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Korea ( 20 - 26 Mar 2012 ) Day 5

Day 5 was our last day in Korea. Our flight was scheduled at 11.20 pm but was later delayed till 12 am.

As usual, we woke up early in the morning and check out from the hotel. We kept our luggage in the bus until departure. We had our buffet breakfast in a Grand Ballroom (somewhere away from the hotel). We were lucky to be the 1st group to arrive as we doesn't need to queue up for the food. While eating, a few groups of tourist came and the ballroom was soon packed.

The palace
After breakfast, we then proceeded to visit the Palace of Korea.  Again, we were the 1st group to arrive and we don't even need to queue up for the toilet. A few minutes later, more and more groups arrived.

YX with the giant wooden gate

The olden palace
The guide brought us to visit the olden palace The structure looks a bit similar to the Chinese one.

Cheese !
The weather on Day 5 was great as it was sunny ! Despite the bright sunlight, it was very cold. We were all wondering why was it colder than the previous days.

Waffles stall by the roadside
After a few minutes visiting the palace, we left to visit the Crystal and Seaweed factories. Just outside the Crystal factory, we saw this waffle stall and give it a try. It was delicious ! The waffle texture was just like bread. I bought 1 plain 1800 won ( RM5 ) and 1 Nutella 2500 won ( RM 6 ). Very expensive huh ! but very fillings. 

Stewed Pork with carrot and cabbage
Due to the waffles, YX and I lost our appetite during our lunch. Each of us had a pot of stewed pork to go with steamed white rice. The gravy was more toward sweet taste. Not too bad actually.

Right after lunch, the guide brought us to have more shopping. We visited the Myeongdong Street (something similar to our Petaling Street) for free shopping. Since our flight was very late at night, we have lots of time to spent. At the Myeongdong Street, everyone complaint the weather were extremely cold. Suddenly, there was a gushed of winds and to our surprised, it WAS SNOWING ! 

Catching snow !
All of us who had never experience snowfall were so excited. We stood still for the snow to hit our face. YX was trying to catch the snow but the wind kept blowing them away. The snowfall does not last long. It was only for a short 2 minutes. When the wind blows, the snow flakes were 'dancing' in the air. The view was spectacular !

A dot of snow on YX's hair

Snow on my cousin's jacket
We then understood why it was terribly cold that day comparing to the previous few days. We were all so lucky to be able to experience snow falls on the very last day of our tour !

Cream puff
I came across this cream puff stall and gave it a tried. The skin was not crispy (and it was cold) but the cream was really nice. Selling at 2000 won (RM 5.60)

YX saw Super Mario !
Around 6pm, we proceeded to have our dinner near to the airport. That night, we had steamboat with noodles and steamed rice. The noodles were delicious. It was very springy. The over tired YX slept in the bus after we left Myeongdong Street and he gave his dinner a missed.

At the airport, his 'battery' was finally recharged and he had a piece of bread with hot chocolate. He slept in the plane until we touched down at around 7 am the next day.

Healthy pillow, chocolate rice bar, Pororo toy, seaweed, chocolates and comb
Here are some of my loots. I bought 1 healthy pillow for MIL and 1 for hubby. Amazingly, the pillow really reduce neck ache. It was very firm and comfortable to sleep on.

Face masks
I also got myself some face masks.............

cutie socks
......... and cute socks for XJ. In the Everland theme park, I bought 2 hair clips for XJ as they looked cute. 1 red ( in the pic) and 1 pink ( not in the pic).

photo album
We also bought the photo album complied by the guide's assistance. Throughout the tour, there was a photographer following us and took our pictures. We knew they will be selling us our photos but we did not expect that they did not let us choose our own photos. Instead, we need to buy the whole album. 

The priced we paid for the album
Ours ( my parents + YX & I ) cost 90,000 won ( RM 252 ) for 18 pieces of photos. My cousins paid more. His family (4 pax) album cost a whooping RM 406 for 29 pieces. We were all a bit surprised by the exorbitant price, but everyone paid. We will handle this golden album with great care !

One of the photo inside the album. The photographer photoshop every photos he took for us. Nice ?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   THE END xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Where exactlty you get the healhty pillow? How much? The socks are really cute too.

  2. Wow, the album is a bit overpriced. Nevertheless, the experience is priceless :)

  3. much shopping until must pack inside a box??!!! now, i m really tempted.

  4. Sheoh Yan ~ I bought the healthy pillow at the Ginseng center. One pillow for USD 9. Equivalent to 10,000 won (RM27 - RM28)

    yvonne ~ Yes..the price of the album gave every one a shock!

    Little Lamb ~ The box was prepared by the shop from where we bought out stuffs for free.

  5. Wonderful, finally YX able to catch some snow. Oh do you find the pork taste much much better at Korean?? keke

  6. Wow..i would love to try the Nutella waffle.

    Now they have all sort of tactics to do earn money from tourist....Ok la, a bit expensive but is a golden experience for you and family.

  7. Yeah, the healthy pillow is my hub favorite.

  8. Ah...I was at the olden palace long long ago. My missus had her photo taken wearing the Korean traditional dress.

  9. So fast you finished blogging about your trip. Enjoyed reading all the posts. Nice snow experience for YX and he seems like a very seasoned traveller too. XJ didn't get jealous seeing all these photos? Hehe :p

  10. wah, eat play and shop!! so much to do during your korea trip huh.. :p

  11. Vickylow ~ for me the pork tasted the same. long as no porky smell.

    Yee Ling ~ The waffle was really very nice. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.

    Mummy Moon ~ It was really comfortable. Even my kids fight with hubby to sleep on it. haha

    stp ~ the hanbok ! Your wife sure look very lovely.

    Chloe ~ Haha...only a short trip only. Yes..YX was good. He did not make any fuss about the food, the places and also the weather. He enjoyed it. Luckily XJ was good too. She was very obedient at home.

    [SK] ~ This is what everyone will do during a holiday.

  12. Wow, why everyone also bought the album? Ya, I thought could let you choose the photos.

    The rabbit socks were very cute!

    So lucky that you could catch the snow during the short 2 minutes!

  13. I went to Korea too! A week before you. See you have already finish blog about your Korea trip and you know what? Last year Korea trip i still got two days havent finish, and this year one i have not start!! tsk tsk tsk.

    So jeles, i went to Korea four times, not even once i see snowfall, you're lucky! First two times, we went ski, that was many years ago before we got kids, then when we went with kids, we not even see snow!! *sad sad sad*

    I saw my friend's FB update, saying snowing just exactly after we left one week later. *sob sob sob*

  14. So lucky to experience snow fall on ur last day of the trip. I thot the weather was near 0degC? How come YX doesn't need to wear a hat/headwear to keep his head warm?


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