce and made them soggy, this one was well coated with the sauce yet crispy. We had fun digging for the meat under the ice ! As for the kids, they enjoyed both meat and the ice !

Apart from the sweet & sour pork, we had the below dishes too. 

Minced meat tofu. Nice to goes with white rice. Our families' favourite tofu dish. RM 12

Claypot garlic chicken. Very fragrance as they fried with curry leaves. Yummy ~!  RM 23

Fried 'chun kuen'. Not a good choice. The fillings have got too much of carrots. RM 18

Fried vege. Nothing special.  RM 18

Fish in their speciality sauce. As they ran out of fish head, we had the whole fish instead. Not too bad. RM 32

 steamed rice RM 1.50 per bowl
As far as we know, this is the only restaurant in Seremban serving steamed white rice in the stainless bowl. Our total bill (6 Adults + 2 Children) comes up to RM143.50 inclusive of a pot of tea.

This restaurant had an older branch in the town center. But of course, the new restaurant looks more comfortable and presentable. After hubby told his friend about this unique sweet & sour pork, he was surprised and keen to try them out. He did not noticed this dish when he dined there previously.

Kong Ming Restaurant :

(Old) Seremban Town : No, 48, Jalan Tuanku Munawir, 70000 Seremban, N.S
Tel : 06 - 7631025

(New) Oakland : 112 - 1 - B & 113 - 1, Lorong Haruan 5/4, Oakland Commerce Square, 70300 Seremban
Tel : 06 - 6314663


  1. So special. Sweet and sour pork covered with ice. Interesting. First time seeing this.

  2. Oh, sweet sour pork covered in ice. Something new. Would the pork appear watery after the ice melted? Must quickly eat this dish then.

  3. ice with food? something new to me..

  4. interesting!! i actually saw the ice-cold sweet and sour pork in one of the HK movies long time ago.. theirs even have the pork coated with ice!!

  5. Sweet and sour pork with ice, so so special and interesting!

  6. Wow, all the dishes look so nice and tempting! Really curious about the sweet n sour pork in ice!

  7. Sweet and sour pork in ice? Sound interesting! Wonder how it taste like.

  8. Kong Ming Restaurant huh? Must tell my hubby about it. When we go back to his hometown, we will try to suggest this restaurant if my MIL isn't cooking. :)

  9. Wah, so special. Is it cold? mNhL,I missed your Korea trip post will blog hop to ur site when i'm free again.

  10. Something very very new to me and very unique way of cooking this sweet & sour port.

    But just out of curiousity, don't you feel like eating yesterday food cos is so cold just like you have taken it out right from the fridge?

  11. what a special dish....wondering how does it taste

  12. Wow! Sweet and sour pork in ice? What a unique dish!! Only found in Seremban?

  13. Sheoh Yan ~ 1st time eating that too. Already had the 2nd time last week and still loves it!

    Yvonne ~ At the bottom of the plate, there are holes. So the water will drip away. The pork actually looks dry and crispy.

    wenn ~ Delicious !

    [SK] ~ Really ? I din know got such food exist. haha

    Hayley ~ Indeed, it was delicious

    SP ~ Come come...I bring u and Mummy J to try.

    Annie Q ~ Ya tasted heavenly ! haha...

    Carolyn ~ oh...your hub from S'ban ? Good....go and try and share with me what do you think of it.

    Angeline ~ HaHA....actually, it was a little bit cold but still, crispy.

    Little kit boy ~ haha.... err.. it was a bit cold. But then, it was crispy. Sedap!

    Yee Ling ~ drive down to try la. So near only. haha

    foongpc ~ err...I think so coz it was my first time eating too.

  14. The icy sweet n sour pork is something new to me. So creative! The fried vege is the same one that I cooked that Chloe said tasted like poison hahaha :D


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