Friday, April 20, 2012


Every time when the kids does not listen to me, I will angrily said "stubborn". YX picked up this word pretty fast and when things does not gets into his way .......................

Case 1
He was busy drawing and the wind kept on blowing his paper causing it to flip. He felt irritated. He shouted "stubborn paper ! "

Case 2
I offered him a piece of chocolate when he was a good boy. Half way pushing out the chocolate, it got stuck at the small opening. Waiting anxiously for that piece of chocolate, he said "stubborn chocolate !"

Case 3
He wanted to open the water bottle cap. It was too tightly closed and he couldn't open it. Angrily, he said "Stubborn water bottle !"

Case 4
One night, he requested for something but on the wrong timing. It was bedtime, so I refused. Angrily, he said "Stubborn mama !"


  1. Stubborn mama? Hahaha, that's the funniest!

  2. kids learn very fast especially from their parents.. but luckily you just say "stubborn" and not other vulgar words.. haha!!

  3. clever boy, at least he uses the word in the correct situations :-)

  4. He uses it at the right way on all occasions. hahahah!

  5. kids also pick up my words very fast. I must control myself.

  6. Kids learn from the adults...very fast. No need to teach one...

  7. So...what is your next word for them? hahaha...they follow leadership by example.. kids!

  8. Hahaha, kids sure learn fast eh? ;)

  9. Haha, become stubborn mama...

  10. I've got an award and tag/meme for you :)

    Check it out here.

  11. Hahahahahaha .... stubborn mama :P :P Kids learn so fast ya ... so sometimes I would avoid using words that they will use back on me :P :P

  12. Yvonne ~ I find that funny too.... but cannot laugh in front of him! Btw, thks for the award. Will post up soon !

    [SK] ~ aiii...I'm not familiar with vulgar words la. hahaha

    Kristie ~ And makes me laugh inside my heart.

    Sheoh yan ~ ya ya...that shows that he understood the meaning!

    Yee Ling ~ hahaha.....good luck.

    Small Kucing ~ really faint !

    stp ~ yes...their brain like sponge.

    Carolyn ~ haha....he makes me speechless sometimes.

    reanaclaire ~ Still stubborn because he really is one!

    Hayley ~ ya...F1 speed. haha

    SP ~ funny hor. But cannot laugh in front of him.

    wenn ~ and we learn from your parents. hahaha

    MommyAngel ~ Didn't expect him to use back on me ! haha


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