Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pizza on homemade bread

Last Wednesday, I still have some leftover bread. As I opened the fridge, I found some ingredient suitable to make pizza and hence, I did pizza bread for our breakfast. After hubby ate it, he was not satisfied because the cheese doesn't show the string effect. So, hubby suggested to do it again on the coming Sunday. He got overly excited when he saw that 'string effect' on his pizza. Haha.....

Pizza bread on Wednesday ~ Breakfast  

Hotdog, Mozzarella cheese, pineapple, oyster mushroom, tomato, mayo tuna + onions
Ready to go into the oven

Done !
It was delicious despite I put too little cheese on top. The bread turned out crispy, just like those coffee shop's toasted kaya + butter bread. The ingredient were perfect too because they are all my favourite. If only I have bacon, I will sure dumped a lot of that too !

cheezy hotdog
As I still have extra hotdog, pineapple and cheese, I toasted them together.  The warm juice of the pineapples were so irresistible. Not to mentioned the melted cheese on top and the delicious hotdog at the bottom, it was simply awesome !

Then, on Friday night we bought almost the same ingredient. We substituted the oyster mushroom with button mushroom and hotdog with all pork - ham, sausages and bacon.  

Freshly baked sesame seed bread
On Saturday night, I baked a loaf of wholemeal bread with sesame seeds.

All pork
Then, came Sunday we started our pizza - in - the - making. After married to hubby for so long, this is the first time we made a meal together ! He actually helped to cut the meat into small sizes and pre toasted them as he preferred a crispier surfaced.

Pizza bread on Sunday ~ Breakfast & Lunch 

Cheezy pizza
This time, we laid more cheese on the top. Love love love the cheese smell !

The string effect
And this is the string effect hubby was excitedly waiting for !  He kept on pulling the cheese to the highest point he could reached and telling me to look on. Obviously, he was the happiest customer that day ! haha 

Note to self : In future, we will use healthier meat (fresh meat with own seasoning) instead of processed meat.


  1. yeah, very clever idea to do that!! actually i think it's fun and simple, just topped the bread with all the ingredients then pop into the oven..

    1. and the fun with pizza is that you can be very creative, all kinds of combination of the ingredients..

    2. hmmm, maybe it would be even nicer if you have some tomato based pasta sauce.. just spread some on the bread before putting the ingredients.. then that would be even closer to a real pizza, haha!!

    3. nice nice, i love pizza especially those cheesy cheesy type!! love the pizza strings too~~ hehe!!

  2. yoh...bila u wan to make for me??

  3. Haha. Thought should be mummy j make for mnhl

  4. One and the same thing. Maybe a bit more cheese and let it bake and melt more. I can imagine everything falling off the bread when eating...

  5. Once a while is ok for me... simple and easy. mNhL, I suggest, use a rolling pin to press over the bread, then spread in the pizza filling...then you'll have a nice mini bread pizza.

  6. I also like pizza with that string effect haha! But I can't eat too much pizza - it's fattening! : )

  7. Wah~~ homemade pizza is the best because we get to choose the ingredient and top-up the amount as we desired :D

  8. wah yummy pizza bread. Love it with pineapple :)

  9. You even baked your own wholemeal bread? You are so hardworking! Kudos to you. The cheese looks so alluring. haha.

  10. wah lau hau sui lo...so yummy looking

  11. I saw you have baked a very nice loaf of bread.

  12. Mmm...they sure look delicious. Now i feel like having some pizza :P

  13. Your bread didn't turn out soggy in the middle? Mine does. I googled and it says I should toast the bread first. Anyway, your toppings looked delicious.

  14. Yummy! You can also spread some pasta sauce on the bread first before adding the toppings. I made pizza a few times too but Chloe still preferred those thin crust type sold in pizza outlets... she didn't quite like my healthy homemade ones so I also never bothered to make anymore haha...

  15. Oh I'm sure mg kids will love this! I'm going to try making them, and if u see on my blog one day, that means successful la haha


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