Friday, July 20, 2012

Testing pies

After I read about Angeline's Pot Pie, I so feel like making some as I love pastries stuffs. So, I went to buy all the necessaries ingredient. I did only a few because it was only for testing. I'm not sure if this project would turn out ok or not as I do not have a proper oven. All I have is a toaster oven (which can adjust the timing only but not the temperature).

I used almost the same ingredient as Angeline except for the mixed vegies and I skip the egg glazing as well. I will keep them in my next try.Oh yes....I dash some pepper into the gravy.

When putting the pies into the toaster oven, I was hoping they won't burnt. I constantly checked on my pies and after baked / toasted for almost 15 - 20 mins, I can see the pastries rose up and turned golden brown.

And here, presenting my first few pot pies and one and only Hotdog puff. Since I have an extra hotdog, I just rolled it up with the frozen pastry.

3 pot pies + 1 hotdog puff
Yummy.....the pies were delicious......I had 2 pies at one go for my afternoon tea. I do hope to do this again soon and I wish to add some onions and button mushrooms into the gravy. Those are my favourites.

If you love mushroom soup, you will love this pie. Give them a try.  Hop over to Angeline's blog to get the recipe over here. Happy trying !


  1. looks good! You are making me hungry!

  2. looks like baking culture is everywhere around the blogsphere huh?? hahaha, you also jumped on the bandwagon, keep it up and bake more nice pastries~~ :)

  3. wow.. you been doing alot of baking lately ya.. GOOD..

  4. Thanks for trying out my scratch recipe. I like your hotdog looks crunchy and delicious.

  5. Puff pastry eh? Looks like it... I prefer shortcrust and I would make my own, not crazy about the frozen ones.

  6. Wah, from bread to pies... got bitten by the baking bug? ;) Your pies look good. Not bad la, your toaster oven... can bake so evenly.
    Btw, I've replied your email :)

  7. your pie is a great idea to my leftover puff pastry that is already sitting too long in my freezer!

  8. yummylicious, I like your pie.


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