Saturday, September 29, 2012

Genting on 23 Sept 2012

Last Sunday, as my parents were in town, we made a day trip to Genting Highlands. It has been quite a while since we last visited Genting. Another reason for this trip was because I'd won 2 adults SnowWorld tickets via Resorts World Genting's FB contest.  I was told to collect the tickets at the counter itself and this makes a good reason for us to visit Genting.

We left home at around 6am and reached Genting by 8.30 am (with a stop at Sri Petaling for dim sum breakfast). It was very misty that morning. Once the kids got down from the car, they were freezing cold. XJ couldn't stand the coldness and I quickly put my jacket on her. She looked cute in that over sized jacket !

Kids acting cool in front of the SnowWorld's entrance
As it was still early, we took a walk around the Indoor Theme Park @ FWH. Somehow, we were being 'magneted' towards the Snow World and soon, we found ourselves standing right in front of the Snow World's entrance. haha............

Kids were thrilled seeing the Snow World by the side window 
We took the kids to view the Snow World via the side windows and both kids were really thrilled seeing snows and couldn't wait to get in. They kept on asking "When can we enter ?"

By the time the ticketing counter was opened, we were being told there were a few timing to enter the Snow World and each timing only allows us 40 minutes duration. We chose the 10.30 am one and decided to walk around the Indoor Theme Park while dad and mum went to 'donate' some money at the Casino!

YX & XJ fooling around taking photos
Both kids were so energetic despite waking up so early in the morning. They did not even sleep in the car during the whole journey up.

Did you noticed YX was wearing the white school shoes ? His feet grew so fast that we did not even noticed that he had since outgrown his pair of outing shoes. No choice, he got to wear that school shoes which we happened to buy for his graduation photo ceremony a few days before the trip.

Did you see a fierce werewolf in the picture ? Above YX's head (literally behind him) 
After walking for a while, YX spotted the werewolf at the Haunted House and excitedly asking me to take a photo for him. He likes monster kind of creatures.

Beautiful lanterns to welcome the up coming Mooncake festival
There was a small booth decorated with Mooncake Festival stuffs.....very nice lanterns.

Getting ready to enter the Snow World ! 
Soon, it was about time to enter the Snow World. We need to pay RM21 nett/child for the entrance tickets. The tickets are inclusive of jackets, gloves and boots (subject to size availability). However, cameras were not allowed. Not even phone camera. We can bring them in, but we cannot take photos as the staffs will rushed over to stop us, which we saw a few cases already. To avoid embarrassment, hubby advised me not to take photos. Instead, the staff will take photos for us and we have to buy them upon leaving the Snow World. We did not buy any.

The 40 minutes duration was a bit too long for us. We left even before 30 minutes as both XJ and I were already sneezing and our nose turned red ! XJ was shivering and requesting us to carry her. As for YX, he enjoyed every seconds inside the Snow World busy scooping snow to throw at us. Hubby, no need to say, can withstand the cold as he has got so many layer of fats under his skin to keep him warm ! haha

Riding on the Caterpillar monorail 
Right after the crazy coldness inside the Snow World, the kids requested for some rides. We paid RM8/ pax  per ride regardless of adults or kids. So damn expensive for a family of 4 but once a while, we just forget about the money and enjoyed ourselves. The Caterpillar monorail took us a big round from the Indoor Theme Park to the Outdoor Theme Park.

Riding on the Reindeer 
Then, we took the Reindeer as the kids say they wanted to become Santa Clause. haha..... While on the rides, I asked both if they still wanted to play with snow or not. YX quickly answered a big YES while XJ gave a big NO !

Playing the arcade even without any credits
After lunch at one of the Fast Food outlet, dad and mum went to 'donate' more money to the casino while we stayed around the arcade area. The kids enjoyed pressing those buttons on the arcade machines even we did not buy any credits. They did not fuss, so we just let them be. It was not really crowded that day and both have the chance to play one machine each.

One gun each ! 
Kids are so easily satisfied. As long as they can have a machine each, they doesn't mind at all that they are just playing the demo games.

We left Genting at around 2.30pm and stopped by the Chinese Temple as YX requested to see his idol - The Monkey God. Just as we parked our car, it rained suddenly. Plan was cancelled and the boy sulked to sleep in the car. It was a tiring trip but enjoyable afterall !


  1. Darn it! They look just so COOL!!! love the 1st pix . super good

  2. wow, must be very cold over there..

  3. Wow ada gaya betul the making of super models?

  4. YX can really pose in the picture, he so big boy and cool. lol! Whereas XJ is so cute too. Nice trip, and kids sure love this place to max.

  5. Haven't been to Genting since the early 90s. Wish some kind soul will offer to take me there... Sobssss!!!

  6. hehehe, it has been a while for me since the last time i went to genting also.. the last time was 1st february i went up to see doraemon, haha!!

    1. haha, so you got tickets for two adults only?? aiyah, they should have given your family tickets mah, meaning you have to fork out for the kids tickets??

    2. never mind, maybe your MIL managed to get back her donation from the casino lah, then the whole trip was free.. haha!!

    3. kids sure love going to genting, there are so many things they can play and do up there.. but then for adults, maybe only busy paying and taking care of them, haha~~

  7. The kids sure enjoyed very much! Can see from their faces ^^

  8. never been to the Snow World yet.. it's a new opening I think... I will be only going Genting end of the year to support a friend who won the ASTRO contest.. hehehe..

  9. The kids had lots of fun! I haven't been to snow world before.

  10. The Snow World must have reminded YX about his trip to Korea. That's why he enjoyed it so much :) Talking about Genting, we might be making a trip there this weekend cos the hubs got a free night's stay there hehe.

  11. Long time never been to Genting.....nice place for rilex.

  12. Oh yes we went once and my goodness it's freezing there. I keep bring my penguin boy in and out as we nearly turn into iceman haha.

  13. We are going up there this Sunday! Weeeee....

  14. Aiyah... No photo inside the ice or snow place arrr

  15. does those jacket,gloves smells?

  16. I love Genting so much. But we never visit to Snow World so far. Sarah is very afraid of the freezing cold temp inside the Snow World. She went to the similar place before at Taman Botanic Shah Alam, she dare not to go inside. Too cold for her.

    I know the WareWolf. YX very brave wor. He is not scared of taking photo with him.


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