Friday, July 13, 2012

WeChat apps

I still remember when I first entered the college, I signed up for my very first e-mail. Then, I was being introduced with those chat via computers namely, IRC and ICQ. Soon, MSN was being introduced and it seems, chatting online are getting more and more interesting. I can spent hours in front of the computer just to chat with friends and amazingly, through this type of chat, I picked up typing !

With the technology these days, we don't even need to use the computer to chat anymore. Majority of people are using smartphones and we can simply download the WeChat apps to chat. Best of all, this application is FREE. It is supported by iOS, Android, Symbian & Windows with multiple languages.

So what can we do with WeChat apps ? 

By using WeChat, we can sent text messaging, broadcast (one to many) messaging, share photo/video, sent your current location to friends and we can even share contact information. We can also connect with other WeChat user locally or internationally. We can even add emoticons in WeChat to make our messages interesting. And remember, it is all FREE !

WeChat had been officially launched in Malaysia on the 20th June 2012 held at Zouk. As at March 2012, there are already 100 million WeChat users worldwide. 

Want to know more about WeChat ? Hop over to their Facebook page over here and LIKE their page ! 


  1. hehehe, everybody's writing about WeChat now?? but i still haven't explore this apps yet, still happy with my Whatsapp, hehe~~ :p

  2. Free kah? My old cheap hp, can use or not?

  3. It's very easy to get in touch with our friend nowadays with the hi-technology. Oh yes I own an ICQ b4 switched to MSN kkk.

  4. we have so many apps now and i am losing track of what is what. only know how to use MSN, hehehe....


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