Thursday, April 19, 2012


I do not have any sister. I envy people who does because to me, between two sisters, they can do a lot of things together comparing to sister - brother. My aunt have 6 daughters and 1 son. I enjoy seeing the sisters having very close relationship. They share shoes, share dresses and share gossips !

I still remember when I was around primary school age, dad asked me before if I want to have any younger sister / brother and I told them NO because I wanted to be the youngest. As I grew up, I actually wish for younger sibling.

I noticed that both my kids love younger kids too. Whenever they sees my brother's baby (1.5 years old), they will rush over to play with her. That goes the same to SIL's baby daughter who is around 1.5 years old too. Both my kids will be so excited when they saw the baby and are willing to let go of their cartoon and spend the time with the baby.

XJ bringing cousin N for a walk around the house !
The recent trip down to my parent's home, both kids rather stay at home to play with Cousin N than to follow us ( hubby and I ) to a nearby shop to get something. Since Cousin N can walk quite stable already, XJ enjoyed holding her hand and walk around the home. It warmed my heart to see how she care for the younger ones.

I hope to give YX & XJ younger sibling too but...........there are too many buts. Let nature takes it course !


  1. so you have elder brothers or you are the only child?? well, if no biological sisters then you can treat your best friend as sisters.. as i know girls really can get along easily and very well.. :)

  2. guess all kids behave the same when come to attending younger kids ah.. no siblings, think cousin will always the best buddies then...

  3. Maybe good news will come when u least expect it. ;) All the best to u!

  4. Brothers & sisters? Well, it all depends... I refrain from making any further comment on this.

  5. Nowadays really not easy to have so many children, ya same like you too many "buts"....

  6. Planning for No.3...good good..jia you. I have a younger sister...I love her to bits.

  7. Cant help smiling looking at this photo

  8. I have a sister but we are not that close because of our big age gap. She's 8 years older :) Oh how I wish I can give Chloe a sibling too. I pity her for being alone most of the time... at least your YX and XY got each other for now :) Let's hope your baby no.3 project will come true ;)

  9. Oops, sorry.. I typed XJ as XY :p

  10. so sweet this photo :-)

    Ya sometimes big family has its good and bad ya....

    for me max 2 kids cukup dy! haha

  11. [SK] ~ I have an elder brother only.

    Cynthia ~ ya...most kids love kids. haha

    slavemom ~ thank you...hopefully

    stp ~ ya...all depends. Some are lucky to have good ones while some... better don't say.

    Vickylow ~ haha....hope your wish will comes true too

    Mummy Gwen ~ Can't wait for the arrival of your baby, mummy. Update us on your pregnancy journey ok.

    small kucing ~ I love to see them being so close, so caring. haha

    Chloe ~ I'm sure Chloe will understand. :)

    Kristie ~ i salute people from the past. Can have so many kids and yet, managed to survive. haha

  12. That's a very sweet picture. I'm also like you..too many buts.

  13. Youngest child usually gets pampered more?

    Why so many butssss?

  14. But I thought 2 sisters will fight with each other? : )

  15. that's a very sweet picture of the sisters.

    my sis and i never got along as kids. perhaps it was out 6 years age gap. but now as adults...we enjoy each other's company. we do argue ...but at least we don;t tear each other's hair off like when we were kids.

  16. siblings love is something money cannot buy. Baby is always a greatest blessing to us. Like you said, there are too many BUTS, but why not let nature take its course ya :)


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