Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When I was a child, I've always wish for an English name. Most of my friends have one, and people remember them easily. Whenever I tell newly known people my given name, they will not be able to pronounce it correctly, what more to remember it! I was searching for a unique one and up till today, I have not found anything that I like. hahaha

I was also searching for a unique English name for both my kids and recently, I've settled with Selina for XJ but have not found anything that I like for YX yet. Why Selina ?

Picture was taken in Nov 2011. Look at how she posed !
XJ is a little girl who loves to wear beautiful cloths and have her hair tied up beautifully. She enjoyed taking photos and pose for me. We always labelled her as 爱美 (Love to be beautiful). That reminds me of the Taiwanese group S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella) whereby Selina is those 爱美 type too !

beautiful bride. It was very noisy and XJ shuts her ears.
Besides, Selina always dream to be a beautiful bride. Same goes to XJ, she loves the bride and told me she wanted to be a bride herself. I've blog about this over here.

Last week when we were in a shopping mall in KL, there was a bridal show going on and XJ requested to take photo with the bride. She loves their gown !

Friendly bride who bended down to match XJ's height.
XJ loves this name too and enjoyed being called as Selina. I goggled and found the name - 'Selina' means 'Moon' in Greek.

YX who was so eager to have an English name quickly told me to call him Daniel. That was because one of my cousin's son who was quite close to YX was named Daniel. LOL ! Hmm.......I told him to hold on first and let me find something more suitable for him. Any suggestion, anyone ?    


  1. yeah, i remember during standard 3, there was a sudden hit with English name.. everyone was having one, now think back that was kind of silly of us, haha.. but no doubt it's easier to remember someone with an English name.. :)

  2. Sean, ok? I like this boy name.

  3. hahhaah...your boy is funny. Selina is a lovely name. Ethan, Bradley, Benjamin are some of the boys' names that I like :)

  4. Selina's good and so is Daniel...

  5. Emm... I like those 'old' and 'classic' one. Alexander? Hehe~

  6. I have no suggestions to give you, cause previously I also struggling for one for my baby, keke.
    Go google, alot of references.

  7. Here is the recipe:

  8. Selina is indeed a nice name!

    Daniel is also OK mar, just that you'll have 2 Daniels in the extended family... hahaha...

  9. Selina reminds me of the Mexican singer. I actually like Daniel.

  10. Selina is a nice name..easy to remember too.
    For boy...go for Louis.

  11. [SK] ~ So your English name was 'made' during primary 3 ?

    Sheoh Yan ~ Aaa...nice name. Thks for sharing.

    mommy to chumsy ~ Thks for sharing. I like the name - Selina too.

    stp ~ hmm....Daniel. A nice name too.

    yvonne ~ Wah..Alexander the great ! haha

    Hayley ~ haha..have you found any for your baby ? Yes..will google for more info :D

    Kristie ~ Ya...i like that name too

    Broccoli ~ Thks for the recipe. :D

    SP ~ Selina sound very gentle hor. Ya ya will have 2 Daniels...that's y I'm thinking of something different.

    Mummy Gwen ~ Mexican singer? Daniel a nice name too, ya. Still thinking. haha

    MeRy ~ Thks for the suggestion.

  12. Selina... sweet n lovely! I dowan to choose Eng names for my kids, jes to avoid all these trouble. hahaha Let them choose their own when they're grown up.

  13. Sorry different spelling it's Selena. But the singer passed on already.

  14. When you mentioned Selina, I straightaway thought about the Selina from S.H.E :) When thinking of a boy's name, I straightaway thought about Sean... and then I saw Sheoh Yan's comment. So ngam hahaha!

  15. Selina is a nice name. What about Isaac for your boy?


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