Thursday, June 14, 2012

A long absence

I've been absent from the blogshpere for a long time and I'm happy to announce that I manged to handle my two kids without any major problem throughout the long school holidays. It was quite stressful to bring both to the office, tagging to me 24/7 and to find activities to keep them occupied. I was glad that they did not make a scene in the office which might lead to the boss's 'volcano' erupt and I was glad they were very cooperative. Well, at least they do give mummy 'face'. haha

What we did during the long school holidays ?

~ 27th May 2012
Together with MIL and hubby's friend + family, we went to visit the Old Royal Palace (Istana Negara). There was an exhibition going on and since we have never been to the palace, we took that opportunity to visit.

After the palace, we went to the crowded Mid Valley to see my beloved Mickey Mouse. The kids got all excited when they saw so many different faces of Mickey. There were just too many Mickeys and it will be impossible to take every photo of the displayed figurines.

~ 2nd June 2012
It was a PH. Together with hubby's friend + family again, we went to i-city for the very first time. We managed to arrive 15 minutes before 6pm and manged to purchase a cheaper entrance tickets into the snow-walk. It was fun and hubby had already been planning for a 2nd trip with MIL and my parents. Just have to find time to go again. After the i-city visit, we proceeded to Klang for seafood dinner. It was a late dinner - 9pm. Most of the items were sold out. We were all tired and the kids slept in the car on the way back. 

~ 3rd June 2012
We stayed one night at friend's house. After a simple breakfast, we went for a swim. Only the kids swam while we adults, relax and chat. After lunch, we drove back to Seremban.

~ During working days
I manged to 'sneak' out with the kids to the public library. haha..... At the meant time, I ran errand - going to the post office and such. In the afternoon, XJ will take her usual nap while the energizer YX plays with the computer (with rest in between). When we did not go out, I let them use the water colour, play with play dough and guide YX to do some homework (only a minimal amount of homework). Time just past so fast with them around !



  1. Your school holiday is full of excitement. My kids and I never go anywhere..Stay at home only.

  2. Looks like a very exciting hols! Although we pass the istana Megaera many times, we never did go and visit it! We've also planned to visit I-city but never get around to do it. So your hol is a fruitful one, especially with your kids do close to you everyday :-)

  3. Full of programmes during the school holiday.

  4. looks like you and your hubby's friend family are quite close. he he... did they wake up later than you all again? hahaha

  5. No pics of the I-city? Looks like it is worth going.

    U hv a very good and understanding boss...esp letting the kids be at the office the whole time.

  6. Yes, it's been so long...

    Only 2 leh? Imagine people having half a dozen or more... Shudders! LOL!!!

  7. Welcome back to the schooling-routine :)

    You have so much fun during the 2 weeks holidays. We just stayed at home to avoid the heat :p

  8. haha you survive during the school holiday and welcome back.

  9. hey, very nice of your boss to let you bring the kids to work.

  10. Your holiday sounded relax and fun too.

  11. Where are the photos?? At least you managed to bring the kids to so many interesting places... nice holiday for the kids :)

  12. Oh I've never been to Istana Negara too. How was it? Interesting?

  13. where's this fun fair? i city actually quite near my place, managed to go when the place still new with no entrance fee, now you spark my interest to go there again, hehe


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