Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My girl

XJ @ 3.5 years old

After posting up this ~ Her 1st April Fool Joke, I felt terribly sorry for my careless mistake. It was lucky that XJ did not hurt herself. Looking at her photos, I somehow felt god is fair. God gave us one over active child (YX) and one easy to handle child (XJ) to balance up our lives.

Every one (10 out of 10) commented that YX is a super active child while XJ is a more well behaved one. No wonder I'd heard from experienced mother saying girls and boys are totally different.

From my Korea trip posts, many asked how come they did not see XJ's photo. Well, she did not followed us for the trip. Initially, I wanted to bring both kids along for the holidays. However, my parents advised me to only bring 1 child because handling 1 kid will be definitely easier than to handle TWO. When they are together, tsk tsk tsk...........my world will turned upside down ! haha

I was glad that XJ is a very obedient and a mature girl at her age. During my 1 week long holidays, she did not even fuss for not having me around at home despite she was used to sleep with me all these while. She slept with MIL, goes to school as usual and drink her milk without any problem. According to hubby, she asked him EVERY DAY when is mama coming back. Hubby then said on Sunday and she will continue to ask "What day is today ?" And when Sunday was here, she shouted 'YAY, mummy will be coming back today". *Grin*


  1. Sweet XJ. It's true I find god is fair too. Taking care my girl is much easier than my little boy. Luckily my eldest is girl, else I would surrender to have another child hahaha

  2. Haha.. same same :) Everyday I went to fetch my girl, every teacher that I met told me how obedient is my girl, very cooperative, very good.. etc. Then I went to fetch my son, every teacher that I met told me, your boy can't stop talking, so active, ... bla bla bla.. so, I understand your situation very well! Hahaha.. High 5!

  3. If I were you, if I had 2 kids, I will bring the 2 kids together. As a family, travel as a family even though it is hard to managed. Anyway, I m sure you made up to her once u got back right...she got extra manja??!!

  4. Growing prettier by the day. How fast they grow!

    My daughter was a handful...but now, I wish I could turn back the clock. Those were the best years of my life! So much time together, so much fun. Now all I have left is an empty nest...you'll get there some day and you'll miss all that you have now.

    Enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. It's common, boys are generally 'naughtier' than girls.. Hehe.

  6. yeah, definitely boys will be boys, girls will be girls.. so sweet of XJ to be such a nice girl and missing mama so much huh?? :)

  7. that's why people say...one boy and one girl is the best as it balance off.... and there goes the chinese word ...'hou'

  8. Girls are more manageable compare to boys.

    I have one daddy's girl and one mummy's boy in my home :)

  9. XJ's countdown was so cute!

  10. Next time bring her for holidays

  11. Good Girl! Girls are cute, aren't they! :)

  12. Sheoh Yan ~ Girl are mostly sweet.

    Vickylow ~ haha...it happened to you too?

    Broccoli Ginger ~ hahha...high 5! Teacher commended the same to me too. Girl is a good girl. Boy very active. haha

    LittleLamb ~ I wanted to, but .... if hubby went together, sure will bring her along

    stp ~ same like my parents' house. Empty nest. So they will comes up to Seremban to stay for a week or so.

    Hayley ~ I wonder why hor ? haha

    [SK] ~ No matter what, kids will stick to their mother. Maybe they are in our womb for nearly 10 months ?

    Little Kit Boy ~ haha...yes yes...I heard about that Chinese word too.

    yvonne ~ Yours are balance too !

    SP ~ I never expect her to countdown. haha.... I think she really missed me.

    mummy-j ~ When she grew older, I will. hopefully.

    reanaclaire ~ U have 1 wonderful girl too :D

    Fish ~ Most girl are obedient. :D

  13. XJ is a very adorable and loveable child. Sweet girl! Pity her for always being left out in your vacations. Make sure you bring her on your next trip ya! Must take turn with kor-kor if you can't bring both kids along, right?

  14. XJ is such a good girl. If I were to bring oni 1 child for a vacation, the other one will surely protest like mad. Don't say vacation, go grocery shopping oso they'll protest, if I don't bring both.


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