Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Thank you for dropping by my blogs and leaving a comment. Apologized to my readers as I had not been replying to your comments in the last few posts. I've been held up with some works and hence, slowed down in blogging. I appreciated your comments and I've read every one of them. So, keep commenting ! ; D


Today, XJ officially turned FOUR ! She is aware of her Birthday as we have been constantly telling her and like every kid, she is excited to blow the candles on her cake. Yesterday, we let her choose her own birthday cake to bring to school this morning. She reminded us to buy her a BIG cake as she has lots of friends ! haha.....

As a four years old, she is a very talkative girl. She can 'report' to us almost everything that happened in the day regardless important or not. Whenever SIL and baby came to visit, she will 'report' to us that what the baby did. Her 'reports' are very detailed too. On the down side, she loves to 'report' to us on YX misbehaved. Even I appreciated her 'reports', I felt a little bit disappointing too because her brother loves her so much and yet, she always backed stab him.

She is also a clean freak. She loves to take bath and she doesn't like wet hands to touch her. Sometimes, after I washed my hands, she won't allow me to hold her hand. If I did, she will pushed my hand away and grumbled angrily. 

Like every little girl, she always dreamed to be a princess and sometimes, a BRIDE !  This morning, I specially let her wore a pink dress to school. It was a hands-me-down dress by SIL's niece. Since the dress are still in good conditions and fits XJ perfectly well, I appreciate such 2nd hands. XJ was so happy that she dance and sing when I put on the dress on her. She was all smile this morning and I bet, she can't wait to go to school too. By now, she should be enjoying her cake with her friends.

She loves dancing and singing very much. Every time when we returned home from work, she will be singing and dancing at the doorway just like 'welcoming' us home. When she bath, she will sing. When I blow dry her hair, she will sing. When she got nothing to do, she will dance and sing. Should I sent her for a ballet lessons ? Hmm........will consider about that. If only money and time are not a constraint.

Sometimes, she can be very lazy to walk and will give excuses that her legs are tired. She will request for a piggyback and she enjoyed riding on. She will laughed all the way and reminding me not to let go of my hands. I enjoyed piggybacked her too as how many more piggybacks can I give her in my life ? When she grew older and heavier, I don't think I will have the strength to carry her anymore.

Happy Birthday XJ. No matter what you will be in the future, we hope you will do the things you like and most importantly, may you be blessed with a healthy life.


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  2. Happy 4th Birthday, XJ. Many happy returns...

  3. Happy sweet birthday, XJ! May you have a blessed one with your family~

  4. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to XJ,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    May you be blessed with good health and happiness.

  5. Happy Birthday to XJ. Fai kou jiong tai.


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