Friday, September 7, 2012

Early Birthday Celebrations

Today,YX officially turned SIX ! Five days more, XJ will turn FOUR !

However, we pre-celebrated the kids' Birthday in advance on the 31 August when SILs were back for visiting. It was a PH and this party weren't plan. Glad that everything turned out fine.

Blackforest cake for both YX & XJ.
We brought both kids to the bakery shop and they chose this just because it was loaded with CHOCOLATES. It was a very tasty cake. Not too sweet and not overloaded with fresh cream. Delicious !

Singing Birthday song
Everyone sang Happy Birthday song while the kids were waiting eagerly to blow out the candles. That's every kid's wishes, isn't ?

1 , 2 , 3 ........BLOW. One candle each for them to blow.
Since both are sharing a Birthday cake, hubby suggested to put 2 candles (one for each) so both can blow together.

McD's GCB bugers, nuggets and  fries. Pizzas, garlic bread and chicken wings from Pizza Hut
We bought fast food for a simple celebrations at home.

Presents from SILs. The wrapped presents are board games.
The kids received presents from SILs and ang pow from the grandparents. A simple celebration, but bring so much joy to the family !


  1. Happy birthday YX and Happy Birthday XJ. Nice presents from SIL.

  2. Happy Birthday to YX & XJ!! They must be very happy with the celebration!!

  3. Happy birthday to both YX and XJ! Gosh, those cake, food and presents sure made their day~

  4. Happy Birthday to both YX and Xj. I like their presents. I think my girls like it more. Happy Weekend to you.

  5. Adorable! Happy Birthday YX and XJ !

    Got helmet with your scooter?

  6. Happy Birthday to YX and XJ. So nice both celebrate birthday in the same month. My eldest bro and my birthday different 2 days only.

  7. happy birthday to YX, 大個仔 already must be a good boy and listen to mommy.. and also must sayang sister okay?? hahaha~~

    1. so nice both their birthdays are so close.. that means you can do it once and for all, no need to celebrate two times.. really save up the time, money and effort, hahaha~~

    2. furthermore got one more advantage to celebrate together.. they both can play together, and both as the focus so they don't feel the bias if celebrated separately.. :)

    3. nice cake!! at first didn't expect it to be so huge, until i saw the second photo that puts the cake next to the kids.. haha!! and so much of food to celebrate!! fast food, sure the kids love them~~ :p

    4. wow, so many presents from their auntie?? and grandparents also gave them angpow.. what did the parents gave them?? :p

  8. Small E just celebrated her 4th birthday and next month big E's turn.

    Happy Birthday to both your cute and adorable kids.

  9. Nice celebration! Happy birthday to YX! The presents are lovely! I'm sure they'll both enjoy them to the max!

  10. Happy Birthday to YX and XJ.

    Wishing you 身体健康, 天天快乐 & 快高长大.

    And a happy weekend too. :)

  11. Happy birthday to YX and XJ! Stay cute, adorable, happy and healthy always! :)


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  13. So nice that the bro and sis get the celebrate their birthday in the same mth.


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