Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Korea Day 4 ~ Seoul City


The hotel we stayed in Seoul were crowded. Due to the congestion, our guide arranged breakfast outside of the hotel. We dine in a Chinese-Thai restaurant which was about 10 minutes drive away from the hotel.

The traffic in Seoul were terrible. Unlike our Day 2 and Day 3, we were always caught in the jam in Seoul. The weather that day was not pleasant too as it was raining the whole day - from morning till night. It was freezing cold.

YX's new school
Despite YX skipped his classes for 1 week, he attended school in Seoul too. Haha.... it was the Kimchi School.

Variety of Kimchi pictures
The lady behind YX was our teacher. A very pretty Korean lady who speaks fluent Mandarin. From this school, we learn a variety of Kimchi made from Vegetables to seafood. We even had the chance to make our own kimchi with the teacher's instruction. Our handmade kimchi will then be donated to the old folks home. We can also bring the kimchi home if we wanted to, but everyone chose to donate it away.

YX's handmade kimchi

YX trying out some beauty product
After the Kimchi School, we visited the Ginseng Shop. No photo was allowed over there. Next, we proceeded to the cosmetic shop whereby YX was so 'sibuk' and tried on the facial set when he sees everyone tried. The guide then brought us to the Face Shop for more beautician products. Many of us brought the face masks as they were cheap. 1000 won for 1 piece (RM2.80).

Table full of food
This was our Day 4 lunch. A table full of food. The pot in the middle was the seaweed soup. Dad and I don't like the taste because it was too 'green'. Surprisingly, mum and YX love it. We were being served with steamed white rice to go with those dishes - pork, fried 'tong fen', kimchi squid, pancakes, dried seaweed and fried fishes.

YX siting the Korean style
The food was not that suitable for me, but the fun during this lunch was siting the Korean style. All of the senior citizen laughed when they saw the arrangement knowingly they won't be able to seat comfortably on the floor. True enough, they were unable to bend their legs like the youngsters. After the meal, it was even more hilarious because the senior citizens were unable to get up from their seat. They need assistance from the youngsters to pull them up. 

The still botak cherry blossom tree.
After lunch, we headed to the Hanok Village, known as the Traditional Korean Village. As it was raining, majority of the group decided to stay in the bus while a few of us went in to check out the place. I would say it was actually a nice place to spend some time if you are into olden architecture and antics. At the entrance, we saw the 'botak' cherry blossom tree.

Our dinner that night was in a Chinese Restaurant. I did not managed to take a photo of the food because I left my camera in the bus. According to the guide, Chinese food in Korea are very expensive. A normal 10 course meal cost about RM1000 +.  


  1. Making of kimchi, very nice experience.

  2. Overall, how was the Korean food taste to you?
    I heard from friends that Korean food are not to most Malaysian's liking....

  3. OOo...claire also went there i think . So now can make own kimchi?

  4. It is very interesting to see you sleeping and sitting the Korean style.

  5. Korean serve lots of side dish on their dining table, huh?

  6. RM1000??? *pengsan!!!* One reason why I would not be keen on going to Korea - I don't have the money... Sobsss!!!!

  7. wahhhh...i wondering what is the chinese dishes. So expensive.

  8. Vickylow ~ ya...very nice experience. and YX enjoyed being a chef. haha

    Hayley ~ Some of the Korean food tasted nice to me but some I don't quite fancy. I think our M'sian food is still the best ! haha

    small kucing ~ haha...don't like kimchi smell and taste. The sauce was actually fermented turnip.

    Sheoh Yan ~ This trip was great because we got to experience the Korean culture.

    Yvonne ~ Ya ya...lots of side dishes until the table so cramp. haha

    Stp ~ This is according to the guide. Hmm.... don't worry bout the money, sir. U can earn them back thru your pension money. haha

    Yee Ling ~ That was according to the guide. I also don't know what they eat. haha....

  9. YX looked like little master chef. Haha

    The face shop masks definitely cheap! How about other brands?


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