Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meme : Most Frequently Heard Compliment

First of all, I would like to say Thank You to Yvonne, owner of From TAIPING with L♥VE for passing this Happy Blogger Award cum tag to me. What is the most frequently heard compliment ?

Well, it is "WHY ARE YOU SO THIN ?" 

I'm not a skinny person. During my primary school years, I was a very plump girl. Many likes to joke that I ate my brother's portion. At that time, my brother was very thin. Thank goodness that I slim down when I grew taller !

After marriage, most of them are surprised that how come I did not gain weight after giving birth to 2 kids.

I think I should thanks to my kids too because after having them :
~ I need to rush to complete my task, thus I walk faster and used more energy.
~ I can't enjoy my food as I used to. In order to eat as fast as I could, I eat very little, finished my portion and left the dinning table.
~ I sleep early with them most of the time, thus no late night supper.

Now, I wish to pass this meme to 5 bloggers as below :
1) Lil' Dahling
2) Little Fearles & Little Cruz
3) Our Little Princess Gwen
4) Anggie & Jeremy Boy Online Journal
5) My Miracles

Mummy-J & SP, please join in the fun !


  1. I guess this is a compliment that many mommies out there would love to hear. To be able to remain slim after childbirth is indeed a blessing! :)

  2. Wow..that's good u still can remain slim. As for me, I need to control my food intake else my waistline will start to grow horizontally...In case u duno, I can take 2 pcs of bread and 3 curry puffs at the same time...LOL!

  3. I long for this compliment, honestly! My ex-classmates never said anything near to that after I left school. I guess I've been growing horizontally since, haha!

    That's a good remarks that you are healthier now ;)

  4. That's a compliment every woman wants to hear..:) Thanks for passing this meme to me. I will try to do it if I have the time ya?

  5. That must be flattering! Good for you!

  6. Now I know you are very thin one. A very good compliment that most women are dying for, including me.

  7. Hahhh!!! That's a compliment kah? LOL!!!

  8. aiyoh, how i wish i would get that kind of compliments from others!! haiz, but people always ask me "why you so fat already??" :(

  9. Hmm, thin is the word most ladies would love to hear, hehe. Just exactly how thin are you? Got photos? Hehe...

  10. Slim mom of 2 not easy right, I guess many are envy on you :) Thanks for the tag

  11. eh yah... i oso said u thin before...

  12. Wah..you didn't weight after 2 children..a lot of ladies will be envious of you..hehe.

    Thanks for passing me the meme. :)

  13. I meant *didn't gain weight*...sorry missed a word.

  14. Chloe ~ I believe you are very slim too :D. I'm actually not slim, just did not gain weight only. So to those relatives, they thing I'm thin.

    Yee Ling ~ It is good that u can eat ! My stomach cannot fill up so much. So it is a waste if I go for a buffet. hehe

    Yvonne ~ No la...haha.... because your fair complexion already the No.1

    Carolyn ~ Ya...a nice complement indeed!

    SP ~ Not flattering at all la. Just that those relatives are surprised how come I did not gain weight after giving birth to 2 kids!

    Sheoh Yan ~ I'm actually not thin. Just not too fat ! haha

    stp ~ Ya la....we ladies treated that as a complement! haha

    [SK] ~ hahaha..... must be those fast food ~ McD!!!!

    Hayley ~ haha...I'm not those skinny stick thin. haha...

    Vickylow ~ My appetite during confinement was not good. I don't feel like eating. haha

    mummy-j ~ U r back! I'm actually not that sticky stick thin rite. Only those relatives thought I remain the same size even after giving birth. haha

    Mummy Gwen ~ ya...my weight remain the same as before I gave birth. haha.... Good and bad at the same time. Some said not good le!


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