Friday, April 13, 2012

Steamed Rice

We had been eating brown rice for the past 1 year. Both my kids love it too. Initially, I cooked the rice with rice cooker. Then I realized that the rice was a bit hard. I added in more water the next try and the rice was still the same. It even had a crust at the bottom of the rice cooker since mine was a non stick rice cooker. The crust was easily removed but it was hard to chew.

Mum then advised me to steam the rice. As there are only mum and dad back home, mum did not use the rice cooker to cook. The amount of rice mum cooked for 2 person (with mum eating a little bit of rice only) are just too little if to use the rice cooker. Instead of getting the mini rice cooker, she steam the rice.

I used her method and was glad to say that the rice turned out to be soft and no more hard crust to chew. Before cooking, I soaked the rice for at least 30 minutes for the rice to 'open' up. Rice cooked faster too after the soaking process. The only flaw of steaming rice was to make sure I put enough water for the steaming. As an absent minded person, I always remind myself so I will remember that I'm steaming rice in the kitchen before I got myself a black pot !


  1. I steam my rice at home, and using brown rice. I agree that steaming brown rice has lesser wastage and it's taste better too.. and to make sure I am not that absent minded about the pot in the fire, I use the rice cooker to steam rice by putting water and a steam rack in the rice pot. In any case if the water run dry, at least the rice cooker will stop cooking...

  2. LOL...get a steamer since you are going to use it frequently

  3. I steam rice too. :P I always set timer for it, 20 mins is enough for it to cook.

  4. Steaming brown rice is very healthy. High in fiber and low in sugar. Too bad is my hubby doesn't like brown rice.

  5. have you also thought of pre-soak the rice before putting them into the rice cooker?? or maybe you can just "saap" the rice like how the way gwai-lo do.. :p

  6. I steam my rice when I in the rush (when I forget to cook the rice in advance). It's a good option :)

  7. Yup, steaming...the rice will not lose all its nutrients as in boiling. Good way to cook rice.

  8. Sometimes my grandma also steam rice because I eat very little rice. Wow, great that you all can accept the brown rice taste everyday.

  9. those days people only steamed their rice..we can go back to basic.

  10. Somehow my skill in steaming the rice is not so good. You put low fire for steaming?

  11. Oh, like those malay nasi lemak kukus, it is fluffier and all? I've never tried steaming the rice as my rice cooker is non stick and is ngam ngam for the 3 of us.

  12. Cynthia ~ U ate brown rice too! That's a healthier choice. Thks for sharing the idea of using rice cooker. haha....

    Small Kucing ~ I got a small pot for steaming the rice.

    Broccoli Ginger ~ Ahh....timer is a good reminder!

    Sheoh Yan ~ My dad don't like brown rice either. But I find it was tasty.

    [SK] ~ I did pre soak it before cooking (in both rice cooker and steaming).

    yvonne ~ I thought in a rush, rice cooker cooks faster ?

    stp ~ Ahh.....the rice texture were soft and nice.

    SP ~ I also ate very little rice. haha.... steaming is just nice for a small amount

    wenn ~ Healthier ya...

    Mummy Gwen ~ Not to worry. Just put the water above the rice a little and steam for about 20 - 30 min. Yes, i used low fire when the water boils.

    Merryn ~ The texture are somehow softer and nice to chew.

  13. Yes, brown rice is very healthy but I yet to get use to it la...


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