Thursday, July 12, 2012

My first trial......

When the chef is not at home, I 'played masak-masak' in the kitchen. I already have in mind of what to cook and obviously, they are my favourite food. haha.

Mum used to fried 'jemput-jemput' for our breakfast or afternoon tea when we were still young. It was our family's favourite and we will bugged mum to fried them often.

Ingredients : ~
~ Self raising flours (enough to make a thick batter. I used MFM brand)
~ a dash of salt
~ 1 whole big Bombay onion (diced)
~ water (pour in bit by bit to avoid getting too watery batter)
~ prawns (cut into cubes )
~ 1 tbsp of cooking oil

Jemput-Jemput batter
Mix everything (except the prawns) into a large mixing bowl until you get a thick batter. If too watery, add more flour, and if too thick add in some water. Mum reminded that too watery batter will make a flat 'jemput-jemput'. Once the batter are well mixed, pour in the prawn and mix well.

Scoop a tablespoon of batter into the frying pan and fried till golden brown. I guess my batter wasn't thick enough and thus, my 'jemput-jemput' turned out flat. Mum's version was fat and round. Anyway, the taste was there and I was glad both my kids enjoyed eating them as well as the 'food critic of the house', aka hubby. YX even requested me to cook this again as he said it was delicious. My heart melted. haha

Ginger & Spring onion fried chicken 
After frying the 'jemput-jemput', I prepared the next dish. Again, after getting advises from mum, I tried my own version of ginger & spring onion fried chicken (dry).

I seasoned the chicken overnight with some salt and pepper. Before frying, I coated the chicken with some self-raising flour (which I used to prepare the jemput-jemput) and fried them till golden brown.

I stir fried some ginger (sliced) and spring onions (chopped) before I poured in the fried chicken and stir them. Dash with a little bit of soy sauce and my chicken are done !

Again, both kids enjoyed their meal that day. It was nice to go with a bowl of plain porridge.


  1. Haha...the top one looks like cucur udang. Yes, I know how good it feels when we know we are not the best cook, but our loved ones (own children especially!) thinks we are the best cook in the world, even better than restaurant cooks in their eyes! ^_^ My Juan Or told me before that he prefers to eat my cooking instead of eating mixed rice (the one I buy one is known to be very sedap). Ooohh.....I immediately landed into Cloud 9! ^_^

  2. Ooooo...they look so delicious. My missus adds ENO to her cucur...makes it nice and crispy. She makes really very very good ones...but unfortunately, have to wait till the moon turns blue. :(

  3. Nice! The jemput-jemput sounds like prawn fritters to me. Normally I will add 1 egg. :) Will try suituapui's mrs recipe to add ENO next time when I make.

  4. I would love to give a try at the jemput2. Looks so delicious!

  5. Your jemput-jemput look very tempting.

  6. u really loves fried food ..

  7. oh, i don't know what is "jemput jemput" actually.. so it's some kind of prawn fritters?? looks and sounds tasty actually, hahaha!! i think kids will like all these kind of fried food~~ :p

  8. Your jemput-jemput looks so temptingly delicious! I actually like fried food but HATE to do the frying... so there's never any fried food in my house hehe.

    1. I love fried stuff n I love prawns. Will def try ur recipe some day. :)

  9. Jemput-jemput is something like cucur udang?
    Ginger spring onion fried chicken is one of my fav dish too. But I haven't cooked it for some time. Maybe it's time to cook it again.

  10. Your jemput jemput looks yummy. I prefer shallow fry than deep fry but some stuff not suitable for shallow frying. I haven't been cooking ginger chicken for quite sometime too.

  11. Ooo i long time havent eat this...malas fry LOL

  12. oh they were my fav too. now my tummy is making a rumbling sound after seeing your photo :P

  13. so niceeee your cucur udang. why called jemput-jemput ah?


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